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ok so i need to go to bed soon, since i have a very busy (but short)

week...but i wanna write about the last 3 amazing weekends...they

epitomized summer

3 weeks ago when i got out of work, i went to my moms to get ready...we

both got ready and had drinks...i went to the atm, and a woman was

there in her PJs and i judged her, so i called krista to see how long

til she was ready and she said *i am running so late, i made my mom go

to the atm for me* and i said *did she have on PJs?* and she said *yes*

i learned my lesson...so i picked up julie l, janelle and her new boy

curt and krista and we headed to ned devines for janelles bday and joe

bachman and the crew...me met up with alex, john and liz and it was a

weird night...i ran into joe bachman and he was trashed...we only

watched the 2nd set...weird stuff happened...only me, janelle and curt

left, and he was sleeping, janelle and i got lost and ended up in

winchester haha...1 hour later, we were home

i stayed at my moms...i got up sat morning and went to marshalls to get

an outfit for the white trash bash...then her and i ran errands...i was

kinda rushed, but i got a dress...her and i trying to get an oil change

is pretty funny...*what year car is this?* *uhhhh....2008?* haha and we

went to the mall...then i went home to get ready for the summer party

and donny was getting wicked into it and joe said *fucking martha

stewart over here* haha

so we got cristina, got beer and went to chrissys...this was such a fun

night...we all has coolers of beer, most ppl were dressed up as white

trash and there was a DJ...me and chantel had bud light lime and some

guy was drinking them so beverly bought us more...i was a bit bored at

first, but then krysta got there...we laid in the hammock and then we

danced all night...a ton of people danced, and donny and cristina beat

the beat together and i said best couple haha...we were sooo hot from

dancing, so chrissy and i jumped in the pool with all our clothes on

haha (oops she had her phone)...then me and cristina dominated at

beruit beating everyone...they played last danced, we all danced, and

hung out for a bit before we left...it was an AWESOME night!!

sunday i headed home...did some shopping and a ton of

unpacking...monday i worked, and when i got home, joe was home...and we

had a fun night...tuesday i worked, then i went to my moms to do some

wedding stuff...then i went to the majors game...it was against JAFHT

and they thought they had it in the bag, but they tied..we after work,

joe and i went to meet the priest for our wedding, which was good...it

was like a 2 hour meeting, but it was good...then we got chinese food,

brought it home, and watching last comic standing...thurs after work, i

think joe and i just hung out cause he was going to ny, and i packed

for the weekend...

friday in work was kinda funny...one of our shippers called us a moving

company for minorities haha...and we got out at 3, which was

awesome...i had an early start to my weekend, which after errands

consisted of my mom and i getting mezmorized by wife swap and jon and

kate plus 8 while trying to get ready to go out

then it was christmas in july at kristas!! this was a fun night...there

was a ton of food...a bunch of us hung out outside talking...it was

great...at one point, we were all in the kitchen hanging out, and we

could not find krista and ricky (the hosts) and james and abbey...and

every 10 mins or so, we would question this again haha...so eventually

they came back and they had gone to sonic...so it was late, and we were

all gonna leave, and realized sonic sounded good, and we dropped of

drew and went...me, amanda and salti in janelles car and tina and

kaajal in julies car...i have never been, and we had SOO much fun, we

laughed so hard haha...then i went to my moms

the next day we got sushi and then lattes from starbucks and ate in her

car...we met her friend at dots, and then her and i went on a bathing

suit shopping spree...i couldnt find any that matched, but she got me 2

mismatched ones...awesome...then we went for a walk..

then it was time for july 3rd!!! i went with donny and cristina to

lynn...we played the ladder game and everyone said im good cause i went

to college, even though i never played that there...i was very

patriotic haha...we took pics...i drank 5 beers in an hour haha...then

we head to swampscott for the fireworks...i went with firmani, brian

and sam, but we all parked together and me, cristina and krysta took

pics as we walked down the road...awesome fireworks!! awesome time!!

everyone ran away from brian and i and we were surrounded by hooligans,

including some girl yelling into her cell about getting her baby back,

but we just kept drinking jack daniels and got into firmanis car...the

new eminem cd is the soundtrack of my summer haha

we got back to lynn and me, donny, cristina, max and krysta took the

boat out, which i was wicked excited about and texting joe about...and

chrissy and i were texting each other random things...so joe was

running late, so donny took all my stuff out of his truck and put it on

the street haha...then joe came and his team won!!!! woohooo i was soo

happy for him and he had hats and pics and stuff haha...and he gave me

a sandwhich, and we headed home

sunday morning i got the stuff to make taco dip and we got ready for

the annual foulds family bbq...awesome day as usual...started ofl calm,

the girls sitting around, the boys playing the ladder game...stevie and

kenny took the boat out, i made taco dip...katie and jonathan were

there and katie has a crush on firmani so we were coming up with random

things to yell at him why to take his shirt off *its dirty* *weird tan

line* plus it was like a lil girls small haha...so the night before,

cristina had got one of the balls stuck in the tree, so her and i

played and she got another one...so they were throwing a basketball to

knock it down, which didnt work, but led to the boys playing a game of

soccer with the basketball...which ended up in the water every 2 mins

and took 10 mins to get out...so they decided to have like 7 guys

holding up a ladder that arthur climbed to get the balls down, so that

game go back up haha...so everyone was just hanging out having a good

time, and i got beruit started and i was DOMINATING!! brian was my

cheerleader, but then joe came down from playing soccer and started

watching me and i started sucking and then mark was cheating

haha...thats okay though...we were hanging out watching...katie grilled

me an awesome burger...so i decided to get keg stands

started...nice...i did 10 seconds, but then i went again, and sean and

i tied for 1st with 20 seconds each haha...good times...then the

fireworks started, and we went out on the boat to watch me, donny,

cristina, joe, max, krysta and sam...the girls were seeing *if you like

pina coladas* in weird voices haha it was awesome...and joe liked

watching other ppl waste their money...so we got back to shore and kept

watching them and then cristina poured a beer alll over brian and

krysta tackled him in a bush...then katie was having anxiety and her

and i talked for an hour and joe came and joined us...

so at this point, most ppl had gone to firmanis, gone home or were

going on the boat (5 ppl already) and those were our choices, so we

just went home...the end of the night was wicked anticlimatic and kind

of upsetting in a weird way but fine

monday morning, joe and i relaxed and then we went to the imax to see eclipse...i liked it, but not as much as the 2nd, and not nearly as good as the book (didnt do it justice)...and it was FREEZING in the theatre and i was wicked sick alllll week...after that we went to cheesecake factory (so expensive, that is going to be once a year on july 5th (second year now)) and we ate outside, which joe didnt like too much cause a bird was near us haha...good food and drink though and we got cheesecake to go (red velvet for me)

tuesday was back to work (boo) and i had to cover the front desk, but it was fine...we had leftovers for dinner, and then we lef to go to joes game at hockeytown...100 degree day, i didnt mind...they were playing the JHF, like a ridiculously good team and expected to get crushed...stevie brought jonathan who was having a good time yelling, they tied it 1-1 in the 1st period, but ended up losing 6-1, joe thought the last goal shouldnt count and hit the ref with his stick haha, then we headed home..]

wednesday i was WICKED sick and i wanted to leave early, but didnt, i came home, made dinner and just sat on the couch all night...i also took a sudafed, which affected me the whole next day, so even though i felt better, i felt wicked out of it...so chris cane around with these clark and reid key clip things, and mine is broken and i always lose my keys and i kept meaning to get a new one, so no one else cared, but i was WICKED excited, and said it made my day and everyone thought i was kidding, but i wasnt, so they thought it was wweired haha...we had salads for dinner, then we went to kmart to finally get a fan...niicee...then joe went to work and i watched big brother (yay!), sytycd and bethenny getting married and went to bed

friday was the 10 year anniversary of my fathers death, and i was really sad about that...it was also a long end to the work week...we were gonna go to toms, but for different reasons didnt, so instead joe and i had a movie night...i watched *its complicated* wicked cute...then joe and i ordered chinese food and watched *remember me* soo good...then i started to watch dear john but joe was taking a nap before work, and i fell asleep with him

yesterday morning, i watched it, then returned them and bought alcohol, brought that home and went food shopping, brought that home and walked horn pond...then i got ready and bought 15 bon jovi/kid rock tickets

so last night in lynn cristina through a surprise birthday bbq for donny!! he had nooo idea, it was awesome!! the boys were playing soccer on the tv, but we made them go outside, we BBQd and drank and listened to music, and the boys played soccer...basically, we just all stood around talking and it was a wicked fun night...chrissy and sean have a new pose cause of me haha...mark, arthur, krysta, katie and i tried to take the boat out, but it wouldnt start and we drifted out, and then after like 10 mins, katie shook the battery wires and it started and we were singing rock the boat and arthur asked us to sing a different song, so we sang california girls haha...then they had cake and joe and i headed home

today we just did a ton of unpacking and cleaning and such...almost done...i would have finished, but i made taco salad and then found out my fam was at revere beach so i met my mom, grandma, ree, sue and jack there...my grandma and i were builing castles with jack (even though he was the monster knocking them down) i was the princess living with my prince, but he was a prince living with his friends haha...so then my grandma went in the water and he said *grammies swimming out to see the world* haah...so we went to my grandparents where my grandfather was and donny, cristina, joe (brother) and terrance came over, and we got bianchis and all hung out talking and had a good time...jack thinks hes batman or spiderman or something other hero (it changes every 2 mins) haha...i came home watched big brother and kate plus 8...joes sleeping and im going to join him..LACONIA THIS WEEKEND...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
i only ever seem to write when joes away...although he got home today when i was in work, but hes napping, and i making apps...i wish i had dual monitors like at work haha

so when he came back like 2 months ago in april, i got out of work, and he was sleeping then too...for some reason we always seem to get in a fight when he gets back (not today wooho), but then after this we had like the best 6 weeks ever, so that was good...the next day after work, he went to his uncles to finally do his taxes and i walked horn pond

that weekend was fun...i went to firmanis on friday night, and we watched the sox...joe doesnt like to come out when he has work, so i didnt stay very long...saturday we watched the bruins win, and then we had to go to his work, then we went to my moms and we pregamed for joe bachman with donny, cristina, max, mark and marianne...we went to the harp and got a table...i wasnt feeling very well...cristina was doing shots with joe bachman and his gf...i got tired, and we eventually left...marianne was on the phone i was walking behind her with max, mark and joe and max said *it doesnt care* about her being on the phone, and mark said *what are we a collective unit?* haha that night joe and i went on a missiont to find fountain coke, but we failed

that monday i got out of work at 4 to go to a bruins playoff game!!! joe had made us drinks and we went to the commuter rail and met brian and tiff...joe and i got on for free...joe got wicked drunk haha...we went to halftime pizza for pizza and HUGE beers...tiff met some kids, then danny, joann and 2 other kids met us there and we went over to the game...it was soo much fun!! these lil girl sabres fans were in front of us and kept heckling us haha...but the bruins won!! then we all hung around the train station til we could go home and joe and i went to simmards

tuesday was even more hockey as the majors had their playoff game in malden and they won!!! woohoo NESHL CHAMPIONS!! sooo exciting!! even though it was WICKED late, we went to dockside to celebrate...the boys did shots, i had beer, and joe and i split an app platter awesome

as if that wasnt enough, on wednesday joe and i went to lynn to watch the bruins...first we went on a sunset boat ride on max's new boat...i love it...then we watched the bruins, got some slurpees...the game went into double OT, and they won...we called it *best week ever* haha...friday night joe and i went to firmanis to watch the bruins, sat we went and looked at a new apt (where we live now) we obviously loved it....2 family home in burlington...that night we all went to kowloon for a majors celebration!! awesome food and drinks, we had the trophy too haha...then we went to chrissys to drink more...joe and i brought the trophy home, and we drank with it on sun night while we watched biggest loser haha

monday night we watched the bruins...the next friday, joe was sick, so we stayed in and watched a movie....but he still went to the bruins game on sat...krysta and i were heroes and we went to katies ice skating party...i had a ton of fun skating...and then there 10 year old drama about boys like girls, and krysta and i were standing there and they said *you can leave now! bye!* wow told off by 10 year olds...had some cake, good times, rushed back to my moms to see the bruins win in OT...joe and i headed home, and then that night we went to chrissys to drink outside...joe and i didnt eat anything, and i drank too much wine...they did go to mcdonalds, but it was too late, i was drunk and had to be taken home haha...then there was a water crisis, but lucikly it didnt effect us

monday we found out we got our apt!! woohoo! and the bruins won...wednesday we went to lynn for another boat ride and bruins game...thursday joe and i went to gnc...friday in work, there was drama about bonuses, but we got them

that night i drove janelle and julie into boston for krista's bday...we went to tia's on the water, which was nice...then we went to this other bar to get tooti fruities...yummy...it was a fun night...i went home that night...sat night we went to firmanis to hang out...it was fun...sunday we went to sues for mothers day/jacks bday...it was good to see everyone...jack was adorable as usual...then we went to joes grandmothers where everyone was including his cousins, who are so cute, so we all hung out...we were there FOREVER, joe had to do some nc state taxes...we ordered pizza and hung out, and it was fun

monday after work, joe and i watched the bruins (lost) then went to the majors first game...they won, but the wooly mammoths only had like 5 or 6 guys, so...that wednesday, we went to lynn to watch the bruins...that night everyone came, and chrissy i went to get snacks...i had thursday off, but i had to wake up exrta early for a doctors appt and then a dentist appt...booo...that friday, we went to firmanis to watch the bruins, but not only did they blow a 3-0 series, they blew a 3-0 lead in the game to get eliminated :(

saturday night, joe and i went to 99 with donny and cristina...then we went to firmanis...it was nice out, we firepitted, we played beruit and flip cup...the boys had a madden tournament going, but it was waaaay too long, so we left haha...that tuesday, the boys had a game in stoneham...the other team had to forfeit cause they didnt have a goalie...he eventually came, and they played a bit

that friday i went to mbs for drinks/luau...it was a lot of fun...everyone left except tom and i and mb got wicked drunk and was trying to give me frozen dinners haha..awesome..saturday night, joe and i had ppl over for a final party at our old place...nothing crazy, as usual the girls were getting drunk in the dining room, while the boys watched tv...all of a sudden, we heard donny say *have you ever seen bridezillas?* haha...it was eventually just me, joe, donny, cristina and krysta and we watched drag racing haha...it was fun, and joe got wicked drunk and i kinda did too...and even though we were hungover the next day, we took a scenic ride to richardsons and played mini golf (i won) and we got ice cream...it was fun...that night i made dinner and 4.5 hours of lost (series finale) joe went to work haha

that tuesday, i went to my moms, to do some wedding planning...joe was going away that weekend, and he had to leave on wednesday...after work on wednesday, me, mb and olive (her dog) went to go look for a new place to walk...this took a few hours (seriously), we went to 2 different places (wicked traffic in between) and couldnt figure out where to park at either of them haha...so then we went to this place by her moms...it was interesting haha...then tom had texted us about a bird he found, so we went over to there to see the bird, and tom, claire, louie and the new addition, which is gorgeous...we were there for awhile, and we didnt get home til 10 haha

on thursday there was a baby turtle at work and we saved it haha, that night i walked horn pond...then sytycd started!! on friday night i just got all my stuff together for the weekend...i left early on sat to go to jacks christening rehearsal...just me, sue, jack and the minister sitting at a table talking for awhile...then i went to my moms...her and i got lunch, did a ton of errands and went to the gym...that we went to lynn to have drinks outside on the pond...the boys all took the boat out and we played telephone haha...i did a cartwheel and pulled a muscle in my leg...good times

sunday we were up wicked early for jacks christening, but it was nice...i am officially a Godmother...then we went back to sues for delicious food..hung out in the backyard...then donny, cristina and i went to seans bday/memorial day bash...it was fun...i was hanging around with the boys, mostly mark, and talking...joe eventually met up with us there cause he was back...it was fun, but then we were going to chrissys and joe and i got in our fight...we went to chrissys but we didnt stay very long...monday, on memorial day, we drove to revere to pick up my car, we got food and not much else haha

then it was june...the majors had a game that day at hockeytown...we went to bostonville that night, which was fun...that friday my lil brother graduated high school!!! the grad was wicked nice, it was outside...i was with my mom and grandpa and then we met up with my other grandparents...i was gonna give my mom a ride to her car, and we were stuck in wicked traffic...but we got to turners and joe, donny, and cristina had met us there for some yummy food..good times...joe went to work, i went back to my moms, but i was tired, so i went home

saturday joe was down the cape/working all day...i found a new place to walk, but i hated it haha..that night janelle, julie, julie and i went to border cause julie g moved to seattle, so we had to say bye :( sooo sad...then everyone was at margaritas and wanted me to go, but i went to barnes and noble to get some books and came home...sunday joe and i were gonna go on a date, since we didnt do much all weekend, but we were lazy and wanted to save money, so we stayed in

that tuesday, i went to my moms to do wedding plans, i went to my grandparents to get some books, then i went to majors game...wednesday i got out of work, and joe had bought me a new camera...i LOVED it!!! he went to work, i was lazy and didnt pack til thursday morning haha...joe and i left that afternoon, and we left later than he wanted, so he was angry cause we hit traffic...we went to track...joe, charlie and i went for a walk, it was fun...our pit area was cool cause one side was a walkway, so there were ton of fans hanging around...we stole some signs and then went to check into the hotel

friday morning, we headed to the track...i helped pam make toast...i was reading "the girl with the dragon tattoo" sooo good...im gonna post the blog i did for the website that weekend...probably the best summary:
Hey Everyone,

