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this past week or so-ish has been good...last sat i got sushi and then my mom and i walked breakheart...i got a starbucks frappacinno and went to joes and read...he woke up and we got taco bell and watched 50 first dates...then we went to hockey...i was sitting outside with cristina and when kysta came we went to the mall...didnt buy anything, which was fine..then we rushed home and got ready and i chugged some beers and shots and we picked up max who brought me a beer...we went to ned devines and met up with mark, marianne, sean and firmani...we were there for awhile before them and they still called max and mark over to check their iDs...we talked to joe bachman a bit...marianne and i got a guy to buy us roofie cooladas haha...we drank A LOT...like i keep hearing stories about the night and im not sure if 1) i was soo drunk i had no idea what was going on or 2) i was so drunk, i just dont remember haha...wicked fun night...

joe worked on sunday and i just watched fever pitch and mean girls and little black book and ordered dominoes...then i went to cristinas to watch the bruins game with everyone, but they lost :(

monday was back to work...after work my mom and i went to my grandparents and everyone was hanging out cause my uncle david is up visiting...it was a fun night...came home and went to bed

tues i worked...it was good..then i went to joes and we had nachos and beers for cinco de mayo and we watched ai and fringe and stuff

wed i worked...after work i got joe and we met my family at antonias..my mom, joe, my grandparents, david, ree, sue, jack, terrance and kate...our waitor was awesome!! we got wicked yummy food, tons of drinks and we watched the bruins game...then david went to buy beers and donny came and him and i ordered a beer and david was in the window acting out hockey and beer and donny pointed to his beer and to the tv haha...joe went to work, but we went to my grandparents to watch the game, but they lost

thurs was work...and it was awesome, but sad...allison and i leaving and i dont know what im gonna do without her...but i got a promotion and i am taking over her position...no more dealing with customers which was awesome cause someone serisouly yelled at me in an email that day haha

after work, i had dinner...went to the gym, watched some TV and packed and such...my mom got a BRAND NEW murano and we went for a ride in it...so nice

friday was work...i sat with allison for a bit...after work i went to joes and we got mcdonalds and everyone came over to watch the game...i found my bam bams from the season home opener that i never used so i blew and lit them up haha...but the bruins lost :(

then everyone left, but joe and i hung out looking at cars online...when he left to go to work, i watched half of lost and fell asleep

sat i got up early and went to the mall..i got a pair of shorts, a dress and a purple striped top...and 6 new (used) books...very exciting...then i walked breakheart...so i got back to joes and i had 3 mini caterpillars on my shirt, so i ripped off all my clothes except my underwear and bra and woke joe up haha...pretty funny...he got up then and watched the 2nd half of lost with me and we got ready

we went to chilis for lunch and it was sooo yummy, and i ate too much haha...we drove around looking for a bank, but we went home and i passed out for a bit...went to hockey and krysta and i completely matched haha...everyone thought we planned it...we went shopping...i got joe a wedding outfit at bobs and got my mom a mothers day gift at target...i got her a hand mixer since her sucks and a new iron and board since im stealing mine back, so krysta was holding the board and she got stuck in an aisle and a guy laughed at her haha

so then we went back to hockey and marianne was sick...donny came out and said party at joes, so joe and i had to go to the liquor store and rush around to get ready.

everyone came over in their hockey jerseys, the girls played mexican quarters and drank a lot and it was fun, but i felt bad cause joe didnt feel good and he went to bed...id say it was a good night

sun i got ready and went home for mothers day, went to my grandparents and showed them the new murano and we hung out for awhile...went home, i read a bit and then we met my grandpa at dimainos for mothers day dinner...then my mom and i went for a walk...then i went to joes...we watched the bruins, and he went to work and the bruins won!!! and then i passed out haha

today was work and allison taught me some more stuff, but im kinda in limbo...came home and ate some leftovers, did laundry...read a bit, watched gossip girl and now one tree hill...and updated some photos...tomorrow is work...then the FIVE MINUTE MAJORS first game of the season!!! good luck boys!!! this weekend i have a wedding on saturday night and on sunday...KISS CONCERT!! LOVE ALWAYS, meg
so i havent updated in like forever...ive just been so busy...after i last wrote, i worked on that tuesday, went to joes and we made cheeseburgers and watched ai and fringe and stuff...worked the rest of the week...on thursday a whole bunch of us from work went to toms house...his wife was giving us martinis and made yummy apps and pizza and we hung out forever talking and it was a lot of fun...that friday my mom, cristina and her mom and i went out...traffic was INSANE and i was like wicked late meeting them at angelas for dinner, so i was like downing drinks and pizza haha...then we went to this hotel in danvers for like this TV showing thing, to watch shows and take surveys, kinda lame...they asked like a million questions about oatmeal haha, we got drinks and laughed and made it fun haha...then i went to joes...his brother and gf were here, but they left and i watched lost and then joe got back from hockey and went to bed

i woke up on sat and went to northgate...so idiot got his car stuck on the island, cause there was a pole on it, that had been cut down, but part of it was still there haha...i got my shoes in black and a tim thomas shirt...went home, and i went to the gym...then i made joe run errands with me and he was mad, cause he thought we were just getting panera, but i made him do a bunch of other things...then i made buffalo chicken dip...that night everyone came over to watch the bruins game...cristina, krysta and i got dominos and played that haha...watched the win!! then firmani's brother and his friend came and they were playing beruit and soo annoying haha...eventually they all left but they were like outside talking wicked loud...i just wanted to go to bed!! grr haha

that sunday was jacks bday party in gloucester...i looove the area...we hung out inside, but we ate outside and it was sooo cold and we were all FREEZING!! we had cake inside...we all just hung around talking, it was fun...joe and i came home, and i went to my house to do laundry, watch amazing race and i went to bed

monday i worked, then i went to joes and we went to beverly...sue just bought the vet practice, so she was having like a welcoming party...out on the lawn, under a tent, cheese and crackers and sandwiches, very cute...it was nice...then joe and i went to his apt and watched the bruins win! then he napped and had his first night of work

i got up and went home and went to mgh to get my script, then back to joes, where i woke him up and we went to look at apts...we loved the first one the most, so were just waiting right now...got back, had leftoevers and he went to bed, so i went home and hung around and showered and realized that i forgot my cell at his house, so i went back up there and we watched tv and he went to work

wed i worked, then home for dinner, then to lynn to watch the bruins sweep the series! awesome! then went to joes...thursday i worked, then gym and other such things and friday i worked

friday was a great day of work...no one was in, so it was only me, allison, cindy and glenn...it was a calm day and we got sooo much done...very relaxing...we got our bonuses, we got 99 ordered for us for lunch and we left at 430...it was GORGEOUS out!! i took the back roads, sunglasses on, windows down, radio playing...got to joes and we hung out a bit, then went to lynn...had a bbq in the back yard, drank beers, the boys played football, krysta made the best cheeseburgers ever and we got marianne drunk before hockey haha...so we got to hockey, im sitting in the lobby watching the sox...the boys took their pics...kristin comes and we decide not to go out...instead we go to kappys and get 2 6 packs of twisted teas and we hang out drinking and watching the boys play..good times...went to joes and passed out

sat morning was sooo nice, joe and i were lazy and i was watching antm and he was watching it, but mad that he was haha...then we got ready and went to play mini golf...sooo nice out...then we wanted 99 honey bbq wraps, but instead we went to shaws and bought everything and made them ourselves and watched house...we spent 4.5 hours watching the sox kill the yankees! then i made him go on the swings with me, and he ran into some old friends that apparently live here and he didnt know...and then i watched 90210 and lost and went to bed

sunday was nice out too...i walked breakheart...then i wanted to lay out, but the pool area was locked...so i went to shaws and joe and i made grilled cheese...then we saw his brother and we went to walk around the beach in swampscott, and we got ice cream..then i took a nap...we went to walmart and got wendys for dinner and then once again watched the sox win!

mon i worked, then i went for a walk, had dinner and watched TV...tuesday i worked, then came to joes...we drank a bit haha...joe made me a VERY yummy dinner...wednesday i had off and joe was all upset cause he thought i was gonna hang out with him, but i had a million things to do and i got so much done

1. got an oil change 2. had lunch with my mom 3. went tanning with my mom 4. went to the gym with my mom 5. did 3 loads of clothes laundry 6. completely cleaned out my room 5. finally cashed my check 6. bought a new top at target 7. got gas 8. had dinner with my mom and joe 9. washed my sheets and comforter and 10. went for a walk

i got back and i was gonna read a bit and then watch TV, but amanda said they were going to border...i had already eaten but i went and got some drinks...me, amanda, alex, krista and cailtin...it was fun...i enjoyed it...came home, watched real world and went to bed

thursday i worked, went to the gym...got a new shirt at marshalls...yesterday i wore my new shirt to work yay gold and black...it was a long day at work...got out, got cheese, crackers and pepperoni and some beer...everyone came over to watch the bruins win game 1 of the series! then joe had to go to work, so they left to go drink in lynn, but i didnt wanna have to drive home, so i didnt go, i should have made the stay...but i got dinner at 11pm haha, and watched the second half of amazing race and the first half of lost, before i passed out on the couch...joes home, hes sleeping, i finished lost and had some coffee...im gonna go get lunch and go for a walk...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
this past week has been good, esp since most of it wasnt spent working haha...tuesday i worked...pretty busy throughout the day, which was good...went to joes, and i made us nacho pie for dinner and it was soo good, and we watched idol and fringe, it was a good night...i just love spending time with him..

wednesday worked, it wasnt too busy, but i found things to do, helped allison...after work, i went for a walk and then had dinner and watched tv and packed...i watched lost with my mom, finished packing and went to bed

thursday i worked, just got everything ready for my time off and got wicked busy at 4 and stayed like 15 mins late, which means i got caught in traffic...i called joe and said i would be home at 615 to come at 620, but then i called him and he was already at my house hanging out with my mom and joe...i walked in right at 615! haha...so joe and i ate ham dinner, so good...then we got all my stuff together and had to take 2 cars...we went to breakheart and walked and it got a lil dark and it was nice...then we got gas and went to his house...i went to make us drinks, but i managed to spill his vodka twice before i made them, then i watched 90210 and then i was hanging out in his room, but we went to bed kinda early

woke up early, he was going to hang out with danny and meet some people about this job he wants...so i went into the kitchen and he had baked me brownies while i was sleeping...soo yummy for breakfast!!

