summer is pretty much over, and mine and joes birthdays are coming up!! im pretty excited for fall

september began, but not much changed...still working...

after i last wrote, i went to bed...joe woke me up at like 430am to tell me that blueberry, our fish, died...i was very sad about this...i worked that day, then watched big brother and stuff

wednesday after work, the boys had their playoff game in, marianne, cristina and chrissy were hanging out in the locker room talking and kevin came in and said, *what is this The View in here?* mom was interesting...they lost to JAFHT and max got kicked out of the game...went home...thurs was the usual, work, dinner, big bother

friday was the day before a long weekend...on lunch, cindy, marybeth and i walked at marybeth's apartment with olive (her dog) was really nice out...then MB and i had lunch at her back to work, and they said we could get out early...melodie said *i am so glad im not independently wealthy and dont have to work, or else i wouldnt be feeling this happiness of getting out of work early* haha

i went home and hung out with joe and ate...i showered and went to mom and i pregamed and got ready to go out for the night to seperate places...alex, caitlin and janelle picked me up and we got krista and julie and headed to salem...tina, bobby, jeremy and his friends allison and brandon were there...the bar is new and really cool cause theres like a wall of draft beers...but there was no dance floor, so we lef to go to oneils, but only our car made it

so the bouncer said, "do you know mark foulds?" and i was like "yea thats my cousin" so i guess he went to school with i walked into the bar and janelle said *well since we paid $5 to get in here, i dont wanna leave* and i said *what??? i didnt paying anything* haha awesome, i texted mark to thank they had a dance floor, it was fun

we left, walked to the car, some boys start talking to us...then julie sees a jeep with like a pirate banner in the back so she hops in back to take a pic and the kids like *thats my car* and we didnt believe him, so he got in and started it haha

then we drove caitlin home, dropped her off, then janelle threw up in the car...we stopped at a holiday inn so julie could pee, and i RAN after her, and she cut like 45 people in line haha...we were like hiding scared in the bathroom...and we stole toilet paper to help clean the car...we dropped janelle off and headed to kellys to eat and chat...went home

i woke up the next morning and my mom was hungover and i was tired, so i just drove home...joe was at work, i was being lazy, watched a movie...joe came home and we ordered lunch/dinner, then he fell asleep, i took a nap with him, then i got up, went shopping, made cookies and got ready...donny, cristina, max, krysta and mark came over...max found jims quick stop which is the beer and wine store i always go to and its also a bass pro shop...he was obsessed...him and joe had to go back for "batteries" lol...the girls played cards...they told joe about farmville and now hes obsessed haha they were like playing all night...although after they left, joe and i were watching mythbusters, and he fell asleep before he harvested his strawberries and they all died haha

sunday was awesome!! joe and i got ready, finally found a liquor store and went to seans for a was a family BBQ but the friends took over was a lil chilly, but it was fine...lots of drinks (even though tiffany stole mine) and good food and stuff...we just all sat around talking...eventually, we went to sandra's (sean sister) was HILARIOUS...we did jager bombs, sean's sister tina danced with kevin all night...the trash lit on fire...everyone was just sooo drunk, and we were all just hanging out in the was awesome!! awesome way to start the end of summer haha...sandra told me she trusted me more than anyone else in the house cause of my shirt haha...joe and i headed home...monday we were lazy all day...watched TV, then we got friendlys to go and we watched obsessed

tuesday was back to work...this week was kinda slow for me...we didnt get that many new orders, and i was all caught up on everything...i did some organizational projects and such...tuesday night, new fall TV started...i am soo pumped about this lol

wednesday was work, we had another pot luck salad, this one was not as successful...after work i made dinner and went for a walk, watched TV and went to bed...thursday was the same, except joe stayed home to watch big brother with me, and then i watched my recording of antm

friday was work...pretty slow...i found out that my brother joe went to the hospital and had his appendix taken out...i went home after work, and joe and i got ready and went to the hospital to see mom and ricky and his mom were there and eventually donny and cristina came...joe seemed to be doing pretty good...he had to sleep, so my mom was gonna leave and she was gonna go out and joe said *i hope you get in a bar fight*, joe, donny and cristina went to angelas to get dinner...came home and passed out, joe went to work and then to NJ for a race and i missss him sooo much and cant wait for him to get home

i got up yesterday and got ready and went to cristinas salon so she could trim my hair...then i picked up janelle and we drove to framingham to meet some lady who sold us tickets to SYTYCD...we were scared, but it was legit, she had a baby with her haha

then i went shopping for like 4 or 5 lie...but i did get 2 pairs of work pants and 2 for my bday party this friday and one for joes moms wedding on sat...then i went home and had leftover pizza...cristina texted me and said we were going to chrissys, so i got ready and i bought a sweater at burlington coat factory

i went to chrissys...donny, cristina, sean, max, mark and krysta and chrissy were then...then chrissys mom came home with chantel and she hung out with us was sooo funny...we played pyramid of death...for some reason, people were being wicked rude, but like not in a bad way...haha it was kinda funny...more like inappropriate because everyone got like wicked drunk...i dunno it was just like a wicked funny night and chrissy's mom beverly is sooo funny, we love her haha...were gonna party there all the time...cristina was talking about her halloween party and mark said *nah, we'll just have it here* haha awesome...then i came home and passed out

today i went to kohls and bought a dress for my party in boston next week, since then ive been watching random TV and cleaning the apartment and now im gonna go food shopping...joe wont be home til im already asleep, but i cant wait to see him!! LOVE ALWAYS, meg