This past weekend at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ for the Super Nationals was bittersweet. I could not write about this weekend without first taking a moment to think about Neal Parker, who was in a fatal accident on Friday during the qualifying session. Neal Parker, who drove “The Excavator,” was also a Top Alcohol Funny Car driver, and that certainly affected the rest of the weekend for this class. In his honor, the other drivers in this class put a black line through the numbers on their cars. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and crew.
However, this weekend the Follow a Dream team also had a lot to celebrate. For one thing, they made it to the semi-finals. Also, their driver Todd Veney was married to his beautiful bride Jacque. There certainly was a lot of happiness for them.
The weekend started on Thursday. Joe and I left a little later than we planned and after braving both traffic and weather, we arrived at the track around 7pm. We were not allowed to drive in, so Charlie and Spencer picked us up in the golf cart and took us to the pit area, which was all set up. The best part was that we were next to a walking path, so spectators were able to walk adjacent to our pit area and see everything. We only stayed at the track for a couple hours, and then Joe, Spencer, Pam, Ozzie, Mike and I headed to our hotel to check in and make it an early night.
Early Friday morning, Joe, Spencer and I headed to the track. I took my usual spot at the table with my book, although I did help Pam make some toast. If you needed to find Pam at any point this weekend, it would have been by the grill cooking up some delicious food for us. She certainly kept us well fed.
Shortly after eleven, we headed to the staging lanes for the first qualifying session. Right as we got into the crowd by the starting line, the Top Alcohol Funny Cars began racing. Shortly after, we heard about Parker’s accident, but it was not until we were back in the pit that we learned the full extent. Everything was put on hold until about 4pm. At that time, Linda invited me and Pam to her suite for a tour, which was awesome. We sat in there and watched some of the Pro Stock Motorcycles. It was nice to be out of the heat, and I really enjoyed it. Then we stood on the balcony and watched some of the Pro Stock Cars. After walking around the pits, collecting hero cards, we went back to our pit to prepare for our race. It wasn’t until close to 7pm that we ran our first qualifying session. Todd ran a 5.64, and we were currently qualified third. It was a great start.
Shortly after, Todd and Jacque went to Central Park to be married. They had met on June 11, 11 years ago, and they wanted to be married on this date. They were- at 11:30 that night. We were all very excited for them. The rest of us had a BBQ, and the boys were hard at work getting the car ready for the next day. Once they were done, Joe, Alan and I went and sat in the stands to watch the Top Fuel Funny Cars. I love watching them under the lights. Right after, Joe, Charlie and I watched the Top Fuel Dragsters, and we saw Corey Mac make history by running a 3.752, the fastest time in 1000 foot history. It was pretty exciting. That ended up being a late night. The boys put the car away, and we all sat around talking. We weren’t back at the hotel until midnight, and we went straight to bed.
We got to the track early the next morning, and Joe, Spencer and I took the golf cart to where the fuel is tested after the races. The NHRA official took me on a tour of the trailer and showed me how the fuel is tested. He explained that it takes too long to run the full test for every car, so they are randomly selected. I found it interesting.
Shortly after this, Mr. and Mrs. Veney were dropped off at our pit in a limousine, which provided some excitement for us. During our down time that day, Donna and I went to the Geico trailer for free backpacks, and Pam and I went to the Copart trailer for free t-shirts. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Also, Alan was having the whole team sign a hero card for his neighbor, who just happens to be Siobhan Magnus from American Idol. How exciting is that?
At 1:30, we went up to the staging lanes and we certainly caused a scene by writing JUST MARRIED on the hatch of the car and by tying a string of cans that Jay had made to the wheelie bar, which proceeded to fall off along the way. It was hilarious. Unfortunately, during this run, Todd crossed the center line, hit the block and was disqualified. We did, however, end up qualifying 4th.
After this, I had more down time, and the boys worked hard to turn the car around. I took a nap, and we had lunch around 5pm. Joe, Spencer, Jay and I went for a walk to speak to a vendor. Then Joe and I went on our “date” we have at every race, which is to take the golf cart to buy a fresh squeezed lemonade for the outrageous price of $6. Delicious!
First round was that evening, just as the sun was setting. It was a beautiful night. We were racing Wayne Morris and beat him by running a 5.59.
The boys had a lot of work to do, and it was pretty late by the time we got everyone together for a reception for Todd and Jacque, complete with hors d’oeurves, chicken cacciatore, a champagne toast and cake. It was such an amazing night, and I loved it. It was also an extremely late night, and we went to the hotel for a few hours of sleep.
Sunday was the big show, but rain was in the forecast. I walked up to the stands just in time for a moment of silence and the National Anthem. Jacque came and found me and we watched first round for the Top Fuel Dragsters and Funny Cars. Just as we got back to the pit, the team was getting ready to head up to the staging lanes. It was unbearably hot. We were up against John Anderika, and we knew it was going to be a close race. We beat him by running a 5.63, and we were headed to the semi finals against Manzo. The guys had their work cut out for them, but the rest of us were trying to stay out of the heat. Jimmy, from NHRA, came over to say that we were scheduled to run at 2:30, but that the rain was also expected at 2:30.
In the end, the temperature did drop a lot, but the rain held off just long enough for our semi final round. We smoked the tires, and we were not able to get the win light, but it was still a great weekend.
The skies opened up just as pit takedown began. I have never seen them take the pit area down so quickly. Goodbyes were quickly said as everyone rushed to get out of the rain and on the road. And my and Joe’s weekend ended the exact same way it began, sitting in rain and traffic.
All in all, it was certainly an emotional weekend, in more ways than one. I am certainly looking forward to my next drag race.


some of the best points were that we had a wicked fun weddinfg reception right in our pit, and we all got a bit drunk...still dont know if that pole was actually moving, or if it was just us haha...also, one of the guys brought his son, who also brought his gf, and she was talking about her intership, and i asked her where she goes to school and she said *stonehill college?* like i probably never heard of it before, too funny...she was a freshman, when i was a senior...another awesome moment was on sunday when me, charlie, jay, pam, scott and spencer were all on the golfcart, in the middle of a HUGE crowd of people and we accidently did a wheelie haha we almost died...too funny...and on the ride home, we were in WICKED traffic...supposed to be home at 10, got home after 12, and we could see his dad and jay in the trailer waaaay ahead of us, so joe drove down the breakdown lane to him, got out of the car (the traffic was stopped) got on the trailer and got us peanut m&ms haha

i was sooo tired in work the next day...we spent mon-thurs packing for the move...friday was the longest, most stressful day of work ever, and joe got sooo much moving done...after work, i brought a ton of stuff over, but i forgot the remotes, so i went and got more and picked us up a pizza and we ate, i watched tv and joe was on the comp, but we had to go to the old apt to go to bed, and he went to work...sat morning i took 2 trips over here with tons of stuff and went to kmart for a shower liner/rod...joe put ALL out furniture in the hallway and some guy came by to welcome us to the apt *uhm, were leaving* haha...donny came by with his truck, we loaded the furn, and went to the new place... a guy was there painting the deck, and when he wanted to leave, he had to get his 2 dogs in the truck, so he played *when the saints come marching in* on a trumpet haha awesome!!! then we relaxed, i went to the store and i got us salads...we got ready and went to cristinas...i had wachusett blueberry with fresh blueberries yum...donny, cristina, max and kyrsta were there...the boys went swimming...max got wicked drunk...when i knew what the aurora borealis was, he said *yes meaghan, very good* he also talked about the stars and the world cup...joe and i were tired and wanted to leave, but max said it was a wicked fun night haha...first night in our new place!!

sunday we met my mom, donny, joe, ree, my grandpa pal and my grandparents at their apt for fathers day...we had santorinis and hung around talking...that night i went to the old place for a few hours to do cleaning

monday after work, i met my mom and joes mom at gannon golf course to talk about the wedding reception good times...then i came home and joe and i watched tv...tuesday joe had a hockey game...then we all went to the dockside for some food/drinks...wednesday i officially got everything out the apt, joe had to go to work early, then he went away...thursday after work, i went to the gym

ok now joes awake so i needa make dinner and get ready to watch the bachelorette, so ill write about my amazing weekend after!! LOVE ALWAYS, meg
hmm the last time i updated joe was away and now hes away again booo, but hes coming home tomorrow

that time i watched some things like *who is clark rockefeller?* then went out in the flood to get joe...his flight was delayed so he couldnt go to work, so we came home and went to bed...tuesday i was able to get a lot of stuff done

wednesday was st pattys day so after work i went to lynn..joe wanted to sleep before work so he didnt go...we just sat around drinking, i taught some new drinking games...krysta and i played with the turtle...i think i may have gone to mbs one day that week, dont really remember

that saturday was marks bday, and we went to his house for a party...it was fun, i got 100% on rockband on every song i sang, i won at flip cup, krysta and i dominated at beruit and joe and i came in 2nd at couples darts...chrissy and i were gonna ride horses haha...we ordered party pizza...we hung out in the basement and we were all so drunk, it was so fun...then joe and i drove chrissy and sean home and headed home

sun was nice...we watched joe on espn...then we went to horn pond to walk and i LOVE it there...i took some pics and stuff...its so nice...then we got sundaes to go from friendlys and watched tv...chill night

monday was our 2 year anniversary yay!!! we went to patriot place...we ate at cbs scene, so good...and walked around...it drizzled a bit, but still fun, i took some pics...we went to the bass pro shop, for like EVER....but it was a ton of fun there...then we went the patriot pro shop...then we went to the movies and they have a 21+ lounge, so we sat at the bar and got some drinks and we got to bring our drinks inside the movie...saw shutter island...the book was waayy better haha...joe and i came home, ordered food and watched tv

tuesday was back to work, then the majors first playoff game...they played gordon college blah and they won yay! that was good

thats thursday after work, mb and i walked horn pond, fun

friday after work i got stuff to make juice and cookies and rented brothers...joe and i had dinner, baked cookies and watched brothers soo good...then we went to hockeytown, so the boys could play...krysta and i hung out...

the next morning i went to see katie and went spray tanning, but that meant i couldnt go to the gym or do anything...i cleaned the apt...took a nap...i wasnt supposed to take a shower, but i did

that night we went to chrissys...it was a ton of fun..."what is the capital of new york?" "seattle" we all got wicked drunk...we played a new drinking game, hold the deck of cards and say your feelings haha...we played a bunch of drinking games, the boys played the wii, we ordered chinese food...it was a good night and joe and i left pretty late

sunday we hung out and then we went to firmanis to watch wrestlemania...i could care less about that, but we all talked, had some snacks, had some drinks...it was fun

monday was my last furlough day...got some stuff done

tuesday was back to work and another major flood...that night the majors had their 2nd playoff game in stoneham...krysta and i braved the flood to drive to dunks and joe thought we walked haha...so the boys beat the spitfires...then a whole bunch of us hung out to watch the terminators play gordon college cause the loser was out, and gordon college won...that was fun

the next morning, joe made me breakfast...at work, melissa said she wanted iced tea and went to check the machine...i said *im not even a big fan of iced tea, but that sounds delicious, let me know* so she put in money for one and 2 came out, so she gave me one for free woohoo!! awesome day!!..at the end of the day i had a glass of wine, watched real world and read some of the "last song"

the next day was april fools...every day i give melissa a list of how many estimates are do...there was 3, but i put like 15 on the list haha...she thought she was gonna be able to handle it

last weekend was insane!! friday was sooo nice, i wore a dress and we got out at 330 woohoo!! joe felt sick though boo :( we had dinner and watched flash forward and fringe and then he went to bed...i met up with sean, chrissy, krysta, max, chantel and firmani at kowloon...i ate a tiny bit and had a couple drinks for only $10 woohoo..thanks chrissy!!

then i went to amandas...andrew was out too and ricky...and julie l and krista came...we sat by the firepit, had some wine...chatted, good night

saturday i went to old navy to get joe 2 polos...then i went to the gym...i got ready and went to mbs...jess was there too...we had a drink and some snacks and we went to the billerica country club to hit some balls...it was sooo much fun...i did pretty well, but i got blisters...were gonna do GTL- golf, tennis, liquor haha...so then we got drinks at the country club....sam summer on tap for $3.50 woohoo

i went home and got changed...joe and i went to demainos with donny, cristina, max and krysta to finally use our gift cards, had a good dinner...then we got drinks and went to firmanis...we hung out in the garage playing pool...firmanis dad is wicked good, joe beat him, but he was also helping joe haha...then firmani, his mom and all the girls hung by the firepit hosting the view...firmani was drunk and telling his mom EVERYTHING...we just all sat around outside, drinking, s'mores and telling stories...it was such a fun night

sunday was easter...joe and i went to my moms...we had breakfast and we had mimosas and bloody marys...jack had seen easter bunny and he said *mom i think thats a person* haha...so then cristina gave him a gift and said *the easter bunny accidently left this at my house for you* so then jack had easter eggs for all of us and he said to joe *the easter bunny accidently left these at my house for you* haha awesome...it was so nice out, so we hung outside

then joe and i went to his moms and we sat outside there and watched the dog run around...came home, joe took a nap and then we watched the sox beat the yanks

monday was a full work week...booo...after work, joe and i headed out...he dropped me off at alex's grandfather's wake and he did some errands...then he picked me up...we had to get dinner and we couldnt decide where to go...we also had a few hours until the game at hockeytown...so i suggested we go to bostonville to watch the bruins...so max, mark, krysta, firmani and arthur came down, we watched the game, had some beers and some things to eat

then we met up with a ton of people at hockeytown...we rooted for gordon college, but the spitfires won, so gordon college was out

tuesday i worked...i started doing research to find a house for us to rent in nh this summer for a weekend, then walked horn pond

wednesday in work, 3 places emailed me back and said yes about renting the house...i sent out facebook messages, and the 3rd place we decided was the best...it was an ongoing thing...that night was their game...if they won, they won the whole thing, if they lost, the had to play in a couple weeks...it was at 1040 in malden and everyone was there...they ended up losing in overtime booo!!! very sad...donny had a cooler full of beers in his trunk, so we stood around in the parking lot drinking those, joe and i had to say goodbye until tomorrow very, very sad :( booo

thursday i worked...i did more research on the house...at lunch, i sent out the deposit and i messaged everyone all the details...then bedrooms wars started, but i knew exactly who i wanted in each room haha...7 rooms, 7 couples, perfect...after work i went to the gym, got dinner, came home and watched tv

friday i worked...melodie brought vivian in and she is soo beautiful...she hung out there for a few hours...awesome...so then it was about 4pm and we were still talking about babies and katie and amy were harassing melissa about finally having a baby and she turned BRIGHT red and i said *omg melissa gave up smoking and drinking caffeine* ahah...so we all went into candys office who was yelling at her daughter on the phone and we told her...were are all sooooo excited haha!!! this is amazing...she is due on halloween, so candy asked me what im doing in october and i said *working a lot* and she said *i love this girl* haha i am soo excited

that night i got some sushi, watched tv, went to the store, watched tv, went to the gym and watched tv haha

yesterday i went grocery shopping, some cleaning, went to the gym...i made dinner and got ready

last night me, donny, cristina, max and krysta went to chrissys with sean...we sat around discussing the house and we worked out the rooms (it was exactly what i wanted) and it worked out PERFECTLY...we wanted mark to take the butterfly and we texted him and he said *i want a 3rd floor room, but not the peak* and that was the butterfly!! we were super excited...then we played couples darts on the wii, but me, chrissy and sean were team orphans 3 because im always the orphan, and they always adopt me, it was fun, but then i headed home and was crying to joe because i missed him sooo much, booo it sucked

this morning, i went to my moms...me, her and my 2 brothers went out for lunch in honor of my dads bday...we went to turners in melrose...it is seafood and it was good...my mom and i got bloody marys, we split lobster bisque and crab cakes, and we both got the same special haha...then her and i walked breakheart...i came home, and ive been watching tv and cleaning and doing laundry and stuff

im about to go to bed...i wanna go to the gym in the morning, then work and then joe will be home woohoo!!! LOVE ALWAYS, meg
ok i LOVE march haha, even though im wicked depressed that joe was away this weekend, hes on a plane coming back now! yay!

