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ok so i need to go to bed soon, since i have a very busy (but short)

week...but i wanna write about the last 3 amazing weekends...they

epitomized summer

3 weeks ago when i got out of work, i went to my moms to get ready...we

both got ready and had drinks...i went to the atm, and a woman was

there in her PJs and i judged her, so i called krista to see how long

til she was ready and she said *i am running so late, i made my mom go

to the atm for me* and i said *did she have on PJs?* and she said *yes*

i learned my lesson...so i picked up julie l, janelle and her new boy

curt and krista and we headed to ned devines for janelles bday and joe

bachman and the crew...me met up with alex, john and liz and it was a

weird night...i ran into joe bachman and he was trashed...we only

watched the 2nd set...weird stuff happened...only me, janelle and curt

left, and he was sleeping, janelle and i got lost and ended up in

winchester haha...1 hour later, we were home

i stayed at my moms...i got up sat morning and went to marshalls to get

an outfit for the white trash bash...then her and i ran errands...i was

kinda rushed, but i got a dress...her and i trying to get an oil change

is pretty funny...*what year car is this?* *uhhhh....2008?* haha and we

went to the mall...then i went home to get ready for the summer party

and donny was getting wicked into it and joe said *fucking martha

stewart over here* haha

so we got cristina, got beer and went to chrissys...this was such a fun

night...we all has coolers of beer, most ppl were dressed up as white

trash and there was a DJ...me and chantel had bud light lime and some

guy was drinking them so beverly bought us more...i was a bit bored at

first, but then krysta got there...we laid in the hammock and then we

danced all night...a ton of people danced, and donny and cristina beat

the beat together and i said best couple haha...we were sooo hot from

dancing, so chrissy and i jumped in the pool with all our clothes on

haha (oops she had her phone)...then me and cristina dominated at

beruit beating everyone...they played last danced, we all danced, and

hung out for a bit before we left...it was an AWESOME night!!

sunday i headed home...did some shopping and a ton of

unpacking...monday i worked, and when i got home, joe was home...and we

had a fun night...tuesday i worked, then i went to my moms to do some

wedding stuff...then i went to the majors game...it was against JAFHT

and they thought they had it in the bag, but they tied..we after work,

joe and i went to meet the priest for our wedding, which was good...it

was like a 2 hour meeting, but it was good...then we got chinese food,

brought it home, and watching last comic standing...thurs after work, i

think joe and i just hung out cause he was going to ny, and i packed

for the weekend...

friday in work was kinda funny...one of our shippers called us a moving

company for minorities haha...and we got out at 3, which was

awesome...i had an early start to my weekend, which after errands

consisted of my mom and i getting mezmorized by wife swap and jon and

kate plus 8 while trying to get ready to go out

then it was christmas in july at kristas!! this was a fun night...there

was a ton of food...a bunch of us hung out outside talking...it was

great...at one point, we were all in the kitchen hanging out, and we

could not find krista and ricky (the hosts) and james and abbey...and

every 10 mins or so, we would question this again haha...so eventually

they came back and they had gone to sonic...so it was late, and we were

all gonna leave, and realized sonic sounded good, and we dropped of

drew and went...me, amanda and salti in janelles car and tina and

kaajal in julies car...i have never been, and we had SOO much fun, we

laughed so hard haha...then i went to my moms

the next day we got sushi and then lattes from starbucks and ate in her

car...we met her friend at dots, and then her and i went on a bathing

suit shopping spree...i couldnt find any that matched, but she got me 2

mismatched ones...awesome...then we went for a walk..

then it was time for july 3rd!!! i went with donny and cristina to

lynn...we played the ladder game and everyone said im good cause i went

to college, even though i never played that there...i was very

patriotic haha...we took pics...i drank 5 beers in an hour haha...then

we head to swampscott for the fireworks...i went with firmani, brian

and sam, but we all parked together and me, cristina and krysta took

pics as we walked down the road...awesome fireworks!! awesome time!!