i left at 8 blah and went to the dentist and the directions were alll wrong, and i still found the way...ouch, grr dentist...then i went home, talked to my mom and donny and told my mom i was going to the gym, but i guess she didnt know haha...i went tanning and to the gym...went home, showered and got changed and ate lunch

then i went shopping!!! i got the cutest heels ever, and they are soo comfy, but they are navy and cream, so i wanna get them in black so i can wear them more...and i got 2 cute tops and nail polish...then i went to joes, and did a manicure and pedicure...i did my hair and makeup and changed, and sat around reading waiting for joe to get home

as soon as he got home, we left...went to pure hockey (which i found!) and he fixed his helmet and sharpened his skates...then we went to the 99 for dinner...our waitress was awesome, joe ordered a long island and she said its too weak, she said the only way to get a strong drink is to get a martini...so she told him she would make it a "mantini" and put it in a regular glass on the rocks, so we each had 2 drinks and ate too much haha

stopped at donovan's and went to lynn...i was all dressed up and i was drinking a 40 out of a bag, we hung out...talked...went to hockey town...krysta, kristen and i went to applebees to get drinks and chips...talked a lot, headed back and the boys were done, and it was raining so we left...joe was up playing video games, but i went to bed and thus i woke up a LOT earlier than him...we had plans like walking and car washes, but it was raining...so i went to the gym, and when i got back, he was still in bed...so i went to shaws and he was up, i made taco dip, but didnt cook it, we hung out in bed, and i napped, and eventually joe woke me up

i showered and got ready and went to the mall..i got sushi and iced coffee for lunch, joe got chinese...then we got snacks and saw adventureland, i wouldnt recommend it, it wasnt that good

then we headed home and got ready, we didnt eat dinner...we got 6 packs and went to cristinas...it was me, joe, donny, cristina, max, mark and sean...but cristina's mom and dell were hanging out with us and jill, mike, miguel and my mom came too...we all hung around upstairs, talking and eating lots of food and drinking lots...jill, mike and miguel left and the rest of us (except dell) went downstairs...we taught my mom and cristina's mom flip cup...cristina's mom kept losing, but cristina kept coming up with excuses (she was choking), then my mom and played beruit...we beat cristina and her mom...we beat sean and mark, we beat max and cristina and then it was over woohoo 3-0!! it was a really, really fun night

joe and i headed home and i baked cookies at 130 am, then i went to bed, at like 330am joe hid easter eggs for me, so i found them when i woke up aww cute...we had cadbury eggs and peeps for breakfast, so nice haha

then we got ready and went to my house for easter...stopped at dunks for coffee for me, my grandma and donny...we made a bet that my grandma would compliment donny's jason bay jersey, my grandpa said she wouldn't...it was the first thing she said haha...eventually ree, terrance, kate, sue and jack came...we had a yummy dinner and then all just sat around talking...jack is ADORABLE...he played with matchbox cars...he repeats what everyone says, it was fun, but tiring day...i went to joes and took a nap...got up and he couldnt eat cause he had a doctors appt today, so i went to shaws and bought stuff to make myself grilled cheese and soup...i ate and watched amazing race, read and fell back asleep

today was a needed day off to rest from all my other days off...joe had his appt, but he got home and slept on the couch...i got up, we watched an episode of house and i finished one fifth avenue...then i went to kellys and got us a yummy lunch, and we watched fast and the furious: tokyo drift, and then we napped again

i came home, did laundry, went for a walk, read, ate leftovers, showered, then ive been reading, watching TV and uploading photos....back to work tomorrow...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
so my company needs to save money by having every person take 5 days off in april...so thats kinda cool

anyway so last monday was TV and bed...tuesday was work, pretty much the usual...went to joe's...we went to shaws and made sandwiches and watched idol, and then i read a bit

wednesday we were in and out of meetings all day, and then we found out about the days off..after work, i went for a walk, ate dinner, watched tv including lost with my mom

thurs i worked, i was pretty busy getting ready for my day off and allison took her lunch with me...went home, ate dinner with my mom and we walked...then we tried to make lattes, but her machine didnt work...i went to joes, but i almost died in my car...went to kappys and went to joes and we made yummy drinks...i was pretty tired, so i went to bed pretty early

then it was my long weekend...joe and i got ready, ate poptarts, then we sat around...we went shopping...i got some books at the used book superstore and tops at marshalls and kohls...then we stopped at his moms work...then we went to the new border!! woohoo, its worth it just for the parking, but i also love it because joe and i sat in a booth...love it

then we went to my house, joe was getting ready for meghann's prom..we went to her house to take pics, and it was interesting haha, fun though...joe and i stopped and got a 6 pack and went to lynn...played scrabble, i won the second game..i had quaint and it was a double word score haha

then we went to hockey...as usual, me, cristina and krysta went to applebees and got drinks and chips...then we headed back and watched boys play...joe was having a really off night, and he was in a very bad mood, but he wasn't taking it out on me, which was amazing haha...we went home, he was playing a video game, and i fell asleep while reading

saturday i got up, got ready and went to home, ate lunch...janelle and i went into boston and went to the bruins game!! we got beers and watched them clinch the east!!! and we saw some awesome fights! i love tim thomas haha

then we headed home...my mom got a new latte machine, so we made them...i read a bit and then her and i went to annas! soo yummy, then we went to old navy where i 2 shirts and target where i got an anchor bathing suit!!

then joe drove me to boston since he didnt wanna go...dropped me off, and we went to liquor store for julies bday...it was a random group of people, it was fun, we danced, beers were a lot, i was tired...eventually joe picked me up, i had missed him sooo much the whole day, went home and passed out

yesterday we got ready and went to christmas tree shoppe and shaws to buy things to make us an easter basket and to decorate easter eggs...and we got lunch and summer salsa!! the best food ever!! haha and we watched slumdog millionare, which was a really great movie...then we walked breakheart and went to my house, where my mom gave us some hamburg that we turned into an amazing mexican dinner and we watched madagascar and decorated easter eggs!!

today was back to work :( but just a 4 day week and then a 4 day weekend! i was soooo busy at work today, but I LOVE it, and it was POURING...then i went home for dinner and i went to gym..now im doing laundry...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
amazing last week...i worked full time, which was great, i love...literally, i didnt have like a second to stop and breathe, other than when i forced myself to take my lunch break every day (friday, cindy and i walked on our break, which was fun, trying to make it our new plan), but other than that, i was soo busy, and i LOVED it

the three greatest things that happened at work last week

1) a woman with a southern accent calls melissa and says *hi my husband and i are moving from las vegas, and we're looking for reasonably priced moving company, so we went to the local truck stop and saw a clark and reid truck, so we're calling you* and so melissa tansferred them to our boss who does the cod moves...so cindy was like *they dont have the internet?!?* haha, so candy was like *yea, we're not reasonably priced* and cindy said *they need their uncles bill and joe to pay for it* haha

2) on monday night, 6pm our time, but 3pm their time, one of mb's shippers left her a voicemail, and then called back like *please call me back* so she called them on tuesday and the guy was all mad that his move is going to take 2 days even though hes known this for at least a week, in writing and he confirmed...so amy called him and he said that he was gonna give us a bad survey result, which really affects us, so amy said that she was going to give the move back to cartus and they would have to find a different moving company, so the guy was like *if you do that, i will take legal action against you* and amy was like *well, sir, there really is no legal action you could take against us*

3) when we get a move, we need to find a local moving company to go in and survey the home, they determine about how much the goods will weigh, and so forth...so this place in arkansas did a premove survey for us about a month ago, and the shipper was confused and called them, so they called my phone, and it was mb's shipper so i told her and she booked dates...so this AR co. calls me and says we dont have the authorization to do an AR-AR moves (some states don't allow this because they don't want business taken from their own moving companies, but AR is not one of those states), so i tell them we do...so the president calls me and says we dont, hes like *i know the name of EVERYONE who can do AR-AR moves* and he KEPT calling me (basically they were trying to steal the move from us) so i transferred him to MB and shes like *what are you: the police?* and hes like *no but im gonna call the police* haha too funny, but it was all resolved

so other than work, this week was good...tues joe and i went to his mom's house...we ordered chinese food, where we all got awesome fortunes, and we hung around with his mom and 2 bros and they told me hilarious stories about their childhoods and we watched house and eventually went home

wed i just did laundry, watched american idol and lost with my mom

thurs joe came over to dinner, which was nice...and then we hung out with joe, and then we watched the ai results show

friday after work, i went to joe's and we had burgers, fries and a beer...went to lynn...played scrabble and i came in 3rd again, and they didnt believe me that opus was a word haha...and then i won the next game!!! went to hockey, krysta, cristina and i went to applebees and had a really funny convo with steve...good times...then joe and i headed home, and i was reading and opus was in my book haha

saturday i went shopping and got some cute clothes...then joe and i had lunch and got ready...we went to the carnival...we went on a ride together and i did one alone, that was like the scariest thing EVER, and some girl cried and so they stopped it, and everyone was like freaking out...we played some arcades and then got fried dough and left...we went to kappys and there was a wine tasting and the bottles were on sale for 3 for 15, and i got a $9 mail in rebate woohoo!!

went to joes and listened to his team, got ready, had some wine and cheese and then everyone showed up...i had already drank a bit, and hadnt eaten, joe and i did order pizza, but i drank a lot of wine...it was an interesting night...we pranked some people like salti, and i dont remember much else haha

woke up yesterday and we listened to his team make it to the finals!! we had pizza...for some reason loews wasnt playing i love you man, so we went to hollywood hits and they had a projection error, so we couldnt see it...so we rented sex drive and watched that and listened to his team lose (red light) in the finals, oo well 2nd place!! and we got chinese food and watched amazing race and went to bed

today i worked full time again...pretty busy, we had a meeting...came home, had dinner, and my mom and i went for a walk...now im watching gossip girl, one tree hill and the hills, then some reading and bed...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
good times this past week...joe and i have officially been together for a year!! yay!!

so last tues i worked...then i went to the gym and home for dinner...then i went to joes, i got there before him, and i called him and said *you got served*...hes supposed to leave his apartment in like a week...and his tv wouldnt work, but he got home and called camcast and fixed it so we could watch american idol...hung out...woke up and went to work...good day, and then i went to the gym and home...that night i watched lost with my mom and real world before bed

thurs i got up and walked...i watched american idol and i was piseed...i wore a dress to work and everyone thought it was cute...after work i went straight to joes...he came back with his mom, talked to her and she left...joe and i went to texas roadhouse...army guys were doing a fundraiser, and they seated us...deena from banana boat is a waitress there...joe and i got drinks and lots of yummy food...came back and watched some tv, but joe fell asleep pretty early

friday i worked...fridays are always nice...after work i went to the used book superstore and market basket and then to joes...i was like on failblog.org for like ever haha...then i went to lynn...stevie cleaned the entire house, it looks good...we played scrabble, me vs. krysta vs max vs donny and mark as a team..i was bad..kevin helped me to put rent haha good times

then we went to hockey town...joe was there...krysta and i went to applebees and had steve as our waitor...we got yummy drinks and split a desert and then i got a beer and i managed to spill it on steve haha...oops...back to hockey town and we didnt get to watch that much cause it was over...joe and i went to his apt...i showed him the website for awhile and then we went to bed

joe wanted to wake up at like 7am on sat, but we slept til like 10...got ready, went to square one, but joe had to go to the sprint on route 1...so he dropped off his phone, and we got subway...yummy, got his phone, went to kappys, shaws and went home...we spent hours doing party prep, joe completely cleaned his room and closet and rearrange his room, i made jello shots and buffalo chicken dip and cleaned his kitchen and bathroom, and brittany brought over cake, balloons and a "banner" which i hung up...then we had pasta with alfredo sauce and then got ready..