when i last wrote, it was the olympics and i was seriously obsessed...thats like all i did for 2 weeks haha...i would come home from work and watch them all night

that thurs my uncle david was up visiting, so joe and i went to my grandparents...it was such an awesome night...me, joe, my mom, joe, david, grandma, grandpa, tricia, patrick, ree, terrance and jack went to antonias, obviously...we watched the olympics, got drinks, had dinner...it was so much fun...then i got a ride with david and my grandparents to the boys' hockey game so we could all watch...they tied, but that night was sooo much fun...that friday i had to catch up on my dvr of the olympics haha

saturday i ran errands and dyed my hair...joe and i went to sean and brian's dad's surprise party...the beers had a born on date of like a week before...they were soooo fresh and delicious haha...some awkward moments, but mostly just danced the WHOLE night! with everyone to like every song...krysta and i were voted best dancers of the night by the dj (because we asked him to haha) and we got MJ CDs!!! woohoo...and i wore the first flip flops of the year....afterwards we headed home...sunday i just watched the olympics...joe and i watched usa beat canada...monday was my day off, watched the olympics, went to the gym, had breakfast for breakfast, lunch and dinner haha...that wednesday it was pouring and i drove into pothole that was more like a hole and lost a hubcap and now my tire is like kinda flat

that friday was more olympics watching...saturday i ran errands and then joe and i were supposed to go to his work together, but he went alone and so i was watching the olympics and they did this hour long documentary on 911 and how all the planes had to land in canada...i was crying when joe got home haha...that night we went to chrissys...we played card games all night...i drank a TON of wine...it was a good time...i kept wanting to listen to bedrock haha...came home and joes dad came to sleep over (which apparently i thought meant i had to give up my bed haha) and the next morning him and i watched figure skating together and had an awesome time haha...then we got ready and sean, chrissy, max and mark came over and we watched the gold medal game which we lost :( i had to watch the closing ceremonies alone at first...but then joe and i made drinks and snacks and watched the end of it in bed...i was very sad it was over

monday was the start of march, which is half over, but AWESOME so far...after the usual errands, joe and i were gonna go to the movies, but instead we watched the box...i liked it...then he took a nap and i caught up on idol...my dvr is still not caught up from the olympics haha

that night his dad came over again and the three of us watched 24

tuesday was back to work, but that was a good day cause lost was on

wednesday i worked and made dinner and joe and i watched amazing race...that night katie and i went to mb's for some drinks...katies fiance nick came over and so did their friend tom and they were sooo funny...mb was the only one that was drunk, but it was fine haha...good times

thursday i worked, gym, dinner and then went to the majors game in stoneham...sat with chrissy and krysta..the boys won, it was good

friday night we went to fire and ice for firmanis bday...i dropped my car off at chrissys and we all met at firmanis house but joe and i left early cause we wanted to hold the table...i went to the bar and they were tapping a new noble pils keg so i got that...we had a ton of people and got a ton of bowls haha...joe had never been there before and he LOVED it haha...it was a ton of fun...then i went home with sean and chrissy and she thought she was riding a horse haha...then i drove home

the next day i ran errands and then we went to firmanis for his party round 2! joe and i played pool a bit, and he kept playing...i was just drinking wine all night haha...firmanis mom was chatting with me about the wedding and showed me all these pics and we started talking about when the boys were young haha...it was a fun night...came home, watched some tv and went to bed

sun joe and i had a movie marathon of districk 9 and 2012...we both liked 2012 more...i made enchilladas for dinner...then i got ready and went to mb's...her friend jess came over and we watched the oscars...had a couple drinks, had a ton of snacks haha, it was fun...then i came home and joe and i watched amazing race and then went to bed

monday we stopped at cvs to get snacks and i saw melissa and i told joe to beep and we was like tailgating her in the parking lot and she said *am i a part of road rage right now??** haha im so glad i saw her though, cause she gave me shutter island to read and as soon as i finish it, i wanna see the movie...we went to imax to see alice in wonderland...grr dont sit in the back row, the seats dont move haha...i really enjoyed the movie, i love that story...it was great, even though we both had headaches and didnt go to fuddruckers after...instead i went to the gym and had an awkward encounter outside my apartment when i had gym shorts on haha...gossip girl was back yay! and we watched 24 that night

tuesday was just work, gym, dinner and tv, including lost, love it, awesome episode

wednesday i worked and i got out at 430, so i went to get gas...so this pump kept stopping, so after putting in $7, i gave up and drove off...pulled into another one, too expensive, kept calling joe, he kept telling me to come home...i went to another one, opened my gas thing, saw that it was wicked expensive if you use your card, so i got back in and drove off without closing it, went to shell, it was cheap, so i put my card in and started pumping, and a guy came over to help cause its full serve...so i got in my car, but i couldnt put my windows down cause my car was off, so i had to open my door to talk to him ahahah...i should not be allowed to buy gas...that was my last night with joe, although he went to work early

thursday i drove him to the airport :( then i got breakfast and went to work...after work i went to tanning/gym, got dominos for dinner, took a shower, watched american idol, packed, watched project runway and went to bed

friday i was all ready to leave...went to work, on my lunch i ran some errands...i was freaking out cause they were coming in to my apt to check the fire alarms and i was afraid they were gonna leave the door unlocked or leave a light on, so amy let me leave at 445 so i could check...it was fine

i went to my moms...we went to bisutecki for sushi and had fun watching random ppl...and the waitress turned my menu over haha...then we came home, watched up the air, made drinks and had snacks...went to bed

sat we got up at 5 to get ready...we went to sunapee for skiing/snowboarding...the conditions were perfect, just a lil windy so they ended up closing the quad/top of mountain but we still had an awesome time and got a ton of runs in...i thought i broke my toe but i didnt...it was great...came home and got ready and donny and i went to cristinas and max, krysta and marianne came over...i was triple fisting, but they were the only drinks i had...we watched the bruins, went downstairs...dell and gina challenged donny and cristina to beruit and they almost won haha...i was miserable...sooo tired, knew i had to wake up early and felt soo sick, but i still had fun...i came home and was very upset we lost an hour of sleep

so yesterday i got up at 8, got ready, got janelle and we headed into boston in the pouring rain to go to laurens st pattys day party...it was sooo worth it...we had drinks all day, the parade goes by her house...we played tons of games...then some firefighters from cali were in the parade and they came in and hung out with us haha...it was sooo awesome

so janelle and i walked about a mile in the POURING rain. it SUCKED...we got on the train, waited forever for the blue line, there was almost a fight...we had to take a bus and wait in the rain...i got home and i was SOAKED...my mom and i had dinner together, then she said that the movie norhern lights based on the nora's roberts book was on last night, and i read that over the summer

i finally came home, watched some tv, watched that movie, read some shutter island and went to bed

even though today was mon i worked...so tom texted me and said dont go middlesex, go rte 3...so i have to be at work at 830, so i leave at 820...i left at 820 and got to work at 930!!! i was seriously SITTING in traffic...i was still one of the first ones there...a bunch of roads were closed and ALSO...the bog next to our work completely FLOODED and our parking lot was a lake and FILLED with water, it looked like an ocean...terrible...i ventured out on lunch to get food and it was flooded eveywhere...i was busy at work all day but they let us out at 415...i took rte 3 home, but there was no traffic yet

now im staying in and watching tv and not going to the majors game...however i have to get joe at midnight...awesome...although i cannot wait to see him haha...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
i had a fun past few weeks...after i last wrote, i hung around with joe that night watching tv...tuesday was back to work, but that night was the start of lost...awesome...wednesday was a normal day and then thursday joe picked me up from work and we went to his moms so she could do our taxes...and we met her new dog bailey and ordered pizza and watched the bruins...it was fun until we got home and the bruins lost...friday after work, joe and i were just hanging out watching TV...i went for a walk outside but it was kinda cold...eventually went to bed

that saturday i went to the gym and such...joe and i did some errands and that night we met donny, cristina, max and krysta at border...very yummy...it was a lot of fun...then went home and went to bed early

sunday morning joe dropped me off at my moms...we went for a walk and then dyed my hair darker, but it is semipermanent, so i needa do it again...then me and donny picked up cristina and mark and went to mikes for the superbowl!!! my mom came soon after...the tap wasnt working at first, and we were sad, but it got fixed...we hung out, drinking, eating, and playing pool...i was sooo happy when joe got there....we sat on the love seat and watched the saints win!! and katie was being a waitress for everyone, getting whatever they needed...donny gave cristina water, but she thought it was vodka haha...donny won on the squares twice blah...then we drove home and i had wicked allergies from the dog and wanted to die...i was glad to have monday off...we ran errands, i made chicken parm for dinner and then we headed to the majors game to see them beat gordon college

tuesday was back to work, but my car wouldnt start, so i took joes...after dinner, joe tried to fix it while i went to the gym, he got it working, so i thought it was fine, but wednesday it wouldnt start and when joe jumped it and took the key out of the ignition, it was still running...hmmm....so i decided to take friday off to get it fixed...the good news was that there was supposed to be a wicked storm, but there wasnt, but they let us out early anyway...thurs i worked and got everything done for the weekend...after dinner, i got ready and went to mb's...katie came over...we had drinks and snacks and talked...it was fun...and interesting...joe picked me up and i fell asleep after midnight, he woke me up to take my car to get fixed...i was totally still drunk haha...then we slept alll day....then we got my bonus check...i got ready and we went to get my car (it needed a new battery) and got snacks...that night julie, janelle and alex came over to watch the opening ceremonies...it was a lot of fun...alex had coca cola haha...alex and janelle left and julie stayed to see who lit the torch...janelle guessed wayne gretzky so we didnt want it to be him, and it was and we heckled him and had a wicked good time haha

saturday was mine and joes valentines celebration...we ran some errands (got our moms bday gifts and tried to get him a haircut but the wait was an hour and a half) we got lunch at fresh city and then we saw valentine's day....sooo cute...stopped at home to get changed and went to dinner at papa razzi...it was sooo nice and we had sooo much fun...shared a yummy dessert too...then we came home, he made himself a drink, he poured me a glass of wine, and we got in bed and watched the olympics together...saw usa get 4 medals...it was a lot of fun..

sunday me, joe, my mom, his mom and murph, donny, cristina, joe and mariah all went to angela's for my moms and joes moms bdays...it was fun to all get together, they got along...great food...i tried the new seasonal sam adams...good times...came home, and joe napped...i watched some olympics...casual night

yesterday i worked...i was kinda busy, but no one else was...came home, made dinner, went to the gym and watched the olympics

today im not working (although i should have cause they got out early) i went grocery shopping and to the gym, watched TV and now im watching the usa men's hockey game....go USA...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
the past week was a lot of fun...monday i did the usually gym, tanning and laundry...then i sat around getting ready to go out...i met kaajal, julie, janelle, krista, alex and caitlin at the melting pot...it was a good time...we all had to agree on 2 cheeses and 2 chocolates and it was easy...and both times, the one i wanted ended up right in front of me haha...it was awesome...it was a fun girls night and then my drive was like 5 mins, but it was WICKED foggy

tuesday was back to work, but i wasnt even mad...it was just a normal day, i came home, joe and i made omelettes for dinner...they didnt fold perfectly but it was fine...we watched house...then i went to the gym and then watched idol and teen mom

wednesday was actually a fun day at work...amy ordered MB a new beagle calender and melissa drew on it for january...good times...also im trying to set MB up with a boy haha...it was a good day...came home and made mexican mac n cheese...got some stuff done, caught on some shows..

thursday work...that night was a majors game...in revere...me, chrissy and krysta were there...my grandpa and stevie came...jose came with his wife and daughter (she was cute, she was all confused about the score being 1-1 and jose was like *this isnt basketball* then she was getting all into it...so the KEPT calling penalties on us...we deserved them however they were not calling penalties on the other team...not 1, so we were all yelling at the ref...so were winning 3-2 and theres 3 mins left in the game and this guy says *this rink is closed to spectators...everyone needs to leave* wtf? stevie was pretending he couldnt hear him...me, krysta and my grandpa were walking wicked slow...so the other team scored...now theres 50 seconds left and max said *that shouldnt have been a goal, the guy was offsides* and the ref said *thats it, game over* and they didnt get to finish...everyone was sooo mad...donny was like *youre going to kick my 75 year old grandfather out of public skating rink* and joe like flipped out on the guy...turns out the ref told the mammoths before the game that he hates our team...uhm...arent refs supposed to be unbiased???

so were driving home and were on the ramp that goes over 93 and i hear something and i look over and a car that was on 93 is now level with us (so like 20 feet off the ground) and it was upside down....so scary...joe and i pulled over but a ton of people were helping

friday i worked...that night joe and i had some of my moms soup and we watched funny people...it was not funny...then i watched julie and julia which was cute...i was having some heinekens and mike said he was proud haha...then we had some frozen pizza and watched fringe and i went to bed

saturday i ran some errands (got joe a $40 bottle of jack) and went to the gym...then i cleaned the apartment...then i ran more errands, got a new shirt and a new welcome mat, got stuff to make taco dip and got joe and i pizza and cheesy bread...got ready for the night...donny, cristina, max, krysta, sean, chrissy, marianne, firmani, brian and tiffany came over to watch the bruins game...the boys sat in the living room...the girls sat in the dining room...we played loaded questions, which i won again...after getting everyone right on the 1st question...the girls had a ton of fun as usual

yesterday joe went ice fishing with max...i watched role models, cute...and then i went for an hour long walk in the freezing cold...then sat in the solarium reading the tenth circle...joe and his brother came back and joes mom gave us ribs to make for dinner...but i went out and did a full food shopping..i made dinner, but joe fell asleep...i watched the grammys, finished my book and eventually went to bed

this morning, joe went off to play hockey and im heading to the gym...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
so again its been like 2 months...haha i am never on the comp

anyway...im ENGAGED!!! joe proposed to me on christmas yay!!

so lets get down to the details, last time i posted, i was heading off to my highschool reunion...joe and i went into boston and met up with janelle and alex and eventually julie...we only got 1 free drink before the open barw as over, o well...at first we were like standing in the corner, but we started mingling and it was fun to see everyone, then we were dancing and stuff...eventually joe and i had to head to his work

so we got there a lil early and we went to wendys...joe said *can i have a sec?* and the girl said *we dont sell seconds here, only food* and another girl said *shes telling you to hurry up* then the first girl said something wicked rude and joe and i drove off and he called their number, but those girls answered and said they were the manager and joe said *whats your name* and she said *are you fucking stupid?* so we called the 800 number...i went to work with joe, slept a lot and then came home and slept.

i got up and went to the movies to get joe and i tickets to new moon...then i went to get some k-cups...went home, joe and i got ready and we went to the movies...it was awesome!!! donny and cristina were texting us about plans during it, so we didnt go to dinner...that night donny, cristina, max, krysta, mark, marianne and firmani came over...we ordered food...the girls played phase 10...it was fun...the next day joe and i were just lazy and watched football...he played donny in fantasy football and he won.

