i only ever seem to write when joes away...although he got home today when i was in work, but hes napping, and i making apps...i wish i had dual monitors like at work haha

so when he came back like 2 months ago in april, i got out of work, and he was sleeping then too...for some reason we always seem to get in a fight when he gets back (not today wooho), but then after this we had like the best 6 weeks ever, so that was good...the next day after work, he went to his uncles to finally do his taxes and i walked horn pond

that weekend was fun...i went to firmanis on friday night, and we watched the sox...joe doesnt like to come out when he has work, so i didnt stay very long...saturday we watched the bruins win, and then we had to go to his work, then we went to my moms and we pregamed for joe bachman with donny, cristina, max, mark and marianne...we went to the harp and got a table...i wasnt feeling very well...cristina was doing shots with joe bachman and his gf...i got tired, and we eventually left...marianne was on the phone i was walking behind her with max, mark and joe and max said *it doesnt care* about her being on the phone, and mark said *what are we a collective unit?* haha that night joe and i went on a missiont to find fountain coke, but we failed

that monday i got out of work at 4 to go to a bruins playoff game!!! joe had made us drinks and we went to the commuter rail and met brian and tiff...joe and i got on for free...joe got wicked drunk haha...we went to halftime pizza for pizza and HUGE beers...tiff met some kids, then danny, joann and 2 other kids met us there and we went over to the game...it was soo much fun!! these lil girl sabres fans were in front of us and kept heckling us haha...but the bruins won!! then we all hung around the train station til we could go home and joe and i went to simmards

tuesday was even more hockey as the majors had their playoff game in malden and they won!!! woohoo NESHL CHAMPIONS!! sooo exciting!! even though it was WICKED late, we went to dockside to celebrate...the boys did shots, i had beer, and joe and i split an app platter awesome

as if that wasnt enough, on wednesday joe and i went to lynn to watch the bruins...first we went on a sunset boat ride on max's new boat...i love it...then we watched the bruins, got some slurpees...the game went into double OT, and they won...we called it *best week ever* haha...friday night joe and i went to firmanis to watch the bruins, sat we went and looked at a new apt (where we live now) we obviously loved it....2 family home in burlington...that night we all went to kowloon for a majors celebration!! awesome food and drinks, we had the trophy too haha...then we went to chrissys to drink more...joe and i brought the trophy home, and we drank with it on sun night while we watched biggest loser haha

monday night we watched the bruins...the next friday, joe was sick, so we stayed in and watched a movie....but he still went to the bruins game on sat...krysta and i were heroes and we went to katies ice skating party...i had a ton of fun skating...and then there 10 year old drama about boys like girls, and krysta and i were standing there and they said *you can leave now! bye!* wow told off by 10 year olds...had some cake, good times, rushed back to my moms to see the bruins win in OT...joe and i headed home, and then that night we went to chrissys to drink outside...joe and i didnt eat anything, and i drank too much wine...they did go to mcdonalds, but it was too late, i was drunk and had to be taken home haha...then there was a water crisis, but lucikly it didnt effect us

monday we found out we got our apt!! woohoo! and the bruins won...wednesday we went to lynn for another boat ride and bruins game...thursday joe and i went to gnc...friday in work, there was drama about bonuses, but we got them

that night i drove janelle and julie into boston for krista's bday...we went to tia's on the water, which was nice...then we went to this other bar to get tooti fruities...yummy...it was a fun night...i went home that night...sat night we went to firmanis to hang out...it was fun...sunday we went to sues for mothers day/jacks bday...it was good to see everyone...jack was adorable as usual...then we went to joes grandmothers where everyone was including his cousins, who are so cute, so we all hung out...we were there FOREVER, joe had to do some nc state taxes...we ordered pizza and hung out, and it was fun

monday after work, joe and i watched the bruins (lost) then went to the majors first game...they won, but the wooly mammoths only had like 5 or 6 guys, so...that wednesday, we went to lynn to watch the bruins...that night everyone came, and chrissy i went to get snacks...i had thursday off, but i had to wake up exrta early for a doctors appt and then a dentist appt...booo...that friday, we went to firmanis to watch the bruins, but not only did they blow a 3-0 series, they blew a 3-0 lead in the game to get eliminated :(