everyone came over to mark's birthday...donny, cristina, mark, brittany, max, krysta, marianne, firmani, justin, kristen and shannon...the girls played kings and we had sooo much fun...everyone loved my dip...we had cake...played beruit...joe and i played donny and shannon, and although we lost in over time because of a rebuttle (joe got it in and then donny and shannon both did) it was SUCH a good, close game, i got most of the shots, but in the next game, joe did...we just had a really, really fun night and we laughed a lot krysta: i took my face and put it like this and then i took it away haha

at the end of the night everyone had left except max, mark, brittany and krysta...mark and joe were playing nhl 09 against max and they were winning and brittany and i were cheering and krysta was getting jealous...all mad haha..at midnight, they paused the game so joe and i could make out awww 1 year! we went to bed and cuddled and we had both set anniversary alarms like months ago, but forgot, so cute

we got ready and went to walk breakheart...then we got ready...we went to bostonville grille and got wicked yummy food, and beers and watched the bruins...we went back to his apt, and danny and joanne came over and we watched the end of the game...then i napped...joe and i took my car to get gas...we watched changeling- soo good and had some leftover buffalo chicken pizza...eventually went to bed

this morning joe was having a rough morning...he ended up quitting his job, which was exactly what he needed to do...i went to work and allisons grandpa passed away, so i am working a full week this week...i had to do sooo much for her today and although i dont mind at all, i was sooo busy

so as soon as i got to work, amy was like *happy anniversary to you and joe!!* so at our meeting, she said *everyone tell meaghan happy 1 year* and marybeth said *omg its been a year already?* and i said *yes* and she said *youve worked here for a year??* and amy said *yes it went by so fast, it only felt like 2 months* haha

today was my dads bday, so my family ordered uncle ninos and we all ate together...my mom took her nursing test this morning, and she is like freaking out...its gonna be a long week, work and just everything..i wanna have a fun weekend...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
friday is the first day of spring!!! yay, i just need some warm weather- sooo exciting...when i look back on this winter, i'm gonna think of snow...it snowed sooo much this winter blahh and its probably not over yet...im gonna think if working, cause im pretty much started working at the beginning of winter and i've done it every week day since...but i love my job and the people i work with, so i can't complain..i'll think of working out- going to the gym and working a lot...i actually have a pretty routine schedule all the time...im certainly going to think of hockey since pretty much every friday night was some hockey event...always hockey...and partying at joe's

i'm gonna think about holiday's...christmas- joe and i decorated his tree and gingerbread house, krysta's party at her house, donna's foulds family christmas party and the same night cristina's party, watching muppets family christmas with krysta, ricky and alex, sue's party on christmas eve and then going to joe's and then the party at my house
new years eve- party at joe's- fun
valentine's day- baking cookies with joe, the keureg he bought me, me making him dinner on fri night, the way his decorated his apt, going to zaza (so good) and seeing mall cop
st. patty's day- hard rock/ joe bachman and the crew with janelle, max, mark, marianne, sean and firmani...southie parade with janelle, lauren and her friends and joe and i attempting to drink green beer last night

i'm gonna think about the other big events- my mom's graduation and then going to angela's and the party we had to try for her, even though it snowed and not that many people came, alex's birthday party at felt-VIP, amanda's birthday party at joe's, mike's superbowl party- lots of fun, my mom's bday- going to bostonville grill, then her and i seeing confessions of a shopaholic and going to the gym, then joe's mom's bday that night- pizza at murph's house

then just other random fun days/ nights- random parties at joe's, babysitting for jack and for katie and jonathon, watching the pats at max and mark's, yes man/ jager bombs and other nights with his brothers- ie guitar hero, frog pond (attempted) border/ amanda's for salti's goodbye dinner, seeing movies ie bridewars and he's just not that into you w/ friends, world of wheels, anna's/ fundue- girls night, the day joe came to my work and brought me an iced coffee, seeing joe bachman and the crew with joe, janelle, julie, lauren and allison, funny night at amanda's with her and julie, walking breakheart, just some fun times with joe- polcaris, angelas, texas roadhouse, watching lots and lots of movies and shows ie. fringe and ai, our picnic, shopping night

there have just been a lot of good days/ nights, but i am sooo ready for spring and nice weather and being able to wear cute clothes

when the winter started, i was reading a lot...i would spend my entire hour break reading in the driver's room...but then i started working less hours and not taking an hour break, and i wasn't ready as much...so i read some good books, but not as many as i thought i would

christ the lord: out of egypt, in her shoes, lovely bones, the wedding, a lion among men, american wife, multiple blessings, good in bed, keeping faith, trading up, cold mountain, vanishing acts, little earthquakes

some good books, im ready to read more now...

so thats my winter update...time for spring!!! LOVE ALWAYS, meg
this weekend was fun...it was a nice week, although i hate when joe is gone

monday it was snowing again ew...im gonna start doing some stuff to help amy, which is good, so i worked an hour late mon, tues and wed...then it was the typically monday night of laundry and TV and other such things...tues i got up to walk and got ready and went to work...then i went to joes and i made us a picnic dinner...it was obviously too cold for an outdoor picnic and we had it in his living room and watched idol and then went to bed...i was feeling ill, so i stopped at shaws wed morning and got cold meds and tissues and went to work...after work, i went to the gym and just walked on the treadmill...ate dinner at home, got ready and i went to joes...i wasnt feeling that well, but we watched idol and had rootbeer floats...it was our last night together, but he slept on the couch cause we were both sick...got up at 5am to drive him to the airport..then i went home and tried to sleep for a few more hours...worked that day and then i went home and napped, ate dinner, just laid in bed all night and slept from 10-8...went to work on friday

i got out and went to the doctors...then i met my mom, grandpa, mike, jill, katie and jonathon at demainos for dinner...always hilarious...katie is just too funny...

came home and showered and cristina picked me up and we headed up to lynn...max, mark, sean, marianne, arthur and krysta were there...and they were playing this finger race game on marks iphone...they headed off to hockey early, cristina trimmed my hair and her, krysta and i went to the 99...they got dinner, and i just got the white satin sangria that i love there...good times, just chatting and stuff...we went to hockey town and the boys were playing a game against some other people...cristina left, but krysta and i sat in the bleachers and watched...we were like hockey moms cheering them on...but then it was way past the time for them to end, but they kept playing and we were getting very impatient haha...and there was a fight haha...eventually donny and i headed home and i went to bed

saturday i woke up and my mom and i got ready...we went to sushi corner for lunch...so yummy, then we went to breakheart and we did the 3 mile walk...went to panera to get vanilla iced lattes, i got home and jumped in my car and i went to joes cause fedex left $50 worth of coffee outside his apt door, so i brought it inside, fed blueberry and i went to kohls...then i went home and got ready

janelles parents dropped her and i off at the t and we took the train to boston and met max, mark, sean, firmami and marianne at the hardrock, we eventually got our table, but the service was slow...our waitors lanyard hit janelle in the face...we walked over to the harp...got beers...saw joe bachman and the crew...courtney died her hair, they have a new guitarist, they were the best i ever saw them...cause they did almost ALL my fav songs...we danced a lot, saw some interesting characters...3some maybe? lol haha good times, and we all danced between sets as well...it was great...donny picked janelle and i up...sooo nice of him, and we headed home

went straight to bed and woke up at 930 and quickly got ready...got dunks and picked up janelle and we headed BACK into boston...went to south boston and met up with lauren and a bunch of her friends from home...we went to shenannigans even though it was a $20 cover and $6 beers...we hung around drinking, got beads and light up bracelets...then lauren, janelle, brian and i went to bk for lunch...i said *i hate being buzzed when its light out* we walked back and hung outside watching the parade, janelle and i ran in to use the bathroom and we came out and my brother joe and his 2 friends mike and ricky rode by in the parade...they stopped like right in front of us, so i took a bunch of pics of them...waited in line, got back into the bar...we hung around for awhile and then emily was gonna miss her flight (even though she didnt care) so we left and headed home

i napped, then my mom and i ate nachos for dinner...i watched amazing race and i read a bit and then FINALLY i got to go get joe at the airport...we got back to his apt at like 1am, and i was sooo tired and tried to go right to bed, but i kept wanting to talk to him and tell him stories....i was sooo happy to fall asleep next to him

so he woke up and went to his doctors appt...and i eventually got up and i made french toast coffee and it was sooo yummy...then joe called and said his boss was flying him to west virginia to pick up his truck...which sucks, but he didnt have to go into work til 130...i was sooo tempted to call out and spend the day with him, but i knew i had to work :( so depressing, grrr i miss him and just wanna spend time with him

i worked today and then i came home to do TONS of laundry...my mom and i went for a walk, and we ate dinner...finished my laundry, ive been watching gossip girl and one tree hill and cleaning my room...tomorrow is work, gym and hopefully, hopefully seeing joe...PLEASE???? LOVE ALWAYS, meg
great weekend, even if i didnt do soo much...this whole week was great actually...tuesday i worked...i didnt go to joes as usual, cause he was in NJ/PA for work...so instead i went to the gym...then i was chilling out, watching some lost and cleaning my room and reading and whatever...wednesday i worked...then i went to the gym and home for dinner...i got ready and went to blanchards...i invented a drink...we call it the meaghan and it is wicked good and everyone wanted to drink it...i got gas and went to walgreens...then i got some clothes and i went to amandas...julie l came over...we just sat at the kitchen table...amanda and i had a drink, and amanda made brownies...we just chatted and laughed soo hard, mostly about the new mannequins at old navy haha...

then i had to go pick joe up at the airport...his truck brokedown in NJ, so his boss flew him home for $350 awesome...so i picked him up, and we got his car and headed to his house and pretty much went straight to bed...thurs i worked...then gym, i went to target to get a new belly button ring since i lost the top of mine, but they had NONE...oddd

so i went home and ate and got ready...then i went to joes...we went to liberty tree and i got some new belly button rings and we got ice cream and walked around the mall...then we went to dicks...we talked to the lady selling sunglasses for at least half an hour...joe and i were both gonna get polarized sunglasses, but then we didnt find any that we liked...it was just a really fun night and then i headed home

then it was friday!!! i woke up and went for a walk and got ready...it was really nice out...went to work...cindy won $50 so we ordered chillis and we all ate in the kitchen...then i got wicked busy and worked like 15 mins late

went to joes...watched some lost...he came home and we sat around deciding what to do...we didnt wanna go to boston cause we didnt wanna spend the money...we went to the 99 cause we wanted wings and we had a really good dinner...it was nice...then went back and started watching a weeks worth (4 hours) of idol...he didnt feel good, so he went to bed, but i watched it...i would like to say that 11 of my 12 favs made it to the top 13...so i am pretty excited about that

woke up yesterday and i went to the gym for like 2 hours...but it was good...then joe and i had lunch and i cleaned his apt up good...he slept forever cause he didnt feel good...i made chocolate cookies...donny, cristina, max, mark, krysta, sean and marianne all came over...we drank and sat around FOREVER trying to choose their hockey team night...they decided on the Five Minute Majors, which i love, however, i dont know what their logo is gonna be....so eh