the next week was thanksgiving and i had this great idea to make these hazelnut cheese bites, so on monday i practiced roasting hazelnuts and i watched the last ever jon and kate plus 8...the next day i smashed them to little pieces and watched sytycd...the next day in work was melodies last day...very sad...her and dom call me askmeaghan.com cause i know random things...that night i tried to make the hazelnut bites and it was a fail...joe and i got ready and we tried to make plans to go out, but it resulted in us me, joe, donny cristina, max, mark, krysta, sean, chrissy, marianne and firmani going to lynn to drink and watch the bruins game...the girls hung out in the dining room and marianne made things out of playdough...we ordered food, it was fun...but then i hadda go home and make cookies before bed

joe got home from work and we left...we went to his moms house for breakfast and mimosas...we watched the parade and joe fell asleep...eventually i woke him up and we went to my grandpas for dinner...good times, all hanging out, everyone saw my youtube video...joe was tired and wanted to leave, i was mad, but we left, and we went to bed at 8 that night cause we were so tired

friday i worked...there was not a single manager there, and in client services it was just me, tom, amy, marybeth and melissa...my comp wouldnt work, so i had to sit at melodies desk...it was a WICKED boring day, but we listened to christmas music, and read books, and hung around chatting...we made the best of it...after work joe and i decided to enjoy black friday and we went to best buy and got my mom a digital photo frame

that night the boys decided to play hockey, so we went to hockey town...it was sooo cold...i hung out with krysta and chrissy and the boys actually got off the ice after an hour...i had my own car, so i went home

saturday was an AWESOME night!! joe and i picked up max and went to my moms house...donny got cristina and mark, and we ordered food and all hung out pregaming, my mom drank with us too...good times...then we went to trinity...they didnt have $2 drafts but we drank and watched the b's game...and we played darts, which was a ton of fun...the plan was to not spend a ton of money and not get drunk, but donny and cristina got drunk haha...so we walked over to ned devines and joe bachman put us on the guest list so we got in free!!! i net up with kaajal for her bday and also janelle, alex, caitlin and julie...it was fun...joe bachmans best show EVER!!! loved it!!! it was an awesome night

the next day joe and i were lazy but i also made a turkey dinner, complete with a 19 pound turkey...haha we ate that all week...it came out awesome, i was pretty damn impressed with myself...that week the pats were on on monday, so we watched it that night...good times

tues i didnt work cause joe had an endoscopy...i dropped him off and i went to the mall to do some christmas shopping...i got text from melodie that she is having a girl!! i picked him up, and we went home, and he slept on the couch...i did some shopping online, went to the gym, went to the store to get stuff to make turkey soup, made turkey soup and watched gossip girl in the bedroom quietly

eventually i woke joe up cause we had to go to his game in stoneham to bring mark the goalie sticks...we stayed and watched...sean had to sit in the stands with us too...they lost :(

at this point, i ended up having a headache for legit 2 weeks non stop...it was awful...melissa suggested i drink wine, but nothing helped...that sat joe and i went to cristinas, and gianna was there...we ordered food and we watched the bruins game...then the five of us played this game called loaded questions...it was sooo much fun and i won!!! then max and krysta came over after the bruins game, and they were both wicked drunk and it was a wicked bad storm, so we all went home

the next day was another lazy sunday with joe, watching the pats and being snowed in

that tuesday, i went to kmart to get some more lights and ornaments for the tree...that night we watched elf, had hot cocoa and decorated the tree...then we went to the majors game

the next morning, my 5 minute commute to work, took 30 mins due to the storm...blah...after work, the storm was over, so i was gonna go christmas shopping, but my car was making a really weird noise, joe fixed it, but i didnt go shopping...in work for like 2 weeks, my computer wouldnt work, and i had to sit at melodies, and it was sad...one good thing about my position was that surveyors sent me tons of christmas cards and cookies and everything...good times haha...so friday nights sort of became reserved for stayng home with joe and watching a movie and eating frozen pizza or something haha

this sat was the 12th, and i met my mom at the northshore mall and we did some christmas shopping...she got a ton of clothes for me...then we went to the liberty tree mall too...very successful, we got sushi, went to the gym and headed home...that night we had no plans...joes grandma gave him an applebees gift card, and we had tried to use it sooo many times in the past 2 months and failed...we dont even like applebees, but it was free food haha...we had a few beverages too...then we went to the liquor store to get more...we drank and played guitar hero and watched youtube videos...sunday we watched the pats

monday straight from work, i went to my moms...me, her and joe got the christmas tree and chinese food...we ate and decorated the tree...it was fun...then i went to the majors game....the next day was my 1 year anniversary at clark and reid...love it...also that was the day my 2 week headache went away...awesome...the day after that, joe woke me up and he had made toast, eggs and bacon...soooo yummy...that night we decorated a ginger bread house...last years came out better, but it was still cute...then joe was on the comp, so i enjoyed my wine, cheese and season finale of sytycd and i was very happy that russell won!

the next day in work, melissa, marybeth and i realized that we all watched jersey shore...so we were talking about it...turns out tom watches it too, which is hilarious...so joe had a job interview and said he would be sleeping not to wake him up...so i went to the gym and then spent HOURS doing christmas shopping...i got home, had dinner and watched jersey shore

friday night my goal was to get a ton of stuff done...so i put on independence day...i made buffalo chicken dip for my fam party and cookies for my friends party and i wrapped all my gifts...i had EVERYTHING organized and ready to go...the next morning i ran some errands, officially got everything together, packed the car, went to the gym, then joe and i got ready...we went to tommy and donnas for the foulds family christmas party...it was the same as usual, keg beer and such...it was a lot of fun...then we went to lynn to play some darts, and i drank almost a whole bottle of nuvo...we went to kristas for the christmas party...but i was wicked drunk, and i dont remember haha

the next day we were snowed in, and i wanted delivery haha...we just hung out on the couch watching the pats...that night joe went out and cleaned my car...the next morning, he made me wake him up, and he shoveled it out and had it backed up and ready to go...amazing...that day was a stressful day in work...we learned that they were making us take christmas eve off, so we didnt earn the floater...i was gonna use that to go away with my aunt for the day, but they didnt happen anyway, so thats fine...they were making us take of new years eve, but i already was, so that was fine...but theyre making us take of 5 days a month for the first 3 months...first i was freaking out, but i managed to save a ton of money, so now im just enjoying having every monday off...joe doesnt work sunday nights, so we get to hang out

that tuesday i work, we had a party/yankee swap...we all had wicked yummy food...i got a difuser and candles yay!! it was a much needed good day at work...that night i went to the majors game, they won..wednesday was out year end meeting, i was sooo stressed at work that day, cause had 4 days in a row off, and melissa left early, so i hadda do hers...but we got out early, so it was good...i ran some errands and watched the bruins game with joe

christmas eve...i got things ready, went to the gym...got back and joes brothers were sitting in the hallway haha...i got ready and went to magnolia for sues christmas eve party...sue, jack, tricia, patrick and i went to the live nativity scene...tricia and i were hanging out with jack...then went home and everyone came over...we had mostly apps...soo good...this HUGE platter (almost didnt fit through the door) with EVERYTHING...soo yummy...exchanged gifts, it was a fun night...went home and joe and i exchanged gifts and he did awesome haha

the next morning, we were getting ready to go, and joe got down on one knee and proposed!!! yay!! im soo happy, the ring was too small (it had been my moms) so i couldnt wear it...we went to my moms and i told them...everyone came over and we had a big breakfast...i announced it...my grandma said she already knew haha...jack wanted to only hang out with me in my room..aww soo cute...we headed home and watched a christmas story, but we fell asleep at 630...we got up at 930 and watched a movie and amanda and julie 3 way called me to discuss my engagement haha

the next morning, joe and i went to the mall to drop my ring off and exchnage some things, we got some food...he was not feeling well, so we went home...i made BBQ hot wings and got ready...we went to cristinas for her christmas party! i got wine in the secret santa yay! we played flip cup (i won) and beruit...joe was feeling worse so marianne and firmani took us to lahey...we were there all night in the er waiting, eventually the said they were going to admit him, and i went home and i felt like death...slept for like 3 hours...got up and i was watching the pats game, but i hated watching it alone, so i drove back to lahey and watched it with joe in his room...then we rooted for the jets over the colts...there was nothing seriously wrong with him...he just needed pain meds and it was fix itself, but since he has a million problems, they made him stay overnight, and he was mad...so i went home

the next day on my lunch break, i picked him up and took him home and made him food...that night joe didnt work, so we went to bed, and i woke up cause joe was moving around, and someones car horn was STUCK on...sooo annoying...that day after work, joe and i were gonna meet his brothers at best buy, but joe had a flat so we had to take my car...we got food and came home...joe had to take my car to the majors game/work, so i couldnt go...i stayed home and watched teen mom...the majors lost, i have yet to see joe lose this season, the only games they lost, i havent been there...joe thinks im his good luck charm...wed i worked and i was WICKED stressed cause i had 5 days off and had to get everythig done...on lunch i just ran to dunks wicked quick...but melissa did buy me my first ever martha stewart weddings mag!!

that night i alternated between hanging out with joe, going to the gym, getting the apt spotless, making dinner and reading my mag...somehow i got this all done by 10, so i sat on the couch with a glass of wine and watched the season premiere of real world

thursday was new years eve!!! i went to the gym/tanning and then joe woke up and finished cleaning the apt...i packed everything for a sleepover into my car (joe still had a flat) we got ready and went to lynn...this night was amazing!!! rock band was played...joe is awesome at drums and i kept getting 100% on the singing...we played flip cup (i won) and beruit...we ordered party pizza...it was just an amazing night...joe and i and donny and cristina set up air matrresses in the living...max, mark, krysta in brittany slept in the bedroom...good times...the next morning, the 8 of us came back to our apartment...we were gonna drink beers, the boys were gonna play nhl...NONE of this happened, we were dead...we just sat on the couches and watched the winter classic...we did order food...the game was awesome and it was a lot of fun to watch...then they left and once again joe and i fell asleep at 630 and woke up at 930 and watched a movie haha

the next day we ran some errands, joe got his tire fixed, i got some jodi picoult books and we got a new house phone...we had too many plans for that night, but it was awesome...we drove to boston, and i knew where to park for only $10...we met donny and cristina at the harp for some drinks...talked to joe bachman...the bouncer gave me a stamp and said i didnt have to wait in line when i got back...i walked to hurricane o'reillys for alexs bday!! i was the first one, so i got a beer and a table...the girls all came and we all sat around talking...then we danced for a bit...i walked back to the harp and the bouncer remembered me haha i was excited...we watched joe bachman, and they even made a video were in...it was awesome...so joe and i were driving home and the roads were wicked bad...so we went straight home and joe made us chicken nuggets and we put the heat on for the first time, but only for like 5 mins haha...the next day we were lazy and just hung out watching the pats game...joe won the superbowl in his fantasy football league!...that night at like midnight, we made tortelini haha

monday i went to the used book superstore and the gym...then joe and i got ready and went to the registry...i waited forever...then he had his appointment, and i love his doctor, so that was good

tuesday was back to work, but that was one of my fav vacas ever...that night the boys had a game

that saturday, my facebook status said GTL- gym, tanning, laundry haha...then joe and i did errands...got his new phone, i FINALLY got my engagement ring yay!! did some grocery shopping...that night we went to chrissys...we just hung out on the couches watching football and drinking...chrissy and i ate like a whole bag of doritoes, but i blame chantel cause she had like 3 haha...then sandra and tina came over and we all hung out until cristina threw up and we had to leave

sunday joe went to the pats game with donny and my phone was in his car...i just sat on the couch all day watching the pats lose :(, finishing a book and starting another and then watching a movie...i expected joe would get home sometime betwene 7 and 10...but he got home at 6, i was soo happy to see him...we had dinner and watched a movie

monday was the usual gym and stuff...then i went to revere...me, my mom and my brother joe went to the winthrop arms for dinner...it was good...we got like a million courses, so i had leftovers haha...it was a fun time...the rest of the week was normal...joe and i watched idol on tuesday, on thursday the boys had a game, which they won...although krysta, chrissy, tiffany and i were too busy talking haha...turns out krysta and chrissy dated the same guy haha awesome

last weekend was pretty awesome...it started off at chrissys to celebrate chantels bday...the girls played apples to apples, everyone played rockband...i like dancing to it haha...chrissys step dad owns kowloon, so we got TONS of free chinese food...everyone took leftovers too haha...it was a fun night...i went to work with joe, and i was sleeping in the car while he was in the pharm and he brought danny out to look at me haha i slept most of the night...

we slept the next day, then i went to the gym...joe went to work, and i got ready and met everyone at border for amandas bday...that was a lot of fun...then we got 40s and went back to amandas house and watched jersey shore spoof'd...good times

sunday i went to marybeths and amy drove us all to melodies baby shower and we met up with melissa...it was cool to see them and melodie is soo cute and pregnant haha...there was like a million people there and we left after we ate...amy and i went to marybeths, but then i left and got alcohol for joe and i...i went grocery shopping

we got ready and went to brian and tiffanys...we ordered pizza, the girls drank wine and the boys drank beer....we played rockband and then watched 2 hours of 24...i was the only one that was drunk haha...i went home and started to watch the new bring it out, but i fell asleep on the couch, so joe had to put me to bed haha

the next morning we went to the gym at our apt together...then we ran some errands...it was a boring stay at home snow day but i loved it

wed was a crazy day at work...we got this random email that said *outlook error* then allll these people from all over the country were hitting reply all and saying things like *?* *what is this* and stuff like that...then ppl started getting mad and being like *stop hitting reply all...you are sending this message to thousands of ppl* then ppl were really dumb like *hi bill, can you tell me what this is?* or *don't worry, i have the IT department working on it haha* melissa wanted to write *i love tacos* i wanted to write *we have a situation* haha awesome...but then our outlook wasnt working

i left work at 4 and went to my moms and we ordered pizza...we went to the movies and got lattes and discussed my wedding...we saw the lovely bones and it was really good

thursday night the boys had a game...they won, but i was just like sooo tired...friday after work, joe and i had pizza and watched the hurt locker...then i got ready and went to amandas...alex, janelle, krista and ricky came too and we played 1 vs 100...good night

saturday i got joe and i some new shirts, then went to the gym...came home and we got ready...we went to sandras to celebrate brians bday...i got a ton of compliments on my 98 cent shirt and my curly hair...it was fun, we danced and sang a lot...i liked it

yesterday i watched the pregnancy pact...then i made joe wake up...i didnt want to do anything all day...we watched the jets/colts, saints/vikings and the bruins, and i caught up on some dvr...i started reading a new book called *the diary of a mad bride* which is sooo perfect for right now haha...im already 200 pages in...then at midnight joe and i decided to bake brownies haha...i fell asleep right after that

joe is on his way home from hockey now...im waiting for my lundry to finish, then im going to the gym...girls night out at the melting pot tonight!! LOVE ALWAYS, meg
so i havent updated in like what? 2 months...thats mostly because i spend all day in work on the comp, the last thing i wanna do when i get home is go on the computer...plus my days pretty much consist of working, making dinner and eating with joe and then watching my shows
work is good...melodie is leaving which is sad...i dont even know if i mentioned that she is pregnant, but i love talking about baby stuff with her...she needed name ideas if its a girl, so dom and i emailed her our fav names and dom came up with a list in order of importance of who picks the names
4)cash and sasha (her dogs)
5)kathy (her wife) haha...i am very sad that this will be ending

i moved cubicles at work the other day...lost my window seat, but i am closer to everyone else, so thats good

other than that, everything is good...

after i last updated, october started...on october 1st, i worked a half day, then joe and i got ready and went to the 99 before the bruins game...we were the first ones there, so we sat at the bar and got blockbusters...we reserved a table for 15 and the manager was alll into it, like he was wicked cool haha...joe and i just split apps ans got some drinks, and we took the bus over to the game
the game was fun, but they lost :( and we missed the bus back, so we hadda walk to the 99, that was interesting

friday was back to work, and then it was max's bday...joe had to work but i met max, krysta, mark, brittney, sean, chrissy, marianne and firmani at bugaboo creek for dinner and moose juice...good times and though they kept messing up the bday boy's order...then we went back to lynn and i watched firmani play sonic for like an hour haha..good times, then i headed home

sat was rainy...my mom and i had free ticks to the redsox game, but i was doing errands and it was raining and we didnt wanna sit in the rain..instead joe and i met my mom, donny and cristina at fridays for dinner/drinks...it was good, but then we headed home and joe and i were watching the B's game and i was wicked tired and went to bed...sunday the pats game was at 1, dont remember if we did anything after that

worked that week, wednesday night joe and i went shopping and got our halloween costumes..we were jailbirds (i was a frisky felon), but joe never wore his :( ...thursday night, joe had a 1040 game, but it was the first night of the red sox playoffs, so i stayed home and watched, but they lost...that friday when i got home from work, joes brother and cousin were over...i got ready, joe and i bought his brother gas and then got kfc...he went to work, and i went to firmani's...it was fun...i had the new bud light wheat...we watched the sox, but they lost again...it was an okay, night, but i missed joe

sat was tiff's party...joe and i went around 2, so it was a long night...it was fun though, we played beruit in the basement and joe and brian were running the table...the B's game was on upstairs...krysta drank from the beruit cup and i called her homeless haha...it was a fun night, but then tiff kicked us out, so a bunch of us (including brian) went back to our apt and hung out..good times, then everyone left, and i was hungry and wanted a double cheeseburger or a ranch snack wrap and joe made a 10 minute video of me asking for this hahaha...wicked funny

the next day joe and i were gonna go to topsfield, but we ended up just being wicked lazy and watching the pats/sox...that tuesday we did carve a pumpkin...we just did a jack-o-latern...it was cute, and we made pumpkin seeds...that thursday i went to amanda's house with alex...it was fun, we played scene it, im wicked bad haha...that night was the first snow

then friday, at lunch, i came out and a sleepys truck was blocking both my car and joes...i had to wait...i was annoyed... we just watched wolverine, then i watched madagascar 2 and then we both watched hamlet 2...joe went to work and i went to bed...when he got home, we went apple picking...it was a good day and lots of fun, we wanted granny smiths, and they were just getting ripe...then some kid on the hayride made fun of joe's accent, cause joe said we were going to the "fahm" and the kid said," no, farm" lol...and we got apple salsa and it was sooo hot and yummy