everyone ran away from brian and i and we were surrounded by hooligans,

including some girl yelling into her cell about getting her baby back,

but we just kept drinking jack daniels and got into firmanis car...the

new eminem cd is the soundtrack of my summer haha

we got back to lynn and me, donny, cristina, max and krysta took the

boat out, which i was wicked excited about and texting joe about...and

chrissy and i were texting each other random things...so joe was

running late, so donny took all my stuff out of his truck and put it on

the street haha...then joe came and his team won!!!! woohooo i was soo

happy for him and he had hats and pics and stuff haha...and he gave me

a sandwhich, and we headed home

sunday morning i got the stuff to make taco dip and we got ready for

the annual foulds family bbq...awesome day as usual...started ofl calm,

the girls sitting around, the boys playing the ladder game...stevie and

kenny took the boat out, i made taco dip...katie and jonathan were

there and katie has a crush on firmani so we were coming up with random

things to yell at him why to take his shirt off *its dirty* *weird tan

line* plus it was like a lil girls small haha...so the night before,

cristina had got one of the balls stuck in the tree, so her and i

played and she got another one...so they were throwing a basketball to

knock it down, which didnt work, but led to the boys playing a game of

soccer with the basketball...which ended up in the water every 2 mins

and took 10 mins to get out...so they decided to have like 7 guys

holding up a ladder that arthur climbed to get the balls down, so that

game go back up haha...so everyone was just hanging out having a good

time, and i got beruit started and i was DOMINATING!! brian was my

cheerleader, but then joe came down from playing soccer and started

watching me and i started sucking and then mark was cheating

haha...thats okay though...we were hanging out watching...katie grilled

me an awesome burger...so i decided to get keg stands

started...nice...i did 10 seconds, but then i went again, and sean and

i tied for 1st with 20 seconds each haha...good times...then the

fireworks started, and we went out on the boat to watch me, donny,

cristina, joe, max, krysta and sam...the girls were seeing *if you like

pina coladas* in weird voices haha it was awesome...and joe liked

watching other ppl waste their money...so we got back to shore and kept

watching them and then cristina poured a beer alll over brian and

krysta tackled him in a bush...then katie was having anxiety and her

and i talked for an hour and joe came and joined us...

so at this point, most ppl had gone to firmanis, gone home or were

going on the boat (5 ppl already) and those were our choices, so we

just went home...the end of the night was wicked anticlimatic and kind

of upsetting in a weird way but fine

monday morning, joe and i relaxed and then we went to the imax to see eclipse...i liked it, but not as much as the 2nd, and not nearly as good as the book (didnt do it justice)...and it was FREEZING in the theatre and i was wicked sick alllll week...after that we went to cheesecake factory (so expensive, that is going to be once a year on july 5th (second year now)) and we ate outside, which joe didnt like too much cause a bird was near us haha...good food and drink though and we got cheesecake to go (red velvet for me)

tuesday was back to work (boo) and i had to cover the front desk, but it was fine...we had leftovers for dinner, and then we lef to go to joes game at hockeytown...100 degree day, i didnt mind...they were playing the JHF, like a ridiculously good team and expected to get crushed...stevie brought jonathan who was having a good time yelling, they tied it 1-1 in the 1st period, but ended up losing 6-1, joe thought the last goal shouldnt count and hit the ref with his stick haha, then we headed home..]

wednesday i was WICKED sick and i wanted to leave early, but didnt, i came home, made dinner and just sat on the couch all night...i also took a sudafed, which affected me the whole next day, so even though i felt better, i felt wicked out of it...so chris cane around with these clark and reid key clip things, and mine is broken and i always lose my keys and i kept meaning to get a new one, so no one else cared, but i was WICKED excited, and said it made my day and everyone thought i was kidding, but i wasnt, so they thought it was wweired haha...we had salads for dinner, then we went to kmart to finally get a fan...niicee...then joe went to work and i watched big brother (yay!), sytycd and bethenny getting married and went to bed

friday was the 10 year anniversary of my fathers death, and i was really sad about that...it was also a long end to the work week...we were gonna go to toms, but for different reasons didnt, so instead joe and i had a movie night...i watched *its complicated* wicked cute...then joe and i ordered chinese food and watched *remember me* soo good...then i started to watch dear john but joe was taking a nap before work, and i fell asleep with him

yesterday morning, i watched it, then returned them and bought alcohol, brought that home and went food shopping, brought that home and walked horn pond...then i got ready and bought 15 bon jovi/kid rock tickets

so last night in lynn cristina through a surprise birthday bbq for donny!! he had nooo idea, it was awesome!! the boys were playing soccer on the tv, but we made them go outside, we BBQd and drank and listened to music, and the boys played soccer...basically, we just all stood around talking and it was a wicked fun night...chrissy and sean have a new pose cause of me haha...mark, arthur, krysta, katie and i tried to take the boat out, but it wouldnt start and we drifted out, and then after like 10 mins, katie shook the battery wires and it started and we were singing rock the boat and arthur asked us to sing a different song, so we sang california girls haha...then they had cake and joe and i headed home

today we just did a ton of unpacking and cleaning and such...almost done...i would have finished, but i made taco salad and then found out my fam was at revere beach so i met my mom, grandma, ree, sue and jack there...my grandma and i were builing castles with jack (even though he was the monster knocking them down) i was the princess living with my prince, but he was a prince living with his friends haha...so then my grandma went in the water and he said *grammies swimming out to see the world* haah...so we went to my grandparents where my grandfather was and donny, cristina, joe (brother) and terrance came over, and we got bianchis and all hung out talking and had a good time...jack thinks hes batman or spiderman or something other hero (it changes every 2 mins) haha...i came home watched big brother and kate plus 8...joes sleeping and im going to join him..LACONIA THIS WEEKEND...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
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