the girls played beruit and then everyone was playing, cristina and i funneled beers...sean and joe kept beating everyone and krysta and i SLAUGHTERED them and she yelled *we won the boys!* and then her and i beat cristina and marianne and i said to joe *we won the girls!* and he said *uhm youre an english major* and i was like *but krysta said we won the boys, so i said we won the girls* and sean was like *i get it, shes mocking krysta and thats funny* he also thought it was funny, when i took chips away from joe...we took tons of photos and hung out and cristina like passed out and then got up and fell ON joes TV not good...everyone left and joe was drunk and was being mean to me, but i always forgive him haha

this morning we were being lazy..joe made me breakfast and i was reading...then we watched the bruins, but i fell asleep for awhile...we got ready and went to breakheart, joe wasnt sure at first, but he was really glad that we did it, and he wants to do it with me all the time now...and we took some pics...then we went to wash his car and vaccuumed it and everything...it was fun...went to walmart so he could get dickies for racing...then i went to shaws and got us stir fry and made it for dinner...watched some house and amazing race...we were supposed to watch more house, but joe keeps playing nhl 09 and wont stop...gonna go to bed soon

back to work for the week, and this weekend joe is gonna be gone...WICKED DEPRESSING...i HATE when he leaves me grrrr....but at least im going to see joe bachman and the crew again this saturday!!! woohoo!!! LOVE ALWAYS, meg
the past week or so has been good...worked last wednesday, then i went to the gym, then i headed up to joes and we made cheeseburgers soo yummy, first time ever, and we watched american idol and other random TV

thurs i went to dunks before work, but my coffee was not good...so joe called me and for his work, he had to come to my work to pick up a copier from glenn who works in the same room as me...so i guess amy (my supervisor) told candy (my boss) that he was coming...so when he got there, i was on the phone and i guess candy was like calling to amy, and she like stuck her head out haha...so joe brought me and iced coffee yay! so he walked into the other room, and i hung up and everyone was like *omg hes soo cute* *omg hes so nice* lol...and he came back and i talked to him a bit, it was awesome!!! after work, i went to the gym, and my mom was there and i told her about it...that night i rented nick and norah's infinite play list and i watched it while i cleaned, etc.

fri i worked, and then i headed to joe's...i got us sam adam's white ale and i made us pasta for dinner...then we went to lynn, the boys played nhl 09...there was a HUGE raccoon in the basement, and they boys were trying to kill it...so the boys left, and me, cristina and krysta stayed in lynn and played chutes and ladders...so stevie came home with katie and jonathon and they are soo cute...jonathon was scared of the racoon, but i told him they only eat trash and he said *katie, only sharks and bears eat people* haha...and he said he wakes up early every morning to practice fighting haha...stevie asked if any of us had good eye sight and a brain and we had to look at flour for raccoon tracks and they were going in and out haha...i got wicked drunk, it was funny, but then i was sick that night, and i just slept all day sat

that night everyone came over...me, cristina, brittany, krysta and marianne played what the fuck? and apples to apples...we set up beruit and they played and i looked up youtube videos haha we laughed sooo hard...it was hilarious...then cristina got wicked drunk, and she spilled her drink all over joes floor, and she was cleaning it up and she kept saying *i know all about this, my cat always pees on the floor* and then she said *i have a confession! my cats name is king arthur and he always pees on the floor* and she was like kneeling in the spill and it was on her knees and she was sitting in joes lap and called him brian and sean and kept apologizing...so we told her that she said her cats name was kind arthur and she was like *NO!! joe said that!! joe, my cats name is lola, why did you lie?* and she kept saying *joe! why did you say my cat is here!! my cat lives in everett, she is not here* so we told her that she kneeled in the stain and she was like *no! joe peed on me, he peed on my shoes and my pants, and he tried to say that it was my cat, but my cat lives in everett, this is a peabody cat* then she started smelling her knee and she was like *this smells like peabody* it was hilarious...and she put on a youtube video and donny was like *we're leaving* and she kept laughing and wicked serious she was like *1 minute, im watching a video* and then she turned around and laughed and when she left, she winked at mark...it was hilarious

so sunday i was feeling kinda blah...joe and i didnt do much all day...it was our anniversary, so we ordered chinese food and watched a movie...then we watched the academy awards, and i stayed over

so monday was back to work...i was feeling soo blahhh, not good at all...i couldnt wait to leave...went straight home and crawled into bed from 4-6, ate dinner, got back into bed til 8, watched tv, took a shower and then my mom and i went to dunks and the malden ice rink...we met up with joe (he couldnt play because the team already has a goalie (who isn't that good)) so we watched- donny, max, mark and sean all played...it was good, but i felt blah, so i went home and went to bed

tues i worked, and still felt kinda blah, i had to work the front desk and then we got subway for cindy's bday and we sat in the break room and ate...i went to joe's after work, and i did eat dinner, but i still didnt feet great, we watched tv...wed was back to work, and i felt a lil better...it was a pretty good day...it was this guys last day cause he was retiring...so we had lunch- chinese food, and client services all gathered in candy's office to eat and chat forever...then some people went to the store cause we had to get dessert...so we just sat around and it was awkward and mb said it was like the office haha, then i stayed til 430 to help allison with some things that took forever

then i went home to do laundry and i went for a walk...then i went to joes, so we could watch american idol, and i came home...

thurs i worked, and i got a new project, so i learned about that...we had our roll call meeting, which for some reason was really long and funny, and amy drew a cat with no tail, but a huge butt haha, and then we had a meeting in candy's office, and we just sat around talking forever

after work, i went to the gym (finally- now that i was feeling better) and that night, i watched the secret life of bees while i organized my life seriously.

woke up friday morning and went for a walk...then i had a doctor's appt that lasted forever! and then i got an iced coffee and bagel and went to work...it was sooooo nice out, and it was a pretty good day

then i went to joes and had a white ale, cause its spring!! well it was, now its not!! dan akroyd was at kappys cause he was signing bottles of his vodka...i didnt wait in line though...but a kappys worker was on his phone and he said *and yea, im signing bottles of kappys vodka..(awkward pause)..no i said i was siging bottles, it was a joke...hmm* haha it was funny...so joe got home, and i made us spiderman mac n cheese haha

then we went to lynn....brittnay was there!!! so me, her, krysta and cristina stayed in lynn and played apples to apples and we never had soo much fun, it was a hilarious night...me and cristina were "in a fight" not really, but she kept giving hints about what card was hers haha...and stevie came back and he was like *didnt you guys get in trouble for being here last week?* and we were like *ooo no we asked this time* and he said *oo your bfs signed your permission slips* haha too funny...it was an AWESOME night

sat joe made me get up at 8am blahhh...and alll i wanted was dunks, and we had to do alll these errands and it took forever and we went to shaws and ran into his old roommate john and talked to him forever and were getting food, and i started to feel sick, but we went home and he made me lunch...so then we were wicked lazy all day, watched the bruins, etc...made some margaritas and we made dinner and got ready

we headed to boston early and went to ned devine's and sat at the bar and got drinks...some guy was buying shots, and he started describing it to joe, and then he just offered joe one haha...we sat on the couch and janelle and julie g met us there...and we went to where the band played and joe talked to joey in the band for like ever and lauren and allison came yay!! they band was awesome as usual, tons of new songs...but the crowd was CRAZY, like more than usual, it was kinda good cause everyone was wicked into them, but it was insane...mikey came and found us and we saw julie and alex for like a second when we went to get our jackets lol...then we left and my back was killing me

yesterday we slept in wicked late...then i went to shaws and we rented movies...joe was making grilled cheese with bacon and the fire alarm KEPT going off and we watched kung fu panda...we started watching the mummy, but we fell asleep, we slept forever and then joe went to shaws and bought us stuff to make wicked good salads and then we watched swing vote, which was pretty funny, and hung out for a bit, watched the news and headed to bed

today it was snowing!!!! sooo bad...i got up and made coffee and such, and left for work 45 mins early, it was a lonnng ride...i got there and there were NOO cars out front, and out back there was only like 5, but i guess everyone parked in the garage...work was good, i was pretty busy, and the ride home wasn't too bad, and i went to the gym

i was gonna go to hockey tonight with joe and cristina to watch, but joe wanted to stay home and watch 24...so im watching a new jon and kate plus 8...already ready for the weekend? is that bad? haha...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
this past week (well mostly weekend) was amazing...i love valentine's day lol

last tuesday, once joe got home, we had some chinese food and we watched our usual tuesday night tv...wednesday i worked and then i went to the gym...i went to stop and shop and target to get things to make valentine's cookies...i went home for dinner and shower and to get ready..then i went to joe's...we were watching blindness, but it wasnt that good and we were too busy making our valentine's cookies...i had cute lil cookie cutters, i had to do all that, and joe did all the decorating, they are soo cute, and they taste soo yummy...then i went home, watched real world and went to bed

thurs was work and then gym...after dinner i watched nights in rodanthe and i cleaned, etc.

friday i went for a work and then to work...we were trying to plan a surprise for my mom, but it wasnt working, so we just told her and planned it....we had a meeting at 2 and we stayed in there til 3 just chatting and then i got to leave woohoo...i went to shaws to buy food, and i went to joe's and i made him a romantic dinner with many side dishes and frozen drinks and brownies and everything...and i lit a candle haha

then we got ready and went to bostonville grille for my moms bday...my mom, donny, cristina, and ree met us there...we sat on these comfy couches and watched the bruins and listened to music and we had a waitress and we just chatted and hung out, and it was a really, really fun night...then we headed home for bed

saturday was valentine's day!! joe made me breakfast (as usual) and we watched american idol...he got me one of those coffee makers that uses pods of coffee!!! ahh! i am sooo excited...i got him a bunch of kitchen things, including a spice rack, that was missing some spices...so joe gave me a dunkin donuts gift card and sent me out...i got my car washed, got an iced coffee, went to target for some returns/ exchanges, and then to vicky's secret...joe had gotten me a gift card for christmas, so i went there and got this amazing bra and i wanna wear it everyday haha

so i went back to joe's and there was rose petals all over the floor and notes and it lead me to the bedroom where the petals were all over the bed, and the other 18 roses were in a vase and he got me a balloon and a box of chocolates...it was sooo romantic, i love him soo much because he is soo thoughtful...then we napped forever and then we got ready

that night we went to zaza for dinner, and it was sooo romantic...they have like a million martinis, so i had to try 2, and we got yummy bread...then we ordered spicy honey mustard wings, soo good and the salad was really good...i got lobster raviolis which was some of the best food i have ever eaten and then they gave us chocolate covered strawberries, i loved it there, it was amazing...

then we went to the movies...it was 850 and we got tickets to mall cop which was at 930, so we asked the usher if they were seating yet and he said *YEA!* like it was sooo exciting and then he said *thats what i'm saying you know?* huh? so we walked to the movie and the cashier (who HATED her life) had sold us tickets to the 830...so we went to guests services and exchanged them...so we were now on the other side and we asked this usher if it was seating and he got all excited and went on the walkie talkie and they werent seating yet, and he was like *let me know as soon as you are!!** so we were playing arcade games and they have one of those claw games thats play til you win and i won a red rubber duckie and kept bothering joe with it haha...then we saw the movie, which was soo funny, went home and went to bed

sunday i woke up kinda early, got ready and went home...my mom and i went to starbucks to get lunch...then we went to the movies and saw confessions of a shopaholic, obviously not nearly as good as the book, but still cute, and then we went to the gym..