we both napped and got ready and then we went to bostonville grille for marianne's bday, we had a table and all sat around drinking...joe and i got buff chick nachos, yummy!! it was a good night, then we headed over to the arcades, joe and i played deal or no deal and won the largest prize- 400 tickets!! and he won me a frog, freddy...it was a fun night with him

sun, we just hung around watching the pats...and they won 59-0...and it was snowing out hardcore haha

monday after work i went to my mom's...we ordered pizza...yummy, and then went to see couple's retreat, which was pretty funny, i enjoyed it...tuesday night joe had a game at 1040, and it was a SHUT OUT!!! i was soo proud of him

that weekend was our alumni weekend...after work on friday, i went home and got ready...i really, really wanted joe to come, but he didn't feel well..instead he drove me to lauren's and i hung out with the girls and drank...then we took a cab to marina bay...it was good to see some people, but eh, okay...i was more than ready to leave but joe was working OT...he FINALLY got me, and i worked with him...it was fun, i enjoyed it...even though i was sleeping half the time haha...but we listened to comedians on the sirius radio and we got dunks...i thought it was fun haha, then we went home and crashed

sat joe had a meeting, and i ran errands and got the place looking nice for max, krysta, donny and cristina to come over to watch the bruin's game...we played some apples to apples...joe wasn't feeling well, so he went to lahey and he is bleeding again, but the doc sent him home...we slept...the pats game was at 1 (in london), so we watched that and then made our apple pie...then joe like almost passed out, so i took him back to lahey emergency...we were there for hours and they admitted him and i went home to bed

i got up and i worked half a day, then i went to see joe...i was sooo glad i did, cause after half an hour, they took him for an endoscopy, and i sat in the waiting room reading and talking to these 2 people...they figured out the problem, thank God, now we need to find out whats up...most likely surgery booo...so i hung out with him for a few more hours, then headed home

tuesday i didnt take a lunch, instead i worked til 4 and then went to see joe, they let him leave...i went to get his prescription that he may have to take forever and 1 month was $131...so we called his mom and danny came over and brought us a card with some money on it for pharacies, and danny and i went back, and they suggested the OTC one, which is only $41, whew...so we got that

wed when i got out of work, joe was feeling better, so we went to his mom's house...she was glad to see us, we looking at wedding pics...we were supposed to go to dinner with my fam, but donny was working too late...so we went and saw them quickly and then joe and i went to unos and they didnt have my soup and i was mad haha...it was fine though...that friday, we had a work meeting

after work on friday, joe and i watched alpha dog, i love that movie...then i watched the women which was cute
the next day was halloween and it was sooo nice out...joe slept all day and i ran a million errands, mostly looking for candy corn...i dyed my hair brown and i made BBQ bacon meatballs and popcorn with reeses pieces and candy corn yummy...we got ready to go and joe wasnt feeling well :( so he didnt get dressed up...we went to chrissy's which was nice cause were outside...got pizza, had drinks...dont drink tequila and coke haha *someone poured it for me* haha and *i hate grass* ...joe left kinda early, but i stayed, but kinda wished i hadnt...i was tired and it started raining and i got bored...eventually i went back to my moms and went to bed
i woke up and hung out with my mom...joe came down, and me, joe, my mom, donny, cristina and joe FINALLY went to angela's to celebrate all our bdays...sooo yummy..good day

on monday, i was working and joe called and said his mom was taking him to his appt...danny came too...after work, i went home and they got back and the 4 of us ordered stephanies and watched the proposal...it was fun...my mom called me and said that her house got broken into, which is horrible...they took this necklace that belonged to kate, and a locket of her, my moms wedding band and her laptop...wicked sad :(

on wednesday at work, we wanted to know how tall we are, so we drew lines on the wall to compare each other and measured it with a ruler haha...that thurs, joe had another appt...then he went to the Majors game, but he wasnt playing, so i didnt go...i just went to the christmas tree shoppe and bought random stuff haha

friday on my lunch, i went to burlington coat factory and saw this wicked cute sweater, but the line was too long, so i rushed back after work to get it and i got boots too..i picked up a pizza for joe and i
i went to my moms house and we drank pumpkin beer and got ready...i went to hurricane o'reilly's with janelle, alex and krista...it was fun, but a little bit too crowded, plus people were wicked annoying haha...they play WICKED good music there though....i got home and decided to just drive to billerica

i slept in pretty late and then got up and got some things done, and then joe made me nap with him...we were gonna go paintballing, but they wouldnt let us all use our passes on the weekend, so instead i made a platter of snacks and donny, cristina, max, krysta, firmani and marianne came over to watch the bruins game...the girls had fun playing apples to apples...*fresh water pearls* *thats what i doooo. sorrydo*...and everyone thought i was drunk just cause i put sweatpants on under my skirt, uhm no...so they all left and i went to work with joe fun! and we got food and headed home

sun joe was impressed at how little i slept...friday i was up til 3 and saturday til 5 haha...and i only slept til 10 and then i went grocery shopping...joe and i watched the pats game at 1, although i honestly fell asleep a bit, then i took a nap...then we were gonna go to applebees and the movies cause we had free gift cards for both...however, we didnt plan the timing well enough and we couldnt go to applebees, so we went to chilis next door and i paid...then we went to the movies and our gift card didnt work (we checked it later, it does have money) and so we hadda pay...whatever...we saw law abiding citizen and it was sooo good, i highly recommend it

last week was a crazy/busy week in a good way...tuesday joe had a game...me, cristina, marianne, krysta, chrissy, tiffany, brian corbett, my grandpa, jill, katie and jonathan watched the game..it was soo much fun...they won the game too, which was awesome...but katie and jonathan are just tooo funny...i enjoyed it...that wednesday my mom, grandma and i were supposed to see amelia...i got to the movies and my mom called me and said that sue, jack, ree and tricia were at my grandmas, so we went there...jack is too funny, sue wants them to get gifts for kids who won't be getting any and jack slammed his head on the floor and said *i dont wanna get gifts for the kids*, then my grandma said *do you want a little milk?* and he said *no I was a big milk* haha...and we sat around singing songs...thursday morning, joe woke me up like an hour early cause he bought me pumpkin donuts and a pumpkin iced coffee...delish...our dvr hadnt recorded an episode of house due the world series, so we sat in the office and watched it on the comp...at lunch, i took joes car, and he took mine for an oil change woohoo...that night joe had a game in revere at 1040, which meant i had to drive myself boooo...they won the game 12-0, which was awesome!! we were having so much fun...unfortunately sean fractured his shoulder and mike and chris got thrown out for fighting...but it was really good...hung around cause we lost the locker key, and then we headed home

friday i worked, then joe and i watched valkyrie, although honestly, i was so tired, i was falling asleep...it seemed good though...then i started my project of catching up on my dvr...joe wanted me to go to work with him, but i passed out...joe woke me up at like 745 cause he made yummy french toast and hash browns and we watched fringe, then i fell back asleep for awhile...got up and ran errands...i got both joe and i tshirts for a total of $6...and then i made "everything but the kitchen sink cookies" i got the recipe on martha...they were goood...so we got ready and went to lynn for krysta's bday...this was a fun night
krysta and i kept winning at beruit...but she was getting drunker, and sean said my chances were going down lol...once we lost, cristina and i were doing pretty well together...it was a fun night...we had a pinata filled with nips...we ordered pizza, but i was tired and was ready to go home

sunday, i slept in pretty late...watched some dvr...the pats game was at 820, so we went to chrissy's...the girls made tshirts...well the backs haha...and we watched the game...donny, cristina, max and krysta left at halftime, but joe and i stayed til the end...miserable...blah, headed home

in work on monday, melissa said she is starting to understand football so we discussed it and we couldnt remember if doug flutie was getting 1 or 3 points when he dropped kicked the field goal, so tom texted flutie to ask him haha...it was for 1 point

tuesday night joe had a game in stoneham which i liked..sean had to sit with us cause of his shoulder...they won!! another fun game!...the past 2 days ive been been working, watching tv, etc. tonight is my high school reunion, im not excited...id rather go to chrissys to watch the b's game...however, i am going to work with joe after, which im excited about...and sat we need to see new moom!! yay!!! and one week til thanksgiving!! im so excited haha...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
this summer was insane!!! i wanna do a recap of some of my favorite things... i tried to do my top 25 and i hope i didnt forget anything!!

1) moving!!! obviously, i am obsessed with my new apartment, and i love living with joe!
2) work...i love my job, so this is good
3) hockey...i pretty much spent at least one hot summer night in an ice cold rink, but i love going to cheer them on and i loved when we went to the dockside after to celebrate
4) camping...such a good weekend
5) laconia...joe's first year and we celebrated doreen's 50th bday...soo much fun
6) hampton with joe...so much fun just the 2 of us
7) 4th of july weekend!! my favorite holiday...ice luge, fire works and a keg
8) PA for joes dragrace...such a fun weekend
9) cristinas 21t birthday!!! insane night
10) joe's mom's wedding...so perfect
11) alex's grad party
12) six flags with everyone! awesome day!
13) toby keith concert with joe
15) bar (boston) nights...joe bachman with joe, janelle, max and mark...the greatest bar (i like this) with janelle, alex and krista...rickys bday at the greatest bar...salem with the girls...and pf changs stonehill reunion
16) seans family labor day BBQ! awesome day/night
17) random parties...my apartment (especially my bday one), parties at firmanis and the night at chrissys..too funny
18) canobie lake
19) big brother/ so you think you can dance...pretty much just relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine after a long day of work and watching my shows
20) girls nights...my apartment, amanda's and kaajal's...fun nights of snacks and talking
21) hanging out with my mom...seeing my sister's keeper and the time traveler's wife and going to bamboos
22) dinner/movie nights with joe...the hangover/cheesecake fatory, chillis/transformers and fuddruckers/harry potter
23) that's that on revere beach and then margaritas
24) going to new england dragway with joe and joe...really cool having my lil bro there to hang out with
25) cristina's BBQ...i feel bad cause this was a fun day and would have been awesome, except that joes dad ended up in the hospital, so we left...

as you can tell, this summer was soo busy and sooo much fun...i really couldnt have asked for a better summer!!! now im looking forward to fall

and of course my summer reading this (i kind of slacked off this summer, mostly because of moving stuff, i didnt read much at all in july)
picture perfect
the next big thing
what we keep
montana sky
the queen's fool
a change of heart
the story of edgar sawtelle
the other woman
the wedding machine

hopefully i do more reading this fall, although it has already started to be wicked busy...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
the past 2 weeks have been sooo much fun...summer has come and gone, i will need to do a summer recap entry...but i am sooo excited for fall anyway!! just like last year except i have a job so i will have money haha

so 2 sundays again, joe did come home while i was still awake...i went to bed like right away, but at least i saw him..

monday i worked...then i came home, joe and i were watching the vmas and i made us dinner...then we went to lynn to watch the pats game...it was a great game! good times...tuesday and wednesday just worked and watched TV at night

thursday was my birthday!! i worked, but im glad i did...for my 24th birthday, joe had 24 red roses sent to my work! aww!! i love them...and my coworkers had cake for me, which was awesome...that night joe and i went to my moms house for dinner and cake...sooo yummy...it was a good bday

friday i worked...that night janelle, julie, julie and alex came over to celebrate my bday..we stayed and played apples to apples...and i got wicked drunk, it was a good time

the next day i slept all day, then got ready for joes moms wedding...it was very casual on the golf course...i LOVED it!!! open bar for a bit, so we drank...we had like a kids table, and it was fun...joe has twin cousins, but they look like theyre about 2 years apart and the little one LOVES joe, so she hung out with him all night...we hung outside dancing on the balcony for HOURS...it was so.much.fun. i loved this night...it was PERFECT...then joe and i drove his 3 little cousins, so their grandparents and joe and i went home and passed out

sunday we watched the pats game...then joe went to work and i watched the emmys

this past week was great too!! on monday night joe and i watched the 2 hour season premiere of house!! tuesday after work, i met janelle in boston and we went to so you think you can dance!! we loved our seats this year and the show was awesome! such a good night, even though i was tired in work in wednesday...it was fine, that night i just watched TV...thurs i worked and then i met janelle and amanda at border for a fun dinner

friday i worked, and i did not feel well at all..i left work early and cancelled plans to go out...joe was on his way out the door to a meeting and it got cancelled, so he decided not to go into work early and instead we caught up on flash forward and fringe and then we watched americas funniest home videos for like 4 hours...we laughed so hard and we ordered food, it was a good night

yesterday i went shopping to get joes bday gift...i got him socks (haha) a pair of jeans, a car phone charger and a moss jersey...i wasnt feeling good, so i went home and tried to nap...eventually got up and got ready

joe and i went to my moms house and we hung out with my mom, donny and cristina, drinking and eating pizza...then my mom drove us to wellington station, and we met up with marianne, firmani, sean, max and mark...we went to boston and i wanted to go to trinity cause its cheap...turn out they had 16oz drafts for $2, yup awesome...eventually we went over to ned devines and met up with sooo many people...it was an awesome night!! joe bachman played and they were great! we just all danced...it was by far one of the best nights in boston!! afterwards, we hung out in faniuel hall forever with joe bachman haha...it was a good night, and then we took a cab to revere and passed out

joe and i woke up kinda early and drove home and we both napped...then we ordered lunch and we watched the pats game!...now we're being lazy and thats fine...this week should be good too...thursday is the bruins home opener!! LOVE ALWAYS, meg
summer is pretty much over, and mine and joes birthdays are coming up!! im pretty excited for fall

september began, but not much changed...still working...

after i last wrote, i went to bed...joe woke me up at like 430am to tell me that blueberry, our fish, died...i was very sad about this...i worked that day, then watched big brother and stuff

wednesday after work, the boys had their playoff game in stoneham...me, marianne, cristina and chrissy were hanging out in the locker room talking and kevin came in and said, *what is this The View in here?* lol...my mom came...it was interesting...they lost to JAFHT and max got kicked out of the game...went home...thurs was the usual, work, dinner, big bother

friday was the day before a long weekend...on lunch, cindy, marybeth and i walked at marybeth's apartment with olive (her dog)...it was really nice out...then MB and i had lunch at her apartment...got back to work, and they said we could get out early...melodie said *i am so glad im not independently wealthy and dont have to work, or else i wouldnt be feeling this happiness of getting out of work early* haha

i went home and hung out with joe and ate...i showered and went to revere...my mom and i pregamed and got ready to go out for the night to seperate places...alex, caitlin and janelle picked me up and we got krista and julie and headed to salem...tina, bobby, jeremy and his friends allison and brandon were there...the bar is new and really cool cause theres like a wall of draft beers...but there was no dance floor, so we lef to go to oneils, but only our car made it

so the bouncer said, "do you know mark foulds?" and i was like "yea thats my cousin" so i guess he went to school with him...so i walked into the bar and janelle said *well since we paid $5 to get in here, i dont wanna leave* and i said *what??? i didnt paying anything* haha awesome, i texted mark to thank him...so they had a dance floor, it was fun

we left, walked to the car, some boys start talking to us...then julie sees a jeep with like a pirate banner in the back so she hops in back to take a pic and the kids like *thats my car* and we didnt believe him, so he got in and started it haha

then we drove caitlin home, dropped her off, then janelle threw up in the car...we stopped at a holiday inn so julie could pee, and i RAN after her, and she cut like 45 people in line haha...we were like hiding scared in the bathroom...and we stole toilet paper to help clean the car...we dropped janelle off and headed to kellys to eat and chat...went home

i woke up the next morning and my mom was hungover and i was tired, so i just drove home...joe was at work, i was being lazy, watched a movie...joe came home and we ordered lunch/dinner, then he fell asleep, i took a nap with him, then i got up, went shopping, made cookies and got ready...donny, cristina, max, krysta and mark came over...max found jims quick stop which is the beer and wine store i always go to and its also a bass pro shop...he was obsessed...him and joe had to go back for "batteries" lol...the girls played cards...they told joe about farmville and now hes obsessed haha they were like playing all night...although after they left, joe and i were watching mythbusters, and he fell asleep before he harvested his strawberries and they all died haha

sunday was awesome!! joe and i got ready, finally found a liquor store and went to seans for a BBQ...it was a family BBQ but the friends took over haha...it was a lil chilly, but it was fine...lots of drinks (even though tiffany stole mine) and good food and stuff...we just all sat around talking...eventually, we went to sandra's (sean sister) house...it was HILARIOUS...we did jager bombs, sean's sister tina danced with kevin all night...the trash lit on fire...everyone was just sooo drunk, and we were all just hanging out in the kitchen...it was awesome!! awesome way to start the end of summer haha...sandra told me she trusted me more than anyone else in the house cause of my shirt haha...joe and i headed home...monday we were lazy all day...watched TV, then we got friendlys to go and we watched obsessed