saturday night, joe and i went to 99 with donny and cristina...then we went to firmanis...it was nice out, we firepitted, we played beruit and flip cup...the boys had a madden tournament going, but it was waaaay too long, so we left haha...that tuesday, the boys had a game in stoneham...the other team had to forfeit cause they didnt have a goalie...he eventually came, and they played a bit

that friday i went to mbs for drinks/luau...it was a lot of fun...everyone left except tom and i and mb got wicked drunk and was trying to give me frozen dinners haha..awesome..saturday night, joe and i had ppl over for a final party at our old place...nothing crazy, as usual the girls were getting drunk in the dining room, while the boys watched tv...all of a sudden, we heard donny say *have you ever seen bridezillas?* haha...it was eventually just me, joe, donny, cristina and krysta and we watched drag racing haha...it was fun, and joe got wicked drunk and i kinda did too...and even though we were hungover the next day, we took a scenic ride to richardsons and played mini golf (i won) and we got ice cream...it was fun...that night i made dinner and 4.5 hours of lost (series finale) joe went to work haha

that tuesday, i went to my moms, to do some wedding planning...joe was going away that weekend, and he had to leave on wednesday...after work on wednesday, me, mb and olive (her dog) went to go look for a new place to walk...this took a few hours (seriously), we went to 2 different places (wicked traffic in between) and couldnt figure out where to park at either of them haha...so then we went to this place by her moms...it was interesting haha...then tom had texted us about a bird he found, so we went over to there to see the bird, and tom, claire, louie and the new addition, which is gorgeous...we were there for awhile, and we didnt get home til 10 haha

on thursday there was a baby turtle at work and we saved it haha, that night i walked horn pond...then sytycd started!! on friday night i just got all my stuff together for the weekend...i left early on sat to go to jacks christening rehearsal...just me, sue, jack and the minister sitting at a table talking for awhile...then i went to my moms...her and i got lunch, did a ton of errands and went to the gym...that we went to lynn to have drinks outside on the pond...the boys all took the boat out and we played telephone haha...i did a cartwheel and pulled a muscle in my leg...good times

sunday we were up wicked early for jacks christening, but it was nice...i am officially a Godmother...then we went back to sues for delicious food..hung out in the backyard...then donny, cristina and i went to seans bday/memorial day bash...it was fun...i was hanging around with the boys, mostly mark, and talking...joe eventually met up with us there cause he was back...it was fun, but then we were going to chrissys and joe and i got in our fight...we went to chrissys but we didnt stay very long...monday, on memorial day, we drove to revere to pick up my car, we got food and not much else haha

then it was june...the majors had a game that day at hockeytown...we went to bostonville that night, which was fun...that friday my lil brother graduated high school!!! the grad was wicked nice, it was outside...i was with my mom and grandpa and then we met up with my other grandparents...i was gonna give my mom a ride to her car, and we were stuck in wicked traffic...but we got to turners and joe, donny, and cristina had met us there for some yummy food..good times...joe went to work, i went back to my moms, but i was tired, so i went home

saturday joe was down the cape/working all day...i found a new place to walk, but i hated it haha..that night janelle, julie, julie and i went to border cause julie g moved to seattle, so we had to say bye :( sooo sad...then everyone was at margaritas and wanted me to go, but i went to barnes and noble to get some books and came home...sunday joe and i were gonna go on a date, since we didnt do much all weekend, but we were lazy and wanted to save money, so we stayed in

that tuesday, i went to my moms to do wedding plans, i went to my grandparents to get some books, then i went to majors game...wednesday i got out of work, and joe had bought me a new camera...i LOVED it!!! he went to work, i was lazy and didnt pack til thursday morning haha...joe and i left that afternoon, and we left later than he wanted, so he was angry cause we hit traffic...we went to track...joe, charlie and i went for a walk, it was fun...our pit area was cool cause one side was a walkway, so there were ton of fans hanging around...we stole some signs and then went to check into the hotel

friday morning, we headed to the track...i helped pam make toast...i was reading "the girl with the dragon tattoo" sooo good...im gonna post the blog i did for the website that weekend...probably the best summary:
Hey Everyone,