i got ready and went to joes...we went to his mom's fiances house and danny and andrew came over...they have 2 living rooms, one is lisa's and one is pete's and they were fighting over which room we would be in...i was in lisa's room cause i LOVE her recliner...we drank wine and watched millionare and ordered yummy pizza...then we just hung out forever...it was a good night...i went to joe's for a bit and then i went home

yesterday i went for a walk and then went to work...i have a lot of moves this week, so thats good..i went to joes yesterday instead of today, cause today he had to go to PA for work...we made grilled cheeses and watched tv and then he had to go give his mom some money and we ran to the store...watched house and 24 and went to bed

this morning i went to work...i was kinda bored today, but whatev...then i went to the gym, came home, did laundry, paid some bills online, figured out my taxes...now im watching tv and then heading off to bed...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
so i'm working pt now...10-3, just for a couple months until things pick up...i can survive on the pay, and now i can go to the gym a lot haha...im waiting for joe to get home from work...eat dinner, watch tv, that kinda stuff

i havent been that busy lately...just kinda lazy...working...2 weeks ago on monday after work, cristina and i went to a zoomba class...it was fun, but totally not worth the $15 it cost...sure i was sweating more than the gym, but it was only like 30 mins...so we wont do that again...that wednesday it was snowing (kinda) so we got out of work early, and i almost died on route 1...went outside to help my mom shovel, i went to the gym on thurs...

that friday after work, i went to joes...we went to lynn and ordered pizza and drank...played some candyland...went to hockey...krysta and i were the only girls, so we went to applebees alone and steve wasnt working...so we hung out, watched some people all hitting on each other and making out, had osme onion rings

sat joe hadda get up wicked early to go to the cape to work on the car...i slept in...then i went to target and got some things, including a coffee pot, only to find out that joe had gotten me a coffee pot for v day ooo well...came back to joe's and i was waiting for him, cause he was gonna be home at 3...i started doing his laundry and stuff and then i got ready and donny and cristina came over and we watched real world, and then joe finally got home at 8, and we ordered pizza, and mine wasnt good and then we played card games and what the fuck? and i was taking it too seriously, and i kept having to look things up online haha

sunday was the superbowl!! joe and i went to sprint and i got a new phone!! woohoo unlimited everything! text me baby!..then we went to mike's house...sat around with everyone, watched the bruins...drank beer, ate good food, played pool...watched the superbowl...it was a really fun night...i enjoyed it...but as soon as we left, i had the worst headache EVER! like i couldnt talk or anything...so i went to joes and passed out

monday was work...then the usual laundry before mon night TV...tues was work, then to joe's...we organized our lives haha...had dinner, watched TV...wed was work, and then after work joe came over...he was too late for dinner, so my mom made him a plate...then i surprised him in my room lol...then i watched some tv and went to bed

thurs at work, i KNEW something shady was going on...i knew it all day and i was convinced that i was being laid off...so they called our dept into a meeting and we're like *ooo lance isnt here* and candy told us that he was getting laid off along with a bunch of other people from other depts...shit...very upsetting...at the end of the day, they called me in and said ill be working part time until things pick up...whatever, im gonna make the best of it, its all i can do...that night i went to the gym

friday at work, we had a meeting...for some reason, at one point, only me and MB were there, so i was telling her my life drama and we looke dup apts online haha...came to joes, and i was drinking beers alone haha i needed it...but he got out of work too late to go to lynn, plus we were looking some stuff up and eating dinner...so then he went to hockey, but i didnt go, cause we werent going to applebees, so i woulda just sat in the cold...he came back, and we went to bed

got up and went to shaws and he made muffins...then dan 9who apparently works like right next to me) brought andrew over and they went to hartford for a car show...i went to target to get a v day gift for joe and a bday gift for my mom...went home and i had plans to go see taken, but it turned out that only amanda and drew were going...so instead i went and saw he's just not that into you with janelle, kaajal and bobby...sooo good

sunday morning, i went to the gym in danvers...i went over the rainbow, and i knew kaajal did, so i texted her...went to joe's, and he got back and we got ready...even though he was sick and tired, he came out with me...we went to fuddrucker's for lunch...soo yummy...went to the movies, but we didnt wanna see anything, so we went to office depot since its going out of business (once the economy picks back up, there are gonna be nooo stores) and we got some office supplies...then we went to shaws to rent movies...went to his apt and watched pineapple express, pretty funny...then he had a surprise for me, and he took me to friendlys and we got sundaes to go and went back and that was our dinner as we watched lakeview terrace, which was pretty good...then we like passed out

yesterday i went to work with my new hours...NO TRAFFIC!! woohoo!! it was fine...then i went to the gym...went home to do laundry and joe had a friend over for dinner, and we were all being soo funny...my shows were repeats, so i watched different ones

today i woke up and went for a walk in lieu of going to the gym this afternoon, even though i kinda wanna go now, cause i dont know when joe will be home...but ill just watch some tv...work was fine...not much else...this weekend is v day and my moms b day, should be a lotta fun...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
i havent updated in like 2 weeks...ive been somewhat busy, what with working and all, but ive also been lazy...i was sooo lazy this weekend and i didnt mind at all

2 weeks ago on monday i was doing the normal, laundry, tv and going to bed early

tuesday i worked...dont really remember...after work i went to joes, and when i got there, he was already making me some pasta...we watched tv, just a chill night...wednesday i worked, same old, same old...that night was a girls night...i picked up amanda, alex, ricky and krista and we went to annas...soo yummy...love it...then we went to stop and shop and got everything we needed for chocolate fundue and cheese fundue...and we had dippers and dipp-ees lol...julie came over...amanda made cookies, we had wine...it was fun, but i eventually took krista home and went to bed

thursday was a funny day at work cause one of my shippers called me to talk about how much he loves his movers, but how his landlord was being a jerk and he was like *he was being a dick* and he was telling about how he was calling the movers fuckers and yelling at them, and he was like *and then this IDIOT wanted to go to a bike ride in the rain* haha it was funny...that night i went home for dinner and such, but then i headed up to joes...i like sleeping there

got up and went to work and it was friday!! and we got to wear blue jeans!! and we cleaned!! and candy ordered us pizza!! haha it was a good day

after work i went to joes old warehouse, his car was there, and i was waiting for him to get dropped off...which took like an hour, but i was parked under a light and so i was reading...then he came and i followed him home...he stopped and got us chinese food

we eventually got ready, and we went to hockey town...the boys were playing hockey, so me, cristina, krysta and tiffany went to applebees...love knowing the waitor and all of us getting drunk haha...i didnt eat, cause i was full, but they all ate...krysta said she didnt know that her bank account was negative and on her break she kept getting a water and swiping her card and it kept charging her an overdraft fee and she said *if i knew the water was $40, i would have sipped it slower* haha it was a fun night and our new tradition...joe and i went home and passed out

saturday we got up, and he made us french toast and eggs, soo yummy...then i went to the used bookstore and the grocery store...he made us english muffin pizzas and i made buffalo chicken dip and potato chip cookies...and we got ready...everyone watched the bruins game, but me, cristina, krysta and tiffany played what the fuck, apples to apples and beruit, it was a fun night...i enjoyed it very much...but then everyone left, and joe and i were playing guitar hero, and i got very sad for some reason...i dont know why, but we went to bed

sunday morning, we went to ihop with joes grandma...it was snowing like CRAZY!! but we went anyway and got yummy food, and his grandma is so funny and crazy...went to cvs and went back to his apt, where we passed out for hours...but he was sleeping on the couch, and i was sleeping in his bed lol...then i went home for dinner, and such

monday was back to work, i didnt mind much, i just didnt have too much to do this week...i went to meet joe for lunch at d'angelo and he was getting mad cause i kept getting lost haha...but he bought me lunch and i was glad to see him

after work i went to sue's to babysit for jack while sue took my grandma to the celtics game...he was good, all he wanted to do was watch george...around 9, he started crying that he missed his mom...but he was pretty good...when he went to bed, i finished reading american wife...then sue came home right after and i left

tuesday at work, i pretty much just sat there and cancelled like 15 pages of orders lol...after break, everyone was gone...amy and dom were home that day, allison was covering the front desk, im not sure where lance was and marybeth, cindy and melissa had gone to marybeths apt, so i was alone, i didnt mind though, i made some phonecalls

that night i went to joes...he got me free perfume from macys yay! and he finally got me something ive been wanting/ needing yay!! we watched lots and lots of tv, caught up on our tivo...then we watched fringe, soo good...headed to bed

wednesday was work, i made a ton of phonecalls that day...not much else...but i dont mind doing that...that night i had to do laundry, like wicked bad...and i wasnt feeling that well boo...i went to shaws and figured i deserved some snacks haha, watched real world and went to bed

thurs i had some things to do at work, it was a weird day, dunno why...after work i went to joes...it was our 10 month anniversary aww!! we went to texas roadhouse, soo yummy...we had $30 roadhouse bucks from follow a dream, so that was good, then we went to circuit city, so i could use my gift card...they had no pink ipods, so we went to another one, and they had no ipods, so we went back to the first one, and i got a brand new purple ipod nano for only $42 woohoo!! i love it, then we went back to his house and went to bed

then it was friday!! good day...i had a lot to do, and we chatted...after work, i went to joes new warehouse and followed him home...we had leftovers and got ready, we went to lynn, drank some beers, the boys played nhl '09 and joe was doing pretty good...they were taking about how people at max, sean and firmani's work said they never make fun of their friends and they were like wtf? thats all we do? what do you guys even say to each other? so before kevin got there, they were making fun of him playing hockey and mark said *i dont remember...do we say this in front of him? or do we only say this behind his back?* so then donny came and then kevin came and donny was making fun of kevin playing hockey and mark and i exchanged looks lol...also we're pretty sure that marianne is driving her car on google maps haha

so we went to hockey town, and sean and firmani said we HAD to go upstairs...so we went up and there was like bike polo going on...we had waayyy too much fun with that haha...then me, cristina and krysta went to applebees for our apps and drinks...good times...i was sooo tired...cristina was getting donny food, and krysta said *dont tell max, he'll be mad at me* and i said *whatever, i'll just offer to get joe a hot pocket or something, and he'll be happy*...so on the way home, i mentioned this to joe, as a joke and he was like *seriously?* and went to 711, haha that is why i love him so much

yesterday he had work all day boo!! i went home and set up my ipod...had lunch with my mom and her i went to gym...then i got everything ready for some cookies, went to shaws to buy some things and went to joe's...i completely cleaned his apartment and started making dinner when he got home, so we were gonna have everyone over, but everyone was doing different things...so instead we had dinner, we drank a bit, and then we went into his room and listened to music and drank...i just LOVE those nights...donny and cristina said they might come over, but then they decided not to, and we were kind of happy to just relax and be together and do nothing...i love him so much