tuesday was back to work...this week was kinda slow for me...we didnt get that many new orders, and i was all caught up on everything...i did some organizational projects and such...tuesday night, new fall TV started...i am soo pumped about this lol

wednesday was work, we had another pot luck salad, this one was not as successful...after work i made dinner and went for a walk, watched TV and went to bed...thursday was the same, except joe stayed home to watch big brother with me, and then i watched my recording of antm

friday was work...pretty slow...i found out that my brother joe went to the hospital and had his appendix taken out...i went home after work, and joe and i got ready and went to the hospital to see him...my mom and ricky and his mom were there and eventually donny and cristina came...joe seemed to be doing pretty good...he had to sleep, so my mom was gonna leave and she was gonna go out and joe said *i hope you get in a bar fight* haha...me, joe, donny and cristina went to angelas to get dinner...came home and passed out, joe went to work and then to NJ for a race and i missss him sooo much and cant wait for him to get home

i got up yesterday and got ready and went to cristinas salon so she could trim my hair...then i picked up janelle and we drove to framingham to meet some lady who sold us tickets to SYTYCD...we were scared, but it was legit, she had a baby with her haha

then i went shopping for like 4 or 5 hours...no lie...but i did get 2 pairs of work pants and 2 dresses...one for my bday party this friday and one for joes moms wedding on sat...then i went home and had leftover pizza...cristina texted me and said we were going to chrissys, so i got ready and i bought a sweater at burlington coat factory

i went to chrissys...donny, cristina, sean, max, mark and krysta and chrissy were then...then chrissys mom came home with chantel and she hung out with us haha...it was sooo funny...we played pyramid of death...for some reason, people were being wicked rude, but like not in a bad way...haha it was kinda funny...more like inappropriate because everyone got like wicked drunk...i dunno it was just like a wicked funny night and chrissy's mom beverly is sooo funny, we love her haha...were gonna party there all the time...cristina was talking about her halloween party and mark said *nah, we'll just have it here* haha awesome...then i came home and passed out

today i went to kohls and bought a dress for my party in boston next week, since then ive been watching random TV and cleaning the apartment and now im gonna go food shopping...joe wont be home til im already asleep, but i cant wait to see him!! LOVE ALWAYS, meg
lets see...i havent written in a couple weeks...after i last wrote was back to work...that tuesday the boys had a game...just worked, watched TV, the usual

friday night, i went shopping, and got some clothes for joe and i...watched TV and went to bed

saturday i walked to the store to get some things included tanning lotion at kmart, and there was a bomb threat and we had to evacuate...then i went to my pool for awhile...the life guard left for a second and people got in and he said *please dont get in the pool while im not here, i will get in trouble...america has stupid rules* haha

then i got ready and went home...my mom, donny and i picked up cristina and mark and we headed to revere beach...some lady stole our parking spot...we hung outside, cristina's (almost) step brother and his gf came..then we went to bill ashes for drinks...mine was like allll vodka so the bartender (a female) got me more ginger ale and said *sorry, i was trying to get you drunk* mark was appalled haha...then we went outside, max and krysta came and we saw that's that...it was sooo much fun...then we went to margaritas and joe met us there and we got dinner and drinks...i did not feel good at alll for some reason...i went in joes car and my brother joe drove my car back to the apt and he slept over

the next morning, we woke up early, we all get ready and went to new england dragway...they were testing the car...it was cool to hang out with my brother joe...he knew some people there...we sat in the stands talking and saw their two passes...he got to meet jay and everyone else...it was fun, but tiring...joe and i were gonna go out, but we didnt...we were gonna watch big brother instead, but he fell asleep and i watched it alone

monday was back to work...tuesday after work my mom and i went to see the time traveler's wife...it was soo good...ive been meaning to read the book for like a year, but havent yet...now i cant find it anywhere boo

wednesday night i went to kaajal and bobby's apartment...we had "game night" but we didnt play any games...it was fun anyway haha...that night i slept in revere, so i could leave my car there...joe picked me up at 530am, i took a quick nap, finished packing and went to work

joe picked me up from work at noon...he got a haircut, and we hit the road...it was a 7 hour ride to PA, but it really didnt seem that long...i just love being in the car with him...we went straight to the track...jay asked me to take pics and write a blog which i did...i met rich, the chef, who was going to be our roommate...i read a bit, slept in the car, we had dinner and left...went to the hotel, which was soooo nice and fell right asleep...well rich went to the bar, joe and i passed out

the next morning we went to the track and was ssoooo hot...then when they went to race, the temp dropped like 20 degrees and then it rained and was cold the rest of the day...they didnt get to run...we sat around, talking...that night, joe, rich and i all went to the bar...joe and i had sooo much fun just the 2 of us...we drank a lot, we even did jager bombs together, and we got wendys and went to bed...it was a wicked awesome night, esepcially the old lady learning the cupid shuffle haha

next morning, we didnt know if we were racing...we got brunch, spent like an hour in walmart, cause we didnt have the zip code for the company credit car...went the track, sat around all day (i dont mind that though, cause i get to hang out with joe, and i read a lot) they finally raced at 5...their first race since the car flipped over in jersey...and it didnt go so well...the qualified, but 16th, which put them up against manzo, the best guy...so they worked on the car, and rich, pam and i went to the liquor store and walmart

that night, pam and i were drinking wine, and we gave eddie a ride on the golf cart to his other team and mike came...and pam goes *is this drinking and driving?* and i said *yup, cheers* and mike was like *what is in those cups* haha awesome...we had to be at the track at 7 the next morning, so joe and i didnt go out but rich did haha...i fell asleep reading and got mad when joe tried to take my book away haha

the next morning, i sat in the stands and watch some races, then they (very narrowly) lost to manzo, so we packed everything up and left

joe and i drove like 5 hours to springfield, ma where we got a hotel room...we went to carabbas for dinner, sooo yummy...then watched TV and went to bed

next morning, we got ready and went to six flags...we had to wait forever for donny, cristina, max, mark, brittney and krysta...but it was sooo much fun....we waited in line FOREVER for bizarro...but it was sooo worth it...then we got johnny rockets, did some smaller rides...donny, joe, cristina and i went to the water park, but all the lines were too long...it was sooo hot though, it was good to get wet...we met up with everyone else and did scream and waited for the blizzard river, but there was a delay so joe, mark, brittney and i did the boston tea party...perhaps my favorite part, cause we had so much fun and some random person hit us with water and then it was max, but he didnt know it was us haha...then the 4 of us did the wooden roller coaster, so awesome...then joe had to go to work, and donny and cristina left...but me the other 4 did batman in the dark...i think thats my favorite roller coaster...then we left, stopped at mcdonalds and went home...i had to drive to billerica

on tuesday in work i was dead tired, and that night the boys had a game...they already clinched 3rd, but they were mad they lost...wednesday morning, joe and i dropped my car off.. $400 later, it looks better and has a sticker...i was happy they gave me a June sticker and not August cause our other car is June haha im lame...that night, i went to amandas for a girls night...im sooo bad at scene it haha

thursday i worked, and friday i worked...i left work early on friday and i met janelle, liz, kelley and john in boston...we went to ph changs...good food, good drinks, and it was awesome to catch up with them and learn what everyone is doing with their lives...then we headed home, i was gonna go out, but i was too tired, i went home, read a bit and passed out

saturday i got up and watched TV, eventually joe got up...it was pouring out, and we were lazy...we got KFC and watched i love you, man...so funny...then we napped...then joe went to work, and i went to firmanis...we played a game where you write a word and put it on the person next to you's forehead and they have to guess what it is...and we played pyramid of death...it was a fun night...i tried to wait up for joe, but i fell asleep

we got up kinda early on sun...i went grocery shopping and i made taco dip...like 10 guys came over and had a fantasy football draft...i hung out in the bedroom reading...then they left and joe went to a 2nd draft...janelle called me, and i met her and alex at the border near me...we had caitlin as our waitress and we sat outside, sipping our sangria...was nice until killer bees attacked and we decided to move inside haha...it was fun though...i came home and watched TV and waited for joe...we went to the liquor store and we drank and watched big brother

this is my first full week of work in a month...booo, but at least we have a 3 day weekend...we have been soooo busy at work...but i love it, like a million new orders...its awesome...im all caught up too, which is great...today i made joe and i dinner, went for a walk, watched some TV and now im going to bed...gonna do it all over again tomorrow...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
life is good

i havent written in awhile...ive just been that busy...i have so much going on, but its awesome...work is great and i love this new apartment...i just want to joe to work days lol

lets see...after i last wrote was thursday which was work as usual...then i went home to pack and make dips and watch TV, and i completely CLEANED the apt and we are all organized and it looks sooo good, finally

friday i worked and left at noon...went to the atm and home...donny, cristina, mark, brittney and krysta came and they were excited to see our apt and they loved it yay!! then we left for camping...so i had gotten the directions and next thing we're on this dirt road and it was literally off-roading...it was scary and mark was following us..so i said *how do we know were going the right way?* and joe said *you got the directions* and i said *i just typed in pawtuckaway state park* and donny yelled *this WHOLE place is the state park* joe was gonna KILLL me...so we pull over and we're dicussing what to do and then a car pulls up and its marianne, firmani and chrissy haha what are the odds??? joe wasnt mad anymore and after some lady followed us we found the way...but first there was a guy on a motorcycle and cristina said *donny...is that my dad?* haha

we check in, and go to the sites and 2 were next to each other and one was around the corner...the boys went to discuss, but britney and i came up with the best idea and the boys agreed so we high fived and mark said *never do that again* lol...so the boys set up all the tents, even for the people not there...us girls set up the tarps....the $60 one was sooo easy, the $10 one, not so much haha...eventually everyone got there...sean gave joe and i this wicked industrial tarp haha

so we all went to the store which was pretty funny and got tons of food...max won $500 on a scratch ticket...went back, and sat around the camp fire...jose cooked, but the burgers were not cooked...i made dip...some random boy came onto our site and then looked around and announced *THIS IS NOT THE WRONG CAMPSITE* haha we got yelled at a bit...joe and sean had their old guys club and made fun of everyone...then britney and cristina were saying the rangers didnt need flashlights cause they know the paths and i said *yea but what if theres like a random tree banch in the road or something?* and cristina was like *yea thats like their blinker* huh??? and she said *you would trip over it and wake up the next morning and say *where am i?** haha too funny, chrissy and i were dying...so the 3 of us walked to the bathroom and chrissy said *omg did you see that squirrel that just drove by? he used his blinker* haha and later cristina said *im not dumb, im dumbo, im an elephant* haha it was an awesome night...that night it DOWNPOURED, but we didnt get wet at all

next morning, we stood around talking then to dunks and the store...but we didnt get any food, just beer, ice and firewood...hung around at the site, drinking and decided to go to the beach...we got changed and climbed in the back of donnys truck...we all went in the water and the boys took turns hitting the ball towards us...then the girls laid out and the boys went to play wiffleball...the non-foulds' (joe, sean and firmani) won the game...then we headed back...made some grilled cheeses...we just hung by the campfire...some fights broke out when joe wanted to discuss hockey haha...it was fun, we played some flip cup...at like 930 joe was wicked drunk and made me go to bed with him...i was kinda mad, but then we were both sick, and it was a wicked bad night, but it brought us closer

next morning, we cleaned up, got dunks and left...joe and i got home and some guy thought we were moving in...i said *no just back from camping* haha...we napped...that night we went to chilis and to the imax to see transformers...i was like falling asleep during it

then it was a work week...pretty normal...wednesday we had a salad party which was a ton of fun....and we all sang songs at work haha...good times...that thurs, brian was back on the five minute majors and the boys (and girls) won their game...we obvi went to the dockside to celebrate!! good times...that friday at work, we got an edible arrangements sent to us by a lady that i use a lot for surveys..yummy fruit and chocolate

after work on friday, joe and i hung out and we watched push...it was good

saturday i did some errands, i went for a walk, i went to the pool for a bit...that night was alexs grad party!! joe and i went together, but he ended up leaving...we had some drinks and food, then some drinks in the pool...love it...everyone went for cake, and i went for dip lol...there was a slip and slide, lots of pics, some singing and dancing and shotgunning of beers...i have to say that it was a wicked fun night and then there were fireworks lol...janelle drove me to meet up with joe...we watched house bunny lol

the next morning i did some food shopping and went to the pool...then joe and i got ready and went to the toby keith concert!! we tailgated a bit, and then went in...with our tickets we each got a free hot dog and soda and joe got us free fries...then we went to sit on the lawn, and they said *you can sit anywhere in these seats* sweet free upgrade!! it was an awesome show, and i had a ton of fun!! then we sat in the parking lot, and some lady rearended joe, but it was fine...then some boy rearended joe and he flipped out and said *this is the second time i got rearended!!* and the kid said *by me?* haha, headed home

the next week was soooo busy at work cause melissa was out all week, so i was me and HER...CRAZY...i didnt take a lunch the first 3 days and i always had sooo much to do...monday joe just hung out with me watching TV...tuesday joe had a late game, so i hadda drive myself...it was at hockey town...the refs sucked...blah...the game would have been tied except in the first 2 mins they scored because there were 2 pucks on the ice...dumb...wednesday night we had a girls night at amandas...there was all my favorite snacks!! we chatted and played 1 vs 100...good times

friday was a CRAZY day at work, but cindy and i picked up fresh city...soo yummy...it was DOWNPOURING like crazy that day...i got outta work and drove joe to town fair tire to get his car and i went shopping...went home, and eventually went to my moms...i hung out with her and got ready for the night...i was going out with the girls, she was going on a date...i was drinking a 40 haha..so me, janelle, alex and krista went to the greatest bar and it was sooo much fun...4th floor love! lol...we kept pretending we were on facebook and "liking" everything complete with the thumbs up haha...we met some boys and alex and i were bff with one of them haha...it was a fun night and it ended with grilled cheese

i slept at my moms and the next morning her and i drove to billerica...we went to bamboos for sushi and a wicked strong drink...yummy...then she saw my apt...i went to pay my rent and jessica remembered me and my name...and her kids were like *whose that?* haha...then my mom and i went to the gym

i came home, and started watching TV/movies, planning on doing nothing cause joe was gonna work some overtime...then donny said he was coming to get me...me, donny, cristina, max, mark and krysta went to canobie lake!! mark was my date which was a lot of fun, we sat on all the rides together...so we get there at 815, and its closing at 10, and we waited in line FOREVER on the first ride...so were on the ride, and cristina yells over *theyre staying open til 11* so when we got off, i asked her how she knew and she said *that little boy told me* so we asked someone who worked there and they said yes..woohoo!! so we got waters, saw fireworks while we waited in line for the corkscrew, then did that ride...then the frisbee ride made us all sick haha...when it ended a manager jumped on and she was like clapping and said *hey guys, howd you like that ride?* and mark said *did we win a prize?* haha, we didnt...donny and cristina went to smoke in this like covered place, and mark said it looked like they were on punishment haha...we did the mirror maze and everyone followed krysta, but not me, and i won!!! woohoo, then we did the yankee canonball...it was a wicked fun night! i went home and went to bed, and joe eventually came home

sunday i made peanut butter squares, which i guess were a hit, but joe and i didnt get to enjoy them...we picked up max and went to the liquor store...max lost his ID at kid rock and didnt get a new one yet, so he handed me money and asked me to buy him some beers...then we look and a cop is parked watching us..i really thought i was gonna get arrested haha...went to cristinas for a Five Minute Majors BBQ...went in the pool a bit, had some beers...everything was going great, then joes mom called me and asked me to put joe on and she told him to call andrew...turns out joes dad had a heartattack, and they rushed him to the hospital...joe and i FLEW there (literally, joe put on his hazards and went through red lights) in our bathing suits...it was pretty bad, but hes out of the hospital now and is going to be okay...it was a rough night, we were there for a long time..then joe and i left there and we got into the biggest fight ever, we didnt sleep that night...the next day i felt so sick and tired and everything, and i didnt go to work...joe and i slept forever, watched big brother, then got ready...we brought our car to toyota cause the radio broke...they ordered us a new one for free, but we still dont have it...grrr, so annoying...then we went to fuddruckers, yummy and we saw harry potter in the imax...i liked it a lot...came home, joe watched TV with me, then he went to work, and i watched jon and kate plus 8 and cleaned the apt

tuesday was back to work, and it was crazy trying to catch up from the crazy week before and then my day off...i was wicked busy, but i went home to see joe

after work, we had dinner, got ready, then brian and tiffany came over, saw our new place, and then we went to the hockey game...my mom came too...they had a great game and that put them in 4th place...it was a later game, so we all stood around talking, and then we headed up