This past weekend at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ for the Super Nationals was bittersweet. I could not write about this weekend without first taking a moment to think about Neal Parker, who was in a fatal accident on Friday during the qualifying session. Neal Parker, who drove “The Excavator,” was also a Top Alcohol Funny Car driver, and that certainly affected the rest of the weekend for this class. In his honor, the other drivers in this class put a black line through the numbers on their cars. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and crew.
However, this weekend the Follow a Dream team also had a lot to celebrate. For one thing, they made it to the semi-finals. Also, their driver Todd Veney was married to his beautiful bride Jacque. There certainly was a lot of happiness for them.
The weekend started on Thursday. Joe and I left a little later than we planned and after braving both traffic and weather, we arrived at the track around 7pm. We were not allowed to drive in, so Charlie and Spencer picked us up in the golf cart and took us to the pit area, which was all set up. The best part was that we were next to a walking path, so spectators were able to walk adjacent to our pit area and see everything. We only stayed at the track for a couple hours, and then Joe, Spencer, Pam, Ozzie, Mike and I headed to our hotel to check in and make it an early night.
Early Friday morning, Joe, Spencer and I headed to the track. I took my usual spot at the table with my book, although I did help Pam make some toast. If you needed to find Pam at any point this weekend, it would have been by the grill cooking up some delicious food for us. She certainly kept us well fed.
Shortly after eleven, we headed to the staging lanes for the first qualifying session. Right as we got into the crowd by the starting line, the Top Alcohol Funny Cars began racing. Shortly after, we heard about Parker’s accident, but it was not until we were back in the pit that we learned the full extent. Everything was put on hold until about 4pm. At that time, Linda invited me and Pam to her suite for a tour, which was awesome. We sat in there and watched some of the Pro Stock Motorcycles. It was nice to be out of the heat, and I really enjoyed it. Then we stood on the balcony and watched some of the Pro Stock Cars. After walking around the pits, collecting hero cards, we went back to our pit to prepare for our race. It wasn’t until close to 7pm that we ran our first qualifying session. Todd ran a 5.64, and we were currently qualified third. It was a great start.
Shortly after, Todd and Jacque went to Central Park to be married. They had met on June 11, 11 years ago, and they wanted to be married on this date. They were- at 11:30 that night. We were all very excited for them. The rest of us had a BBQ, and the boys were hard at work getting the car ready for the next day. Once they were done, Joe, Alan and I went and sat in the stands to watch the Top Fuel Funny Cars. I love watching them under the lights. Right after, Joe, Charlie and I watched the Top Fuel Dragsters, and we saw Corey Mac make history by running a 3.752, the fastest time in 1000 foot history. It was pretty exciting. That ended up being a late night. The boys put the car away, and we all sat around talking. We weren’t back at the hotel until midnight, and we went straight to bed.
We got to the track early the next morning, and Joe, Spencer and I took the golf cart to where the fuel is tested after the races. The NHRA official took me on a tour of the trailer and showed me how the fuel is tested. He explained that it takes too long to run the full test for every car, so they are randomly selected. I found it interesting.
Shortly after this, Mr. and Mrs. Veney were dropped off at our pit in a limousine, which provided some excitement for us. During our down time that day, Donna and I went to the Geico trailer for free backpacks, and Pam and I went to the Copart trailer for free t-shirts. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Also, Alan was having the whole team sign a hero card for his neighbor, who just happens to be Siobhan Magnus from American Idol. How exciting is that?
At 1:30, we went up to the staging lanes and we certainly caused a scene by writing JUST MARRIED on the hatch of the car and by tying a string of cans that Jay had made to the wheelie bar, which proceeded to fall off along the way. It was hilarious. Unfortunately, during this run, Todd crossed the center line, hit the block and was disqualified. We did, however, end up qualifying 4th.
After this, I had more down time, and the boys worked hard to turn the car around. I took a nap, and we had lunch around 5pm. Joe, Spencer, Jay and I went for a walk to speak to a vendor. Then Joe and I went on our “date” we have at every race, which is to take the golf cart to buy a fresh squeezed lemonade for the outrageous price of $6. Delicious!
First round was that evening, just as the sun was setting. It was a beautiful night. We were racing Wayne Morris and beat him by running a 5.59.
The boys had a lot of work to do, and it was pretty late by the time we got everyone together for a reception for Todd and Jacque, complete with hors d’oeurves, chicken cacciatore, a champagne toast and cake. It was such an amazing night, and I loved it. It was also an extremely late night, and we went to the hotel for a few hours of sleep.
Sunday was the big show, but rain was in the forecast. I walked up to the stands just in time for a moment of silence and the National Anthem. Jacque came and found me and we watched first round for the Top Fuel Dragsters and Funny Cars. Just as we got back to the pit, the team was getting ready to head up to the staging lanes. It was unbearably hot. We were up against John Anderika, and we knew it was going to be a close race. We beat him by running a 5.63, and we were headed to the semi finals against Manzo. The guys had their work cut out for them, but the rest of us were trying to stay out of the heat. Jimmy, from NHRA, came over to say that we were scheduled to run at 2:30, but that the rain was also expected at 2:30.
In the end, the temperature did drop a lot, but the rain held off just long enough for our semi final round. We smoked the tires, and we were not able to get the win light, but it was still a great weekend.
The skies opened up just as pit takedown began. I have never seen them take the pit area down so quickly. Goodbyes were quickly said as everyone rushed to get out of the rain and on the road. And my and Joe’s weekend ended the exact same way it began, sitting in rain and traffic.
All in all, it was certainly an emotional weekend, in more ways than one. I am certainly looking forward to my next drag race.