today he amde french toast and then i went to the planet fitness in danvers...i didnt like it as much lol...and then he and i were watching movies, we had foulds mac n cheese for lunch haha i cannot believe that i found FOULDS mac n cheese, its sooo cool...then we were watching cast away and the davinci code and we fell asleep forever...woke up, started watching the nhl all stars game...and he made us grilled cheese for dinner...then i came home, which is always sooo sad...i was watching a very duggar wedding...too funny...and updating my ipod some more...showered, now im off to bed and its back to work tomorrow...this weekend was nice cause it was soo relaxing, but at the same time, we didnt really do anything, so i almost feel like a weekend was wasted...but whatever...as long as i am with joe, thats all that matters to me...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
once again its monday night and once again im doing laundry/ watching tv, and doing some research online...very exciting..this week had its ups and downs, but i cant complain too much

tuesday was work, and it was good, but all day i couldnt wait to go see joe...i got there and he was watching a movie...but i was starving so eventually we went to angela's for dinner...sooo yummy, i love it there...then we finally watched the dark knight and i really liked it, glad i finally saw i

wednesday i left early for work cause of the snow, but ended up getting there like 45 mins early...i didnt really just want to sit in the parking lot of my work, so down the street i pulled into an empty parking lot and i was reading...but then my car wouldnt start...so i walked to work which took like 10 mins...so tom yelled at me and him and the vp chris took me to my car...tom was gonna jump it, but it turns out that my battery was just wicked corroded, so he cleaned it a bit and said i had to more...so i drove it back and he said to leave it running, so i locked it with my keys in it, but i had my remote thing...so like an hour later, i went out and for some reason, it wouldnt unlock the door..i dont know why...so i called joe, and he went to my house and got my spare keys and brought them to me...so i got in my car and my windshield was cracked...it was awful...so i finished my day, went home for dinner and then i went to joes...and my tailbone was killing me, and i noticed i had a sort of bump on it, so i wanted to go to the hospital, but it was so late, i decided to go later...so it was kinda a crappy day...we did watch momma's boys and we got way too into it, and even high fived at one point and then we said *wow, we're lame* haha

thursday i had to wake up at 530 to drive joe to his old warehouse where he was meeting jason, and they were getting a ride to the airport...they were flying to tampa, picking up 2 trucks...driving to nc to meet with their boss and then driving home...i got dunks and went to joes and watched some jon and kate plus 8

then i went to work...joe let me borrow his car while he was gone, which was awesome...i was just sooo tired in work all day...during my break, i had to drive to joes old work and pick up his check...i got to meet his boss, who is gonna be his boss again, so that was good...i pretty much went home, ate dinner, showered, etc and climbed into bed wicked early to read...i was asleep at like 845...joe called me a couple times to talk, but i was just really tired

then it was friday!! ive actually started having things to do at work...i spent my break calling like a million people...by like 3/330, we all had nothing to do and were helping marybeth pick out furniture for her new apt lol...after work i went to joe's...he wasn't back obviously, but i had to get his hockey pads for the guys to borrow, and then i decided to stay and hang out and watch some tv lol

but then i went home and got ready...i picked up janelle and julie, and we went to the movies...we saw bride wars...i thought it was cute...it was pretty much what i expected it to be...i dropped them off and i got some snacks and i went to joes, watched some tv and i passed out...i love sleeping in his bed...i was gonna pick him up wicked early, but he didnt end up getting to billerica til 10...so i was driving there and i got pulled over and i was like wtf??? but it was just cause joe doesnt have a front plate, so he got a warning lol, picked him up, we stopped at the bank and i got things i needed for amandas party, plus some food for us...went back to his apt, and showered and i made us pizza and we ate...then he started watching a movie and i had to go back to shaws cause i forgot a couple things...and i went to jcpenney and got myself some new sheets cause mine ripped somehow, and i got 2 pairs of tights...and i went to the liquor store to get myself some beers and 30 rack which we havent opened yet...then i made jello shots, prepared taco dip...read a bit...cleaned the apt...went to take my car to have my battery cleaned, went back to shaws to buy trash bags...made amanda a cake and cooked dinner...joe slept through ALL of this, til 7 when i made him get up for dinner

so we ate, got ready and everyone came over...everyone had to call me for directions but everyone made it...we had like 20 people in joe's apt and it was so much fun...everyone liked the food i made, esp the cake, and couldnt stop talking about it...the party was a lot of fun, they played beruit, funneled some drinks, did peppermint patty shots, drank a lot...there was no drama...i really enjoyed it...at the end of the night, most of the people had left, but me, joe, steve, julianne, tina, mike, kaajal, henry and stephanie were all sitting around watching zoolander and kaajal kept quoting it...it was like 2am, so i put my PJs on...everyone left except kaajal and henry cause they slept over

woke up early to get some water, but then we slept til noon...got up and cleaned like crazy, we ate and got ready, then he took me to the hospital...i had been in a lotttt of pain...so it was just like an infection and she gave me some antibiotics and its all better now.

so then we went to the bayside expo center for world of wheels...we walked around, saw all the cars, talked to jay cause he had the race car there...i got a beer...it was fun for awhile, then at 6, it ended and we started packing up, but everyone was trying to get their trailers in the 2 doors, and since our trailer is huge, we had to wait forever and there were fights, and we didnt get out of there til 930...but that time i was exhuasted and hungry...joe and i went to kellys to get food, and went to his house to eat really quick, then i came home and went to bed

this morning was monday and back to work...i have 9 moves this week, so i was dealing with all of those, but i like having things to do even though it wasn't that much...after work, i came home, made dinner, did laundry, watched tv...now i need to pass out...work tomorrow and then date night with joe, work on wednesday and girls night, work on thursday and then probably passing out haha...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
i am very excited for 2009 because it is going to be my first year having money...i girl i work with said her and her husband have a rhyme for every year, but she couldnt think of one for 2009...and i said the year to wine and dine and she loved it...its gonna be that year for me...2009 started with joe losing his job cause his company went under...but he already is starting at a new job on thursday...i am soo proud of him

last sunday joe and i cleaned his apt...well i did, and he asked me if i like cleaning lol...monday i went to work...i like it there a lot, but ive just been kinda bored cause i dont have a lot of moves going on right now...after work i headed home...laundry and such is my monday night ritual

tuesday and i worked and then headed home dinner before packing up a ton of stuff and going to joe's...i stopped at barnes and noble and got some books...joe and i hung out...wednesday i went to work but i got out at noon...it took me almost 2 hours to get to joes cause of the storm...i went to the liquor store and joe and i got everything ready for his party...and then we sat around...it was a fun night, even if there was a lil bit of drama...we set up beruit in joe's room, which was so smart and a lot of fun...we rang in 2009 right...i loved it...wicked funny

woke up with a headache and i didnt leave the couch for the entire joe...joes boss came over to give him the news...we watched the bruins and didnt do much else lol...great way to start off the new year haha

friday he went to his work meeting and i headed home...stopped to cash my first check yay!!! and then gave most of it to my mom for bills haha...her and i went to the gym...then i went to target to exchange joe's wife beaters and i went to shaws to get him tons of cheap food and headed to his house

i had some soup, and we watched a movie and then we headed to the hockey rink so the boys could play hockey...cristina and i had peppermint schnapps in hot cocoa...soo yummy...the boys got ready and played 3 games...joe didnt win, but firmani said to me *what ever youre doing, keep doing it, cause that was the best he ever played*...max was talking about a sweatshirt he wanted was only in a small and he was going on about how girls do it haha...hes soo funny...then joe and i headed back to his house, ate some food and passsssed out

saturday was another wicked lazy day lol...he made me chocolate chip pancakes while i watched lipstick jungle...then we watched the bruins and then elizabethtown...im soo glad he watched it with me, and we made pasta for dinner, and it was sooo yummy...then his brothers and 2 of their friends came over and we went to the movies to see yes, man...i loved it!! and that put us in the mood for red bulls so we got them and 2 and i did jaeger bombs...i did 2 right in a row, each with a whole red bull...then my stomach felt all acidy, but joe made me a hot pocket and i felt better and went to bed

i woke up yesterday, still feeling a lil eh...and my hip keeps going numb...we got ready and went to my house and my mom was in bed with a wicked bad migraine...joe and i took the train into boston and went to the frog pond...we went in, got ready and i got on the ice and my skate was broke....joe skated around a bit, but his feet were killing cause he had played hockey the other night, so we left :( i was very sad and we're gonna go back soon...so we went to finagle a bagel and we got sandwiches, yummy, then we headed back

i took a nap...and then we got ready...we went to border and tina, kaajal, salti, janelle, julie g and james met us there for salti's last night before he heads back to la...it was yummy, but im pissed that dont do sides of gaucamole anymore...i hadda pay $4 for it, but julie said she coulda told me $10 and i would been ok with it...haha soo true

then we headed to amandas and julie l was there....we just sat around the kitchen table talking...i love doing that every once in awhile, catching up and reminiscing...but i eventually had to head home so i could go to bed...but joe and i talked in the car for a bit, and then i read a bit haha

this morning was back to work and its a full week...welcome to my life now...got some things done...after work headed home, ate dinner with my mom and im doing laundry....joe called me about his job...his old boss got a new job and picked joe and another driver to work there too, so hes flying to tampa on thursday to pick up his truck and drive it back to mass...he probably wont be back to saturday...im jealous...i wish i could go, but i am sooo happy for him...now its monday night tv, watched gossip girl and now im watching one tree hill, and i gotta watch the city...love it...tomorrow i have work and then joe and i are going out to celebrate his new job!! LOVE ALWAYS, meg
i continually said that 2008 was my fav year ever, and i dont know how any year following is ever going to compete...most people disagree with me...for most people it was a year of loss, especially in the money aspect, and i do realize the hardships people faced...but i guess i took on a very optimistic view of the world this year, and i tried to enjoy even the little things...i made the best of everything, and i did things that i've always wanted to do...i'm sure better years will come, but 2008 was very special to me, and it is a year that i know i will never forget...i wanted to do like a top 20 events, but i couldnt narrow it down to less than 25 haha...so here we go:

25) camping...this would have been one of the best weeekends, if i hadn't ended up so violently ill
24)watercountry with my family and joe
23) NH with just my mom last january...we had fun alone even if it was just for 1 night
22) going to a red sox game with janelle, and 2 bruins games- 1 with just joe, and one with everyone else as well
21)my/ joe's/ max's bdays...these were days marked with a lot of drama, but we just did sooo much for all three of us, it was like we were celebrating for the entire 3 weeks
20) the past 2 months of birthdays which was krysta's, kaajal's, brittany's and alex's, they were all so different, but all so much fun in their own ways
19) celebrating halloween/ thanksgiving/ christmas and new years with my family and friends...in lots of completely different ways
18) fall activities with joe including tospfield fair/ witches woods (which we did with everyone) and apple picking
17) the So You Think You Can Dance show with janelle...soo glad i finally got to see that
16)my internship...i had an internship that i really enjoyed doing and got a lot of joy out of
15) cirque du soleil with joe...the show was amazing
14)spring weekend- lots of crazy fun, tons of drinking and getting written up for being on the roof haha
13)laconia with my fam...always one of my fav weekends of the year...and alex was there too, which was fun
12)mohegan sun/ backstreet boys concert with alex, amanda and julie...enough said
11) joe bachman and the crew- this is every time we saw them, like the first time joe and i really hung out, but it was mostly for max and tina's bday, which was one of my fav nights of 2008
10) cape week- plus formal and senior parent dinner dance, which marked the end of stonehill
9) going to drag races with joe and getting to learn about something i never knew anything about
8) last semester at stonehill...just hanging out around phipps and going to random courts parties, going to owens, buddies, hoyons and stoneforge, 100, 50 and 25 days...i miss stonehill
7) kid rock/ lynyrd skynyrd concert!! sooo much fun just tailgating and seeing the show...i loved it!!
6) donny's 21st...this whole week was fun...first drinking in max's backyard at midnight...kowloon for his first legal drink...swimming at cristina's, hard rock and then, of course, his huge party at the yaucht club
5) daytona!!! it may not have been the year our cheering team did the best, but it was certainly the year we had the most fun...i will never forgetting jumping in the ocean in our uniforms
4) spring break disney!!! with my phipps girls...an amazing good time and i wanna go back
3) graduating...as sad as i am that stonehill is done, i feel like i have truly accomplished something by graduating from college
2) getting a real job...i loved my last summer at the boat, but i am so excited to have a real job with a real income
1) dating joe...most of my favorite things from this year revolve around dating him and being with him and hanging out with him...he truly changed my life

i also like to recap my year by doing the first sentence i wrote in each month...it kinda shows what my life was like at that time

January: i <3 winter break...its always such a fun time, and i get to be lazy for an entire month...today was the first day i set my alarm, and i shut it off and fell back asleep, which is amazing

February: i think every week, im gonna have a quote from duncan as my title haha...hilarious...the biggest upset in sports...i think so

March: i hate going 2 weeks without updating, but at least this time i have a really good excuse, which is that i was on spring break

April: i cannot even believe how much has happened in a week...all i ever do is cheer...literally, it has taken over my life the past week and this week and next week...ooo well, daytona is going to be so much fun...i love this time of year, excited for the daytona, the weather is starting to get nice...today was april fools day, but i didnt pull any pranks or have any pulled on me...i dont have time for those childish antics haha

May: i cant believe i'm about to go to my last college class ever...i am so excited haha...i'm glad its a class that i really like, and we're going to spend the class discussing the book smashed, which i love

June: this past weekend was great...actually i only have good things to update on, so thats good

July: this past weekend was perfect but now my baby is in the hospital :( very, very sad

August: this week was really great until i got sick...i'm starting to feel better which is good since i'm going to laconia in 2 days!!! woohoo!!!

September: omg...its september...i cannot believe how fast august flew by...it is also labor day, which means summer is starting to draw to a close...this summer was a lot of fun though, so i really have no complaints

October: there will always be drama...that is just a given...no matter who you surround yourself with, there will always be some sort of drama...but i refuse to let it bother me...i still have my fun, and this past week was no different from the many weeks that fell before it

November: halloween is over, so now i'm looking forward to thanksgiving...the last week was crazy, with interviews and such, but i feel like i'm still in the same place...i really need to get some things done

December: thanksgiving and kaajal's birthday have come and gone...this week was super fun, very interesting and soo realaxing...and now its december!!! i love it

wow reading through those, i feel like they perfectly describe my life in 2008, january i was chilaxing, not doing much, febuary i was getting into my classes and enjoying them, march started with spring break, april was marked with cheering, may was about classes ending and graduating, june was all about just having a good time, july was about getting through joe's surgery, august was about vacas, september was a transition between summer and fall, october was very dramatic, november i went on tons of interviews and december was fun, interesting and relaxing...all in all a good year...now its time to start 2009

wow i have a lot to write about..christmas has come and gone and this week is new years...i am sooo sad that 2008 is over...it was seriously my favorite year ever...

the pats are out of the playoffs...rooting for the jets didnt help...im very sad

work is good...i worked last thursday and i also got the letter J...did some things...got out and had to go to my moms graduation, and i was on the phone with joe and i took a wrong turn and he passed me and we were stuck in wicked traffic and i was sobbing and joe got out of his car and yelled at some guy...but we made it there in time...my mom is now a nurse!! i cried haha i am so proud of her...then me, joe, donny, cristina, joe, my 3 grandparents, ree, sue, jack and my mom went to angelas for some yummy pizza...always a good time

came home and i was wicked stressed, but i got everything ready and went to bed...friday was supposed to be a wicked bad storm, so they let us leave at noon...i went home and had lunch...then i drove up to joes and it started snowing...he wasnt home yet, so i went to shaws and everything was like sold out, and when i got out it was a serious storm..i went to the mall, but joe called me and said to just go to his apt, so i went there and he finally got back...we didnt do too much...i made santa sleighs and we watched christmas with the cranks

the next morning joes brothers came over at 830 and they went to get pics taken...i dug my car out and got ready...joe and i went to my house and with my mom and joe, we headed to my uncle's house for the christmas party...it was pretty fun cause donny, cristina, max, mark, krysta and brittany were all there...we had a keg (of course), watched the bruins, exchanged gifts...stayed for a bit and then we went to cristinas for a party...we exchanged gifts...max got me beruit racks woohoo!! and we played the game i got cristina...we were all soo exhausted and the party didnt last very long

sunday was my moms surprise grad party, but it was a crazy storm...i had to do errands and it was scary...soon me, joe, joe and cristina were there setting everything up...not too many people came, but we had good food, a DJ and me, joe and max sat at the bar and drank and watched the pats...my mom was surprised and she really enjoyed it, so thats all that matters...it was a good time...then i went home to do tons of laundry and get things ready for the week

monday i went to work...i got the letters S and W, and we had a party...well just some food, and i got a gift card...it was nice...after work i went to joe's...we went shopping and i got some good things at kohls...then we went to polcaris for our 9 month anniversary dinner...it was very fast, which was good...we went to express to get my mom her christmas gift...then we wrapped them and eventually went to bed

tuesday i was early for work...i heard this acepella group straight no chaser on matty in the morning do the 12 days of christmas and i love it...i went to the mall for a bit...then i went into work...we had like a 2 hour end of the year meeting, but i feel like i learned a lot at it

after work there was sooo much traffic so i went a different way and joe called me and he was like 3 cars behind me...so we stopped at a gas station, but there was no gas...odd...so i was following him and there was sooo much traffic...it took me like 2 hours to get home...stupid mall traffic...i ate dinner and made some taco dip and i went to krista's...ricky and alex came over and we watched a muppet family christmas!!! yay!!! i was soo happy...headed home and went to bed

wednesday was christmas eve!!! i went into work, but we only stayed til noon...which was awesome!!! i went home and had lunch...then waited for donny to get home so we could exchange gifts...i got some great gifts...then my mom, joe and i went to sue's for a party...we had lots of seafood...i love jack, he just kept wanting to open gifts haha it was a fun night

then i went to joe's...his dad was there...he got us a weekend at the ashworth at hampton and i'm soo excited...joe and i exhanged gifts...he picked out 2 veras for me on his own and i was shocked, he did such a good job...he got me a $50 victorias secret gift card...and some other random things that i love...he liked his gifts too

christmas morning i had to go home early to help my mom cook and set up everything...the family came over, and we hung out and ate...i love spending time with my family...i think christmas was pretty perfect!!! then i put on sweats and headed up to joes

i had to wake up early to go babysit for jack...he got a lot of toys, so we played with those and watched tv...i stayed there when sue got back so she could pack for nh...then i did some errands and went to joe's...we hung out and watched tv...then we went to best buy and joe bought an xbox and guitar hero III yay!!! got home and set it up, then his 2 brothers and one of their friends came over with their computers and joe set them up, and i was so cute, so they could all play call of duty...i read for a bit, but i fell asleep while reading...

the next morning, we were all hanging out...joe and i went to the mall...he needed to get a car radio...i got 2 tops at target...we came back and ordered pizza and we all sat around watching house...then joe and i got ready and we went to my house...we picked up janelle, julie and salti and went to alex's where we all went to felt for alex's birthday!! we had VIP...which was awesome!!! i had 2 glasses of champagne, 2 mixed drinks and 2 beers and i only had to pay for one of them! we danced a lot and sat on the couches and took ton of pics...it was a lot of fun

came home and passed out...this morning i was dizzy haha...joe and i got ready and went to max and mark's house...they were there with donny, cristina, firmani, krysta, and brittany...and justin came over...we watched the pats win!!! even though it ended up not mattering...they played some backyard football...it is gorgeous out today!! then joe and i came back here, and started cleaning...we need to get everything ready for the party on wednesday night!! we rooted for the jets, but we lost...we were switching back and forth between that and the bruins, so once the jets lost, we switched back and the annoucer said *to all of you just switching over after the disapointing official end of the patriots season, its hockey season now, welcome to the band wagon!!* haha i thought that was so funny...now im doing joes laundry cause i love him haha...we ate dinner and we're watching house...back to work tomorrow blahh! but very excited for wednesday night...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
I am finally a working girl!!! YAY! for 3 days down at Clark and Reid and already having clients hehe. i love it...my mom is graduating tomorrow night and this weekend is going to be soooo much fun!! then christmas!!! i love it haha

i can't believe there was a ridiculous HUGE ice storm, and it didn't affect us at all

wow its been like over a week...last mon i went to joe's and we did something and i can't remember what haha...tuesday i ran errands to buy joe and i a christmas tree, lights, ornaments and a gingerbread house to make...then i went to the gym

that night i headed up to his house and he was sooo surprised and happy!!! we set the tree up and he did the lights and we put the ornaments on...then we watched fred claus as we made the gingerbread house, which, surprisingly, came out really, really good

then i left and got wendys and went to jill's house at midnight to sleep over...i could NOT sleep at all...i love those kids...they wake themselves up for school and get themselves ready...katie was talking about her ex and she said *i have a lot of ex's in my life* hahaha...then i told her about something someone did for me and she said *thats it...i'm changing my last name to foulds so i can get things* haha...so jill explained to me that jonathon gets himself up in the morning cause he has to be the first one to class and how smart he is...she said that if she falls asleep while theyre watching tv, jonathon will wake her up and say *the shows over and its time for bed, please tuck us in* haha i love him

i went home and slept all day...hung around, ate dinner, showered and then joe called and said i couldnt come over cause he was buying/ wrapping my gifts...so i watched TV and went to the store to get him something else...went to bed

thursday i hung around, gym/ stuff...i went up to joe's and saw that not only did he buy us stockings, but he bought a gold glitter pen and wrote our names on them aww!! we watched some tv and went to bed...