wednesday was still pretty busy at work, but at least i caught up...that night amanda, janelle, alex, julie l and krista came over for a girls night...we watched so you think you can dance...it was such a fun night...i loved it...i wanna do that more often lol...we laughed sooo much...krista said i am happy, healthy and have everything going for me haha, watched real world, talked to joe on the phone forever and then went to bed

thursday was work...then brian came over and we went to the game in revere...jill came with the kids, and there were kids EVERYWHERE...it was against the mammoths and they won 10-3 (awesome game!!!) putting them in 3rd place woohoo!!!! we stood around in the parking lot talking FOREVER, before heading home

friday at work, we had pizza yummy!! melissa was convinced that this was because someone had to announce that they were pregnant haha!!...after work i didnt eat dinner til 9 lol...joe and i watched knowing...i liked it except for the thing that explained it all haha figures...tried to watch the sox game, but i fell asleep and joe went to work

saturday i worked and did some food shopping...joe and i made cheeseburgers and got ready...he went to work, and i went to my moms house...talked to her...then janelle picked me up and went to amandas for rickys bday!! played 1 vs 100 and we were in the mob...then we headed to the greatest bar...went to the 4th floor...amanda, julie g and i sat at the booth drinking and making 1 dollar bets haha...not that anyone went through with our bets, but it was still fun...eventually we were tired, ao at like 1230 andrew picked us up and we headed home...i sat around doing sudoku talking to my fam and then crawled into bed...joe picked me up at 4am...i was soooo tired

we got up yesterday and i made us pancakes yay!!! we went to hampton beach!!! we couldnt check in yet, but we got our car valet parked and we walked the beach, so i could get sunblock and sunglasses, then we sat on the beach...when it got a bit cloudy, we walked around...we got pizza and fresh squeezed lemonade...ate at the stage...then we went to all the stores...it was fun...then we checked into our hotel...wicked, wicked comfy bed and we checked out our blacony...then we napped for an hour...but then i made us get up...we went to the pool but didnt stay...instead we sat at the outdoor sandbar and got a drink...we both got mai tais called paradise found they were sooo good...it got a little cold, so we back to the room and got into this show about border patrol haha...it was soo good and we got ready for dinner

eventually headed down to the lounge for dinner and drinks...i got lobster soo good...then we walked around a bit, lost at skee ball...we eventually went back to the bar at our hotel and sat there and got drinks...there was a girl at the bar and it was her 30th bday and she was WICKED DRUNK..and she said *youre beautiful, but i hate you because youre so young* and then she said she wanted to make out with me...awkward...it was a fun night though...there was a DJ...the bartender took a pic of joe and i, and he made us like pose for it and stuff haha...tons of people were dancing the girl asked me to dance and i pointed to joe and said *yea, him i will eventually* we eventually did too, he was alll nervous, but it was fun haha...then we drank some more and saw the most awkward couple...she was a wicked thin, WICKED tall, young black girl...and he was a fat, really short, old white guy...and he was allll awkward and like shuffling his feet, but she was doing these like INTENSE dance move like flailing her arms around haha...there was a group of like older 20ish guys and they were DYING laughing...they were also hitting on some 18 year old girls and trying to get them drinks..the sox/yankees game on and 2/3 of them were yankees fans, which was obnoxious...joe and i went to our room and we were watching the game and i said *joe, why does the game look fake? like not real* and he said *cause youre used to HD* haha awesome...then we passed out

this morning we got breakfast buffet, and then we checked out and went to the beach...it was the hottest day of the summer so far...it was almost too hot, i jumped in the water twice and we walked the shore a bit, sat around reading...then we pakced up the car and walked around...got some waters and left...on the way home, we stopped and got wendys...came home and watched BB, then we took a nap...joes still sleeping, and im watching TV...4 day work week...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
laconia has come and gone which is soo sad :( but camping is in 2 days woohoo!!!

so last thurs, i woke up at like 4am with wicked back pain, so i called joe and then slept on the floor for 2 hours...i went for a walk, and these 2 dogs started following me, so i tried to get away from them on middlesex turnpike, but one of them was walking next to me, like my dog and the other one was holding up traffic and people were giving me dirty looks...so then they kept like running next to me and like running in all these yards and one of them tried to fight a gopher...and they were like stopping in the road or slowly running in the road so cars had to slowly drive behind them and everyone thought they were my dogs so they were beeping at me and yelling at me *watch your dogs!!* so then this lady in a car said *are those your dogs* and when i said no, she pulled over and said *get in my car, where do you live? wanna go for a ride?* and then ran away and she followed them and pulled over again and one of them got in her car, and the other one continued to follow me and went to cross the street and got hit by a car...but then she pulled over and some other guy, so i walked away haha

thurs i had wicked back pain in work all day..after work was five minute majors vs jafht, wicked close game, but they lost to them again, so we went to dockside and got some beers and then mark said "have fun this weekend, but next weekend will be funner"

went home, watched big brother and went to bed (on the floor)

friday i worked a half day...not bad, went to kmart and got joe and a cooler and some towels, melissa said *aww your first cooler together*

so we left, got gas and dunks and got on the highway, good times...stopped at shaws for beer, ice and coke and went the hotel..i was freaking out cause they tore down a house and built a new one...joe didnt get it, we walked around forever finding our room, water view!! my mom and joe got there and she got my freak out haha...so we had 2 connecting rooms and joe and i shared with my mom, and we got the nice room!! haha

so joe pulled out his jack daniels and my mom decided that she wanted hard alcohol, so her and i went on a quest and we could NOT find a liquor store...we got back and the boys were on the dock, so we hung out...my mom and i put on our bathing suits and got beers and the 4 of sat out there drinking and talking...joe and i went swimming too

then joe m said there was a chipmunk in the room and we all ran but couldnt find it in either room, then joe f said *i just saw it outside, its fine* haha...so we ordered and the joes went to pick it up and get vodka...my mom and i just hung out talking...they got back and we sat outside and ate and then went into the room

we were wicked lazy...well joe and i fought/wrestled for like half an hour which my mom and brother thought was wicked funny...then we rested, joe napped, i read and at like 930, donny and cristina got there...we hung out in their room drinking and then everyone except my mom went outside to drink and talk...went out on the dock and looked at the big dipper, i was wicked exhausted, so i made joe go to bed with me :)

sat monring my mom and i did the dunks run and me my mom and joe ate outside...then my mom and i went for a walk around the trailer park and met up with eileen, doreen, maureen, sheri and alyson and we all went for our usual walk...got back put on my bathing suit and hung out by the lake...alex's family came too!! and then my grandparents, trisha, patrick, sue and jack came too!! so tommy took some people including joe and i out on his boat wicked fun...after, on the dock, david said *this is the only part i hate, if i fall in, i will get tangled up in those weeds and die* haha

hugn out for awhile, then joe and i napped before getting ready

we all got ready and went up to the trailer park to celebrate doreens 50th!!! we had this family thing with 6 teams...my team was me, joe, young raymond, doreen and young bobby...we had to do a scavenger hunt throughout the whole thing...our first station was arts and crafts and we made a hockey trophey...then karaoke where joe won everyones hearts by doing a soulfull dance haha...then we had the blacktop which was like jump rope and other physical activities...then math problems and charades, and we spent most of our time at that station finding scavenger hunt items...then the last one was to right an acostic poem and a flower toss, also throughout the whole thing was capture the flag...it was sooo much fun

so we all met up, and the rouses came up to announce their winners for karaoke, and the guy couldnt stop talking about how awesome joe was...now my family loves him haha...my mom had a frog in a pot, so she let it go and shannon loved it and jack wanted to touch it but was wicked scared haha...and our team won!!! woohoo!! haha then we had a BBQ...i hung out with jack and he saw the pinata, so i explained it to him, so he threw a wicked tiny stick at it haha...we left early and headed to bed early haha we're wicked old

the next morning, my mom and i did the dunks run again...then we packed up the rooms and stuff...eventually, my mom, sue and i did our walk...hung out by the water...joe got mad at me cause i put sunblock on him oops...then sammy brought his boat over with heather and took me, joe, joe, donny, cristina, patrick and my mom out for a ride...it was wicked long!! we swam a bit and saw the biggest house on the lake...my back was finally not hurting, but sammy said it would if i sat up front and stupidly i did, but it was soo much fun

we got back, joe and i changed, we hung out talking for a bit, and eventually joe and i left...he fell right asleep, i ordered food and watched BB and went to bed

monday in work i was so tired and my back was killllling sooo bad...not good...i basically went home, made dinner and just sat around watching TV until i went to bed on the floor

yesterday i felt better..worked all day, which was fine...i love going home for lunch and being able to eat lunch with joe, its amazing!!

after work, joe and i got ready and went to pure hockey and i bought him a wicked nice, brand new style goalie stick...then we got some food and went to his game...so i was sitting with jill, katie, jonathan, brittney, cristina, krysta and chrissy...they are playing the blackhawks, who have never won a game and who we killed 8-1 in our first game...we're excited...but the game is tied...so mark has a brekaway, but the whistle is blown, but he kinda causual shoots the puck wicked softly, but this other kid flips out and goes after him, so max tackles the kid and gets kicked out of the game and a fight starts...so the score becomes 4-2 them and the ref keeps calling wicked dumb penalities against us but NOTHING agaisnt them...all us fans are screaming at the refs and another fight breaks out and sooo many people get involved and the refs call the game over...they only played like half the game...we were all pissed, but joe was soooooo mad...he just like sat in his car...i made him go to dockside and after chugging a few beers, he loosened up and we all had fun

came home, watched big brother and went to bed

today i worked and i was telling melissa all i have to do like cleaning...so i went home on lunch and joe had cleaned the apt and it looks sooo good!!!...then back to work...after work, i cooked dinner for joe and i and we went shopping...first to the liquor store so i could get some wine...then kmart to get a new tent, then market basket for dip stuff...came home and i did tons of laundry and more bedroom cleaning and watched sytycd and now im watching real world...time for bed...LOVE ALWAYS, meg (PS so excited for camping this weekend)
the past 2 weeks-ish have been INSANE...literally

1) joe and i moved into our apartment
2) cristina turned 21
3) michael jackson died
4) 4th of july!!
5) nothing but rain

i cant believe how much has changed/ how much fun it has been

so last sun joe and i were gonna go to movies, but he worked, so instead i watched a movie at home

monday i worked, then laundry and the usual...tues joe and i met with our apartment on my lunch break to see if we could move in that weekend and jess was like *well as soon as you pay, you can move in* so joe paid right then and got our keys...for the rest of the week, i was bringing stuff over

on thurs, i went there and joe was meeting me there...we were kinda unpacking stuff. mostly just sitting around...we ordered a pizza...they came over joes work phone and said michael jackson died but danny said no...so we got in the car to go to his game and they were doing to a tribute to him...of course i listened to it...kevin said farrah fawcet and michael jackson were the same person

so the boys played the wholly mammoths...their arch rivals...and when they scored me, cristina, brittney and krysta cheered!! and a lil boy started crying soooo hard his mom had to take him out...it was kinda sad...but they won!!! so we went to the dockside to celebrate and it was 80s night!! and we all got drinks!!

friday i worked and then i went to the apt to meet up with joe...we just like laid there and did nothing and it was awesome!! i love our apt...then i went home to pack and go to bed

i got up at 730am and went to joes and we went to uhaul and they didnt have our truck booo!! we got money off though...then we packed up my, his and dannys cars and we brought tons of stuff there... i wicked rushed us...joe was mad, but we got to his moms, and he fell asleep, and i went to the atm and got us food...then i laid down for an hour, but i couldnt sleep..so i went tanning and got an energy drink and then we got ready

so joe dropped me off at max's and i mentioned that we had 2 limos, so i thought we should do guys limo/girls limo and max loved it...so everyone came and i wanted a wine opener, so i went to firmanis...so the boys thought my limo idea was awesome, and we did it...in the girls limo some people were mad and i was like *yea max said they were going to the squire first* joe said they were cheering me in their limo...then he called me and said firmani forgot his wallet, so they were oging to get it...

we all got there and sean told me that they made joe call me cause im the cool, calm girlfriend who wouldnt care haha..cristinas 21st was awesome!! we drank a lot evenr though the bartender sucked...we danced a lot even though the DJ wasnt that great...some drama, but not me!! i love dancing with joe...we are so slutty haha...all i know is, he played *i know you want me* 3 times, and i lost my lei 3 times haha...and max and mark did leap frog..sooo much fun

in the girls limo, all the girls hated their bfs, but not me and then joe texted me just to say ILU and everyone got WICKED pissed at me haha...and then danny picked us up and i said *D-A-N-N-Y, danny, danny, lets go danny!!!* haha awesome

sunday we napped alll day...then i went to old navy and did some packing...we got our truck at 4 and moved til like midnight, but its awesome!!! i love our apt

we slept on the couches, and the next morning, i did NOT wanna go to work

i went to work and then i got home and our bed was there!!! i did some stuff, but i went to my moms to get some last minute things and to watch jon and kate plus 8, then back to the apt for bed

tues i went to work and we got cable, etc

that night i did sooo much unpacking, etc...good times...wednesday there was a lot of issues at work...but luckily i didnt get involved...joe went to work early and i watched sytycd and had wine and cheese

thurs we wore jeans!! tom told me a couple times i looked hot haha...and we had an ice cream social!!! woohoo!! then joe and i were fish sitting for gladys, amys fish and i got us kfc, so i needed help haha

that night joe had a game vs JAFHT...krysta got wicked lost, there was a wicked fun, the boys ending up losing, but it was a good game, they play them again tomorrow!! i wish it was always thurs night games...then joe and i got water and i met some gang members haha

fri was a day off!!! i walked and then went to the pool, but then marianne texted me and said ice luge, so joe and i got ready and went to lynn

me, joe, marianne, firmani, max and krysta went to fuddruckers...then we did ice luge!!! woohoo, and krysta and i laid on the hammock and the boys fished...then donny, cristina, mark, brittney, sean and chrissy came, we drank some more and then went to lynn to watch the fireworks!!! sooo romantic and jeanie came too....then back to lynn and mike, nichole and tim came over and we ordered pizza...i said i was tired and cristina said *tell joe you wanna leave, when i tell donny i wanna leave, then we leave* haha...eventually joe and i went home...slept a bit

next mornign was the 4th!!!! my fav holiday ever!! i made dip...we got ready and went to lynn...joe tapped the keg...just a fun, causual day of drinking, eating, etc...my mom and i went for a wlak, and she did a keg stand!! awesome...apparently everyone loved me that night cause i was drinking a wine bottle so big, i needed 2 hands haha...i won every, single game of flip cup and mark was pissed!!! honestly, the best 4th in a long time, maybe ever...sooo much fun

sunday joe and i napped all day, then i went food shopping and danny came over to fix our comp...then joe and i saw hangover...it was funny, but i think it wasd hyped up too much before we saw it...then we went to cheesecake factory yummmmy!! went to bed together

monday was back to work, ive been working the front desk a bit...got a bucnh done that night before watching tv

yesterday was more downours...and then my mom and i saw my sisters keeper...soooooo sad...but really good though

today was work...i was kinda bored today...then ive been packing, made dinner, and watched sytycd/real world/wine and cheese night

tomorrow is work, game vs JAFHT and friday is laconia!!!!! LOVE ALWAYS, meg
I cannot believe how much has changed this spring...

not only am i working full time officially, but i got a promotion and i love my new job!
joe and i bought a new car
joe moved out of his apartment and is staying at his moms house, but we are moving into a new apartment!
joe got a new job, and even though he works a lot, its awesome
joe and i celebrated our 1 year a few months ago! love him sooo much

so if i thought there was a lot of hockey in the winter, even more so in the spring
going to lots of friday night hockey/although krysta and i usually went to applebees, or 99, or shopping, or just drank at hockey town
Five Minute Majors- kick off party at joes (last party there) plus there have been 4 games so far
plus the bruins playoffs- which we watched at joes, lynn, cristinas, etc

lots of other fun times too
texas road house with joe
lots of scrabble nights
marks bday party at joes
random parties at joes
days off in april= some long weekends
julies bday party at the liquor store
walking breakheart
decorating easter eggs with joe
easter eve party @ cristinas, sooo much fun with my mom haha and then easter at my house
tom's house for a work party
angela's/ TV showing with cristina and our moms
jacks bday party in magnolia/ sue's vet practice party in beverly
bbq in lynn (one really nice day in april)
mini golf with joe/ ice cream nights
border with manda, alex, krista and caitlin
joe bachman (twice!!)
david visiting- family dinner at antonia's/bruins- wicked fun
taco night with the girls
anthony's wedding/mikeys going away party (sad occasion, very fun night)
KISS concert
going away party for max and mark- aruba/ 99 for allison's going away party
lots of nights of drinking at firmanis
Memorial Day parties at cristina's, MBs and sues
girls night at amanda's
Jon and Kate plus 8/ SYTYCD and other fun shows
mariannes surprise grad party- KEG
janelles bday party at bell in hand

all in all, there was a lot of fun nights this spring, although i am sooo looking forward to summer and everything it brings...oo and i just cant believe how much has changed

i also read a lot of great books this spring:
rule of four
lost and found
nineteen minutes
he's just not that into you
one fifth avenue
PS i love you
divine secrets of the yaya sisterhood
sushi for beginners
the mermaid chair
dogs of babel
white oleander
nanny diaries
she's come undone
the guy not taken
under the tuscan sun
the memory keeper's daughter

lots of good books...now off to enjoy summer...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
joe and i are now the proud owners of an '09 toyota camry...i love it, it is soo nice...and we will be in our apartment in about a week, we have a meeting with them on tuesday to find out what day we can move in!! woohoo luxury apartment!!