some of the best points were that we had a wicked fun weddinfg reception right in our pit, and we all got a bit drunk...still dont know if that pole was actually moving, or if it was just us haha...also, one of the guys brought his son, who also brought his gf, and she was talking about her intership, and i asked her where she goes to school and she said *stonehill college?* like i probably never heard of it before, too funny...she was a freshman, when i was a senior...another awesome moment was on sunday when me, charlie, jay, pam, scott and spencer were all on the golfcart, in the middle of a HUGE crowd of people and we accidently did a wheelie haha we almost died...too funny...and on the ride home, we were in WICKED traffic...supposed to be home at 10, got home after 12, and we could see his dad and jay in the trailer waaaay ahead of us, so joe drove down the breakdown lane to him, got out of the car (the traffic was stopped) got on the trailer and got us peanut m&ms haha

i was sooo tired in work the next day...we spent mon-thurs packing for the move...friday was the longest, most stressful day of work ever, and joe got sooo much moving done...after work, i brought a ton of stuff over, but i forgot the remotes, so i went and got more and picked us up a pizza and we ate, i watched tv and joe was on the comp, but we had to go to the old apt to go to bed, and he went to work...sat morning i took 2 trips over here with tons of stuff and went to kmart for a shower liner/rod...joe put ALL out furniture in the hallway and some guy came by to welcome us to the apt *uhm, were leaving* haha...donny came by with his truck, we loaded the furn, and went to the new place... a guy was there painting the deck, and when he wanted to leave, he had to get his 2 dogs in the truck, so he played *when the saints come marching in* on a trumpet haha awesome!!! then we relaxed, i went to the store and i got us salads...we got ready and went to cristinas...i had wachusett blueberry with fresh blueberries yum...donny, cristina, max and kyrsta were there...the boys went swimming...max got wicked drunk...when i knew what the aurora borealis was, he said *yes meaghan, very good* he also talked about the stars and the world cup...joe and i were tired and wanted to leave, but max said it was a wicked fun night haha...first night in our new place!!

sunday we met my mom, donny, joe, ree, my grandpa pal and my grandparents at their apt for fathers day...we had santorinis and hung around talking...that night i went to the old place for a few hours to do cleaning

monday after work, i met my mom and joes mom at gannon golf course to talk about the wedding reception good times...then i came home and joe and i watched tv...tuesday joe had a hockey game...then we all went to the dockside for some food/drinks...wednesday i officially got everything out the apt, joe had to go to work early, then he went away...thursday after work, i went to the gym

ok now joes awake so i needa make dinner and get ready to watch the bachelorette, so ill write about my amazing weekend after!! LOVE ALWAYS, meg