friday i did a MILLION errands, but i did every SINGLE thing that i could have done woohooo!!! i felt soo accomplished...and i went home and wrapped all my gifts and i got ready and went to joe's...we didnt really do too much that night...kinda got into a fight, but whatever

saturday we were great....we were wicked lazy...he slept and i walked to shaws and got stuff and made him breakfast in bed...he was sooo happy...then i walked back to shaws and i made fudge for the party...didnt do much, napped a bit...we had dinner and got ready and we went to krista's for the christmas party...it was a lot of fun...we had a lot of good snacks and everyone loved my fudge...secret santa was fun...krysta loved the book i got her, and steve bought me wine which was cool...then joe and andrew went shot for shot in the kitchen and they both got hammered...joe and i went to my house and he was trashed and my mom started freaking out, so even though he didnt need to, my mom is a nurse, and she called him an ambulance...so i went with him, his mom met us there...he was still drunk in the hospital and i just sat there in a chair and could not sleep...his mom picked us up at 7 and we went to his apt and slept like all day until i got us BK and then i watched house and we watched the pats game, which was a good game, and i felt bad for matt cassel, but he was great...then i went home, danny came with me to get joe's car

monday was my first day of work!! i got there a bit early, filled out some paperwork and met everyone...everyone is really nice...i trained with marybeth and learned a lot...i left at 4 and headed home and was very upset that my mom was not making dinner...watched some tv and went to bed

yesterday i went in at 930, cause im doing shorter days right now...i trained with cindy and learned different ways of doing things, but i still learned a lot...i love the people i work with...after work i went up to joe's...we were driving around trying to decide where we wanted to go to dinner and decided to go to uno's and we walk in and my cousin mike is the host and i said *when did you start working here?* and he said *15 mins ago* haha...dinner was good and our waitor was awesome...i asked for the bbq chicken pizza as a deep dish and he said *ewww...just kidding, we can do that* lol...hung out at his house and watched momma's boys

today it took forever to get to work...i don't know if its coming from peabody, or the snow, we'll see...2 of the women in my department finally had their power back on yesterday, but one of them said her neighbor found out they had gotten robbed...and the other one said her neighbor turned on his pilot and his house blew up and he died...thats just awful

i trained in the morning...went to the 99 for lunch with marybeth, amy and dom...then i got a letter! i got H, so every customer with the last name starting with the letter H goes to me and i made my first call..i was scared haha, but it was fine

came home, my mom made an asparagus/chicken casserole sooo yummy, leftovers tomorrow...then her and i decorated the tree...now i need bed haha...LOVE ALWAYS, meg
Halloween and thanksgiving have come and gone, and its snowed…although its not officially winter yet, I feel like fall is pretty much over…when the fall started I loved it as much as summer, but the problem was that I didn’t have a job for the entire season, so I didn’t make a single dollar, but I spent many, many dollars, so once the season was halfway over, my funds were running out, and I felt like I couldn’t go out anymore and when I did go out, I was stressed about money. So I didn’t feel like I could have as much fun as I did over the summer. But the fall was packed full of birthdays, sports events and many, many parties, plus some fall activities, so I do think that the fall was a lot of fun! I spent most of this time going on interviews, and not doing much else. Joe and I watched a lot of movies, because it was free, although I didn’t read nearly as much as I did over the summer. There was also some drama over the fall, but everything is going to work out. I am excited for the winter, to start my job, to celebrate Christmas and new years, and whatever else may happen over the next season, but I am sad to see the fall go!! I made a list of my favorite things that I did over the fall.
• North Carolina with joe’s team- amazing weekend, and joe and I spent Sunday night in a hotel- we watched the pats win, ate pizza and drank beers
• My birthday- Tuesday night drinks at chilis, annas, dinner with my fam + joe, tequila rain (even if joe got too drunk and we had to leave early), angela’s with my fam, and my party at max’s (so much fun)
• Cirque du soleil with joe (sooo good)
• My and joe’s 6 months- su changes…soo yummy
• Vip night at orchid- we got in free, got food for free and open bar!!! So much fun
• Joe’s birthday- eagle eye and party at his house…very dramatic and ended in a huge fight, but was still fun, then Chinese food and cake at his mom’s house
• Max’s birthday- flip cup and beruit at his house, then border!! (when joe found out he actually likes it), then Saturday- outback with joe, max, donny and cristina and then drinking at joe’s
• Topsfield fair with joe!!
• Watching lots and lots of movies with joe…and watching fringe
• 1 weekend that was super fun was Wednesday night- Chilis with kaajal, Janelle and bobby, Thursday night- margaritas with Amanda, Krista, alex and bobby, Friday night- demainos with my fam, then ned devines for JOE BACHMAN AND THE CREW!!! That night was sooo much fun for soo many reasons, even the fighting afterwards was hilarious, Saturday- banana boat party- fun, and Saturday night- witches woods with joe, donny, cristina, mark, Brittany, max and krysta…that night was a fun experience, Sunday- making Halloween sugar cookies with joe and Monday (Columbus day) apple picking with joe at brooksby farm!!
• Another really fun weekend- Tuesday night- Quarantine with joe, Amanda, Andrew, alex, Krista and tina, Wednesday night- baking a homemade apple pie with joe, Thursday- walked breakheart with my mom, Thursday night- sox have an amazing comeback and won 8-7, but the game was like wicked late and I was one of the only people to stay up, Friday night- lauren and allison’s apt with joe, Janelle, jess and zach and then marina bay for alumni weekend!!, Saturday- stonehill football game with joe and Janelle, Saturday night- everyone came to joe’s to watch the sox win!
• Bruins game!! With the 99 beforehand
• My and joe’s 7 month anniversary- border and costume shopping
• The next weekend was fun- Thursday night we went to Friday’s to get apps and drinks with joe, Amanda, kaajal, bobby, Janelle and alex, Friday- dockside for lunch with Janelle and alex, Friday night- ricky and krista’s Halloween party!! That was super fun, Saturday- work with joe, that night everyone came over to watch the bruins and cristina and I bought apples to apples
• Some amazing pats victories
• Lots and lots of interviews- and finally getting a job at clark and reid
• Another super fun weekend- Wednesday night- Janelle and I went to Joshua tree and went to the So You Think You Can Dance Tour…which was an amazing show, Thursday- joe and I got denny’s for breakfast, thursday night- drinking at o’neils in salem with Janelle, alex, kaajal, kasey and Krista, Friday was Halloween- party at joe’s apt, then Saturday night was cristina’s Halloween party, which was an amazing good time, zack and miri make a porno
• The next week was a bit stressful because joe found out that brian was moving and I had 3 interviews with clark and reid, but as we all know now, that all just worked out perfectly
• Election night!!! I was super excited about Obama becoming our next president!
• Puzzles at joe’s
• Another weekend- Friday night- pregaming at my house, then jake ivory’s where we danced and sang all night, Saturday- I went to work with joe, then we had a party at cristina’s house, apples to apples and flip cup
• Then joe went to cali for 6 days, but the 2 nights before he left, we got sundaes from friendlys and watched the new jon and kate plus 8 and we got hot chocolate from dunks and sat in the car
• While he was gone, I watched the pats game with my grandparents, stayed in on Friday night to drink and watch the wizard of oz…and Saturday was krysta’s birthday party at max’s…which was soo much fun, until the end, when I got upset…I just missed joe, and Monday I picked up him and Charlie from the airport and we went to chilis
• Another weekend- Friday night- sushi with my mom, then shopping/ drinks/ seeing twilight (which was really good) with joe, Saturday was our 8 month and I went to work with him to providence, then we went to Joshua tree with Janelle, liz, Kelley and john…then to cristina’s for a party, which was fun, then Sunday- we went to his friend danny’s house so I got to meet him, his wife joanne and their kids matthew and emma and watched the pats win
• Buying joe all brand new things for his apt- and now he lives alone, which is exciting!
• Thanksgiving- night before Janelle, alex and I headed out to malden and met up with bobby for a bit too, Thursday- watched the parade with joe, then went to my grandpa’s for thanksgiving dinner- soo good, Friday night- joe’s 2 brothers and cousin came over and hung out, then we watched elf, Saturday was shopping with my mom, and kaajal’s birthday at steve’s apt which was a lot of fun!!
• This past weekend was brittany’s bday party at joe’s house and we all had so much fun!

I didn’t read nearly as much over the fall as I did over the summer, which is also because of my lack of funds. Couldn’t really afford that many books, so I wasn’t rushing through them, but I did read 10 books
• 3rd Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
• 4th Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
• A Million Little Pieces
• Fourth Comings
• My Sister’s Keeper
• Wicked: Witch
• Wicked: Curse
• One Red Paperclip
• Son of a Witch
• Running With Scissors

another week/ weekend have passed and i start my new job in one week...which i'm excited about

lets see...last tuesday, i ate dinner and went to joes...we watched new house and fringe...hung out...wednesday...i went shopping, but i only got myself a top and a new scarf/hat/mittens set haha...i went for a walk...then cristina and i went to bisuteki to get sushi...we had a good time and we were friends with everyone...i went up to joe's and we watched stepbrothers...the next morning i had a flat tire, but luckily joe's brother danny came over to save me...then i did almost all of my christmas shopping yay!!! i was excited...that night my family ordered KFC...then i headed to joe's...it was the start of the weekend cause he had friday off from work...and his boss gave him alll these index cards of drinks to make, so i stopped at kappys and got us alcohol...we drank a bit and watched some tv, and we tried to watch lotr, but joe fell asleep and i got mad and slept on the couch, til joe made me come sleep with him haha

friday we slept in late...then we got ready and went to panera for a yummy lunch...went to best buy, then we went to linens and things, since theyre going out of business and joe got 2 towels that match his bathroom and a shaker and tops for alcohol bottles...we watched most of lotr and then his boss called and asked him to go get something across the street...so we went and then a nieroda truck pulled up, so he didnt have to get it...we had hot pockets for dinner, and i watched this christmas and read for a bit and went to bed

saturday joe had to go do some stuff for the racecar...max and mark came to joe's to make it pink! for brittany's birthday party...i thought it looked good...i made jello shots...i went home so donny would take me to get new tires, but i had to go alone and i ended up spending $485 dollars, and i was very upset about this...then i went to joe's and i made monkey munch and french onion dip and then i showered and got ready...joe came home and got ready and started making me dinner when donny and cristina came by...we started drinking and then the bday girl came!!! and mark, max and krysta...the boys watched the bruins and the girls played apples to apples, we went outside and had a heart to heart...joe's brother danny came over with his girl evelina (i think) we made her play apples to apples with us and krysta hid some of my green cards, so i wouldnt win lol...then we played beruit...joe and i beat mark and brittany, donny and cristina and i dont think we ever played dan and evelina...we ordered dominos and while i ate, joe had a photoshoot of me haha...then brittany was sad and she was in the bathroom, and i sat in there with her for like 20 mins and we missed midnight...i don't really remember anything else that happened, but eventually everyone cleaned up and left and then i didnt feel well, and i told joe i was sleeping in the bathroom, but luckily, he didnt let me lol

yesterday it was snowing!!! very exciting...we didnt do much all day, i watched some tv...watched the pats, joe fell asleep for awhile, but luckily, he saw the end where we won!!! and i made us pizza...i watched amazing race and then a really good, but sad hallmark movie called *the front of the class* then i read a bit and went to bed

this morning i went to get my tires...took awhile, but i'm glad its done...now i posted all my pics on facebook...joe just called and told my mom that he got us like tons and tons of hangers!!! we were like screaming lol...now im gonna shower...watch some tv, eat dinner with my mom and go hang out with joe...i should run some errands tomorrow...LOVE ALWAYS, meg