life has been good, but busy...tuesday i worked...i got owned at the used book superstore by an old woman haha...she bought the only jodi picoult book in the store...haha its fine...joe and i didnt get our car that day cause the guy hadda leave early or something...thats ok cause traffic was forever...

wednesday i worked and then joe and i went to get our car!! woohoo!! so nice, then we got food and went to his moms, he went to work, and i stayed and watched sytycd (awesome episode) and i stayed over...i waited for him in the morning, so i could see him...that was my last time to see him

thurs i worked, then i went home and was looking up tons of stuff online...went for a walk, watched sytycd and went to bed

friday i worked...it was good...then i went to forever 21 (at north shore) its huge, but i only got a shirt...then i went to firmanis...it was fun, we drank, firmani got all messed up and was being really weird...we all hung out inside playing card games, it was a fun night, then i went home...i was very sad not having joe there

saturday i went to stop n shop and got some boxes...then to cristinas salon and she cut my hair...then i went to alexs pool with amanda, alex, julie, ricky and krista...alex made us cheeseburgers, they were yummy but julies was a lil red...alexs dog was sticking her nose in my purse and julie said *thats rude, and im pretty sure its illegal* haha

went home, i napped, got ready, donny and cristina came over, her and i went to get iced coffees...then we got alcohol and went to firmanis...we hung out in the garage...played some pool, ordered pizza again...we were all kinda tired...we sat around talking, planning our summer, since we're so busy...it was a chill night, then we headed home

sunday i packed alll day...im pretty much done, its just stressful...i didnt do much else that day, but that was ok

monday was back to work...melodie is on her own now, but shes doing good, just asks us some questions...marybeth left a voicemail for a shipper and said *hi, i'm calling about your move from vagina, i mean virginia* haha...after work i went to joes, he was tired and i hada headache, so we just laid there, then i went home, watched jon and kate plus 8 and went to bed

tuesday i worked, then i went to joes...we had ramen, and then we went out for icecream yummy! then we went to his hockey game!, i sat with brittany and krysta, but i just get sooo nervous for joe, but he did sooo good!! they won!!! 6-2 yay!! i was sooo proud of them and my goalie!!

wednesday i worked...then joe came over for dinner, yummy! he fixed my car, yay no more brakeleight, and we took my mom for a ride to get me coolant haha...then i went to his house, again, he went to work, and iwatched sytycd

thursday i worked, got stuck in traffic for 2 hours and didnt get home til 7, i was mad, cannot wait to move...and then i was too tired to do anything

friday i worked, i didnt have much to do, so everytime someone gave me something, i did it right away and mb wanted to give me the star of the day award and amy sang *somebody call 911, meaghan fire burning at her desk*

after work i went to joes, we got ready, got greek salads and went to max and marks, we just sat around the table tlaking...joe and max went fishing...then to hockey, but krysta and i went to 99 for apps, then back to hockey, but it was cold, so we sat in her car haha, then her and max took me to joes and slept there

yesterday he came home and slept i went to the mall and tried on 6 dresses for cristinas party and i loved all 6!! that NEVER happens, so i chose one and the girl in line in front of me, went looking for it...then i went home, went to the gym, went to joes...we got ready for the night, ran some errands, picked out or mattress and bed...then we picked up max, janelle and mark and went to boston...got some drinks at hard rock and went to ned devines for joe bachman!! we got nachos and drinks! janelle i got free hypnotic mixed shots...some nana was dancing with everyone and mark said *if i was drunk, i would gring with that nana* and there was a bromance, and this cougar was alll about joe...after 2 sets, we left and got kellys...we sat on the beach and ate, yummy, then we headed home

this morning joe and i watched his drag race...his car went into the sand and flipped over...very scary...then he went to work, i went home and ive done pretty much nothing all day which is fine...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
joe got the blackberry curve and i am kinda jealous of it haha...ooo and joes mom and brothers have moved into joes moms fiances house, so joe has his moms house all to himself until we move into our apartment haha awesome

this past week was fun. monday night i watched jon and kate plus 8 and the hills and went to bed

tuesday i was pretty busy at work...then i went to joes...he didnt really sleep at all that day because he had to finish moving, so he got like 35 mins all day...and i made us sandwiches and then we went to his hockey game...my grandpa, stevie and mike all came plus krysta and brittany...tim and mike were there too...they started off strong and then failed miserably 9-4...o well, they were 2 weeks off, so we'll see...we all stood around talking, then we got danny and went to joes old apartment and brought all his trash (ie bed, desk) and just threw it on the ground next to the dumpster haha oopsie...then his friend john, who just moved next door, came over to help out...i went home and went to bed

wed i had to shower, and i was running late and my coffee mug was dirty and we had no breakfast food, so i went to mcdonalds and they messed up my order :( boo...work was good...after work i went to forever 21 and then marshalls...i got a dress for janelles bday last weekend for $12 and one for joe bachman in a couple weeks for $15...then i bought chips and salsa for dinner and went to joes moms house and i made joe and his mom watch sytycd for 2 whole hours haha...then i went home

thurs- work...we had a meeting, just to check in and what not...we sent brittany to dunks to buy us coffees haha awesome...after work, i was like figuring out a schedule for all the stuff joe and i have coming up...and i went for a walk and watched sytycd and went to bed

friday i worked...i was really tired for some reason...melissa was out, so i had to play her...i like doing that (sometimes haha) after work, joe wasnt answering his phone, so i went to the mall...then he answered so i went to his moms house and we sat around with andrew watching daddy day care and andrew went to pick me up some food...then i was too tired to go hockey, so i rented revolutionary road, and went home and watched 20 mins before i fell asleep...got woken up at 230 by kristin looking for her boyfriend, and i tried to explain to her that i didnt go to hockey so i didnt know, but she kept asking me to ask other people...grr, had trouble falling back asleep

saturday i was kinda bored, i watched revolutionary road and i cleaned my room, i went to the gym/tanning, returned the movie...went to target to buy a necklace and get joe socks...decided to get a sub for dinner, so i went to papa jacks and went home and ate 1/2...went to sally beauty for some eye makeup...took a nap and then i got ready and went to joes moms

he got ready and we picked up janelle and julie and headed into boston...we went to bell in hand for janelles birthday...liz was already there with nick, dan and john and kelley and bernie got there at the same time as us and lauren and tina came too...it was a really fun night...we did grape crush shots...we danced a lot...some boy walked in and joe gave me a look like *why did you check him out?* and i said *i think i know him* and he was like *yea, good excuse* and then everyone around me was like *did that boy go to stonehill?* so janelle asked him, and he did...he then proceeds to get on the cube and FLAIL around "dancing" very, very gay...joe still thought i checked him out

so then a girl was dancing on the cube and i guess she asked joe to come up with her, but only joe and lauren saw this, and i just saw joe giving lauren a dirty look about it, but i didnt know why, i thought he was just messing with lauren, so i pretending like i was gonna slap him, and the girl saw this, and she tapped me on the shoulder and told me she was married, and i was like whatever haha wicked funny

some people left, so we went in the other room and danced...janelle kept doing the thumbs down and i have no idea why, but she thought it was really funny haha...at this point, i was just exhausted, so i was kinda happy to leave...we went backs to joes moms and slept there

yesterday morning, we got up and got ready...we went to sprint and joe got the new blackberry curve, and its wicked nice...we hadda wait so we went to jimmys steer house for lunch, and we split an appetizer and a cheeseburger, haha we are totally the cutest couple ever...then we went to his moms fiancees house and dannys ex came over so they give stuff back and joe was totally talking to them and making it all awkward and i yelled at him

so joes mom and brothers have moved into petes house, so joe is all alone...so we went back there and watched some random movie like roscoe jenkins, it was pretty funny...joe was too busy playing with his new phone...so we went food shopping for the house and got a frozen pizza...we used to make them at the old apt all the time, but the slats in his moms stove are farther apart and the pizza was like falling though haha and we watched some wicked sleazy movie called the babysitters haha...we were gonna watch college road trip cause we were on a martin lawrence kick, but it was rated G, so we went with a movie about babysitters who slept with the fathers haha awesome...and we split a reeses klondike bar and then i went home

today we got a new girl (or woman) yay! im not the new girl...she likes it already, which is awesome...ive been helping melissa a bit...came home, went for a walk, im doing laundry, now more jon and kate plus 8...joe and i are supposed to pick up the car tomorrow (i hope!) and then hes going to a race this weekend, so im alllll alone, but i needa start packing...LOVE ALWAYS, meg

So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

Opening Credits: 50 Cent- "Piggy Bank"

Waking Up: Sublime- "Lovin' is What I Got"

First Day At School: Something Corporate- "The Runaway"

Falling In Love: Matchbox 20- "All Your Reasons"

Fight Song: Black Eyed Peas- "Pump It"

Breaking Up: Outkast- "The Way You Move"

Prom: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill- "I Need You"

Life's OK: Pussycat Dolls- "Wait a Minute"

Mental Breakdown: Tim McGraw- "One Boy, One Girl"

Driving: Rent Soundtrack- "I'll Cover You"

Flashback: Avril Lavigne- "When You're Gone"

Getting Back Together: Coldplay- "Speed of Sound"

Wedding: Coldplay- "White Shadows"

Birth of Child: Michael Jackson- "Billy Jean"

Final Battle: Good Charlotte- "Complicated"

Death Scene: Jackson Five- "I'll Be There"

Funeral Song: Kanye West- "Slow Jams"

End Credits: Jimmy Cliff- "I Can See Clearly Now"
i love my new job at work
joe and i bought a new '09 camry, and i can't wait to pick it up
we moved joe out of his apt and into his moms house, but we go our apartment!!! we move in in 1 month!!
its almost summer!

the past few weeks have been really busy...after i last wrote, i worked that tuesday, then i went to joes and we went to lynn to watch the bruins win, then we went to the five minute majors home opener, which they won 7-2!! woohoo, it was sooo late by the time i got home

wed i worked, then we had a girls night at megan's house cause alex was dog sitting...we made tacos and had some wine...then janelle and i ended up going to amanda for more wine and talking and it was another late night

thursday i woke up and had to pack wicked quickly for the weekend...that day was work, and i was tired...after work, i went to joes and got us dinner, and we watched the sox...then everyone came over for the bruins game, which they lost in OT and everyone was wicked depressed and went home...and it ended up being a 3rd late night for me..

friday i worked...that night i flew to meet joe at pure hockey before they closed so that i could buy him a new helmet and stick...then we got kellys and went to his house and watched random TV and then went to hockey...i was ssoooo tired, but i went anyway and krysta and i just sat on the bench and watched them...then i went home and started to watch the 2 hour season finale of lost, but i passed out

the next morning i got ready, then i went to amandas house...we got janelle and picked up troy at the airport...sat around for awhile, ran errands and then went to anthonys wedding...it was very simple, but nice...we went to the reception where they had wicked cheap, wicked strong drinks, and we danced and had a great time...then we left and went to julies house for mikeys going away party...that was a pretty fun night and donny and cristina came with cristina f., and her and i lost at beruit, so we had to shotgun beers...it was a fun night, i got wicked drunk...my brother joe picked us up and he said my ipod died, and i guess i said *why didnt you plug it in you dumb dumb?* haha joe slept over

the next morning, me him and donny got ready and got cristina and went to kiss concert!! it was a lot of fun, but everything was soo expensive...i had mentioned that i wanted either fries or nachos, so joe bought me a pretzel and it was all dry and gross...the weather was perfect cause it wasnt too hot...we watched the concert from 2-630, then they all wanted to leave, so i agreed to leave...we had already seen some great acts, so i was okay with it..black eyed peas, matt nathanson and the all american rejects were my fav...the girl sitting in front of me had wicked bad dandruff haha...it blew by me...so joe and i rented taken and ordered giovannis and watched it, and i love that movie...it was a really good weekend

monday was back to work, and then i went to joes and had some mac n cheese and then made a margarita and went to the boys hockey game, my mom and joe came too...this time they lost 8-1...not good...but joe was in a good mood, when we went home, so that was good

tuesday i worked...i was driving home from work, when joe called me and said that we got the apartment woohooo!! im soo excited... and that night a bunch of us went to max and marks to hang out cause they were going to aruba the next day...very chill

wednesday i worked and then i hadda go home and do laundry

thursday was allisons last day and it was very busy...then we all went to the 99 and just drank a lot of beers haha awesome...i got home just in time to watch 2 hours of sytycd and pack for the weekend

friday was my first day without allison and melissa was out too, so i had to cover for her as well...the day went by fast and i didnt take a lunch...after work i went to joes...i got us lots of food and we had pizza...then i drove him to his moms house, so he could go to work and i watched most of the curious case of benjamin button...i fell asleep, so i woke up and finished it...

then i went shopping for some things for the apartment...just some decorative things...joe slept all day, so i didnt do much, went for a walk...then he got up and cristina said people were going to firmanis...so we got ready and went over there...it ended up being a wicked fun night of just drinkign and everyone hanging around talking...marianne and i danced haha

sunday joe and i got ready and went to cristinas for a bbq...it was fun, we had some food, lots of drinks...then joe and i left (i drove) and went to marybeths...her and katie were there with some friends...joe became good friends with katies bf nick and his friends, and it was a fun, chill night...and i had to drive home, but joe loved me haha...he said *youre a really good driver, but im better* haha...it was fun

monday was memorial day!! joe and i went with his mom to toyota and we ended up buying an '09 camry!! its blue with a moon roof...we just dont have it yet :( hopefully in a couple days

then we went to sues for a memorial day bbq...a lot of fun sitting around with the family...i enjoyed it, but joe and i were exhausted and we left...i sat online and found a 24 piece comforter set for $450 on sale for $150 at macys woohoo

tuesday was back to work...but it was busy and went by fast...i went home and did laundry, and then amanda texted me and a bunch of us went over and had some wine and snacks and watched jon and kate plus 8, man i love that show haha...and we watched some shows about women that didnt know they were pregnant, haha fun night...i enjoyed it

wednesday i worked...then i went home and had dinner and went to the christmas tree shop for a bit...then went to joes and we just hung out, watched some sytycd and then i took him to his moms house and luckily there was no detour and i went home

thurs i worked and we had our summer kick -off meeting, very exciting...on my break i went to sears and got some pillows, but i needed 2 more...after work i went to a different sears, but they didnt have them...then went to his apt...we went out for chinese food at su-changs...sooo yummy, and i got a glass of wine...it was a fun night...then i took him to his moms, went back to his apt and watched more of sytycd and then went to bed

the next morning, he got home right when i got up, so i had breakfast (cereal and coffee) and he had dinner (left overs) haha and we watched TV and then i went to work

after work, i went to his place and we ordered appetizers from applebees and got carside to go...watched TV, then he went to work, and i watched marley and me

i woke up and finished watching it...i went to the gym, and then got more pillows...then i got us panera and woke him up and we ate and got ready

we went to firmanis house for mariannes surprise grad party...we had a keg...and i made a pink lemonade punch...soo yummy, we had a bbq and drank a lot...we played beruit and we all did keg stands and we sang a lot and played flip cup and danced...it was a wicked fun night..joe was exhausted though and kept asking me to go...we were there from 330-1230 and we finally left

yesterday joe moved...his brothers came over, i was taking everything out of the kitchen and bathroom and scrubbed those clean, joe said he cant wait to live with me...they kept going, and i kept staying...there would be like nothing for me to do, so i was reading and i napped on the floor...there was only a bit left, so we went to his moms (where joe is living on a mattress on the floor) and we ordered pizza and watched i know pronounce you chuck and larry...then i hadda go to joes, to get all my stuff and i knew it was my last time ever there and i had thought that joe and i were gonna be there for 1 more night, so i wasnt prepared and i was all upset and i cried...i mean joe and i are moving into our first apartment which is nicer, bigger, better than that one...but there are just so many memories there and it was sad...i came home, read and fell asleep

today i wasnt very busy at work, but that was ok...came home, did laundry, went for a walk...now i needa shower before jon and kate plus 8 and the hills...LOVE ALWAYS, meg