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this summer was insane!!! i wanna do a recap of some of my favorite things... i tried to do my top 25 and i hope i didnt forget anything!!

1) moving!!! obviously, i am obsessed with my new apartment, and i love living with joe!
2) work...i love my job, so this is good
3) hockey...i pretty much spent at least one hot summer night in an ice cold rink, but i love going to cheer them on and i loved when we went to the dockside after to celebrate
4) camping...such a good weekend
5) laconia...joe's first year and we celebrated doreen's 50th bday...soo much fun
6) hampton with joe...so much fun just the 2 of us
7) 4th of july weekend!! my favorite holiday...ice luge, fire works and a keg
8) PA for joes dragrace...such a fun weekend
9) cristinas 21t birthday!!! insane night
10) joe's mom's wedding...so perfect
11) alex's grad party
12) six flags with everyone! awesome day!
13) toby keith concert with joe
15) bar (boston) nights...joe bachman with joe, janelle, max and mark...the greatest bar (i like this) with janelle, alex and krista...rickys bday at the greatest bar...salem with the girls...and pf changs stonehill reunion
16) seans family labor day BBQ! awesome day/night
17) random parties...my apartment (especially my bday one), parties at firmanis and the night at chrissys..too funny
18) canobie lake
19) big brother/ so you think you can dance...pretty much just relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine after a long day of work and watching my shows
20) girls nights...my apartment, amanda's and kaajal's...fun nights of snacks and talking
21) hanging out with my mom...seeing my sister's keeper and the time traveler's wife and going to bamboos
22) dinner/movie nights with joe...the hangover/cheesecake fatory, chillis/transformers and fuddruckers/harry potter
23) that's that on revere beach and then margaritas
24) going to new england dragway with joe and joe...really cool having my lil bro there to hang out with
25) cristina's BBQ...i feel bad cause this was a fun day and would have been awesome, except that joes dad ended up in the hospital, so we left...

as you can tell, this summer was soo busy and sooo much fun...i really couldnt have asked for a better summer!!! now im looking forward to fall

and of course my summer reading this (i kind of slacked off this summer, mostly because of moving stuff, i didnt read much at all in july)
picture perfect
the next big thing
what we keep
montana sky
the queen's fool
a change of heart
the story of edgar sawtelle
the other woman
the wedding machine

hopefully i do more reading this fall, although it has already started to be wicked busy...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
How was the book "A Change of Heart"? I almost bought it the other day but hesitated.

I still need to come and see your apartment!