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hmm the last time i updated joe was away and now hes away again booo, but hes coming home tomorrow

that time i watched some things like *who is clark rockefeller?* then went out in the flood to get joe...his flight was delayed so he couldnt go to work, so we came home and went to bed...tuesday i was able to get a lot of stuff done

wednesday was st pattys day so after work i went to lynn..joe wanted to sleep before work so he didnt go...we just sat around drinking, i taught some new drinking games...krysta and i played with the turtle...i think i may have gone to mbs one day that week, dont really remember

that saturday was marks bday, and we went to his house for a party...it was fun, i got 100% on rockband on every song i sang, i won at flip cup, krysta and i dominated at beruit and joe and i came in 2nd at couples darts...chrissy and i were gonna ride horses haha...we ordered party pizza...we hung out in the basement and we were all so drunk, it was so fun...then joe and i drove chrissy and sean home and headed home

sun was nice...we watched joe on espn...then we went to horn pond to walk and i LOVE it there...i took some pics and stuff...its so nice...then we got sundaes to go from friendlys and watched tv...chill night

monday was our 2 year anniversary yay!!! we went to patriot place...we ate at cbs scene, so good...and walked around...it drizzled a bit, but still fun, i took some pics...we went to the bass pro shop, for like EVER....but it was a ton of fun there...then we went the patriot pro shop...then we went to the movies and they have a 21+ lounge, so we sat at the bar and got some drinks and we got to bring our drinks inside the movie...saw shutter island...the book was waayy better haha...joe and i came home, ordered food and watched tv

tuesday was back to work, then the majors first playoff game...they played gordon college blah and they won yay! that was good

thats thursday after work, mb and i walked horn pond, fun

friday after work i got stuff to make juice and cookies and rented brothers...joe and i had dinner, baked cookies and watched brothers soo good...then we went to hockeytown, so the boys could play...krysta and i hung out...

the next morning i went to see katie and went spray tanning, but that meant i couldnt go to the gym or do anything...i cleaned the apt...took a nap...i wasnt supposed to take a shower, but i did

that night we went to chrissys...it was a ton of fun..."what is the capital of new york?" "seattle" we all got wicked drunk...we played a new drinking game, hold the deck of cards and say your feelings haha...we played a bunch of drinking games, the boys played the wii, we ordered chinese food...it was a good night and joe and i left pretty late

sunday we hung out and then we went to firmanis to watch wrestlemania...i could care less about that, but we all talked, had some snacks, had some drinks...it was fun

monday was my last furlough day...got some stuff done

tuesday was back to work and another major flood...that night the majors had their 2nd playoff game in stoneham...krysta and i braved the flood to drive to dunks and joe thought we walked haha...so the boys beat the spitfires...then a whole bunch of us hung out to watch the terminators play gordon college cause the loser was out, and gordon college won...that was fun

the next morning, joe made me breakfast...at work, melissa said she wanted iced tea and went to check the machine...i said *im not even a big fan of iced tea, but that sounds delicious, let me know* so she put in money for one and 2 came out, so she gave me one for free woohoo!! awesome day!!..at the end of the day i had a glass of wine, watched real world and read some of the "last song"

the next day was april fools...every day i give melissa a list of how many estimates are do...there was 3, but i put like 15 on the list haha...she thought she was gonna be able to handle it

last weekend was insane!! friday was sooo nice, i wore a dress and we got out at 330 woohoo!! joe felt sick though boo :( we had dinner and watched flash forward and fringe and then he went to bed...i met up with sean, chrissy, krysta, max, chantel and firmani at kowloon...i ate a tiny bit and had a couple drinks for only $10 woohoo..thanks chrissy!!

then i went to amandas...andrew was out too and ricky...and julie l and krista came...we sat by the firepit, had some wine...chatted, good night

saturday i went to old navy to get joe 2 polos...then i went to the gym...i got ready and went to mbs...jess was there too...we had a drink and some snacks and we went to the billerica country club to hit some balls...it was sooo much fun...i did pretty well, but i got blisters...were gonna do GTL- golf, tennis, liquor haha...so then we got drinks at the country club....sam summer on tap for $3.50 woohoo

i went home and got changed...joe and i went to demainos with donny, cristina, max and krysta to finally use our gift cards, had a good dinner...then we got drinks and went to firmanis...we hung out in the garage playing pool...firmanis dad is wicked good, joe beat him, but he was also helping joe haha...then firmani, his mom and all the girls hung by the firepit hosting the view...firmani was drunk and telling his mom EVERYTHING...we just all sat around outside, drinking, s'mores and telling stories...it was such a fun night

sunday was easter...joe and i went to my moms...we had breakfast and we had mimosas and bloody marys...jack had seen easter bunny and he said *mom i think thats a person* haha...so then cristina gave him a gift and said *the easter bunny accidently left this at my house for you* so then jack had easter eggs for all of us and he said to joe *the easter bunny accidently left these at my house for you* haha awesome...it was so nice out, so we hung outside

then joe and i went to his moms and we sat outside there and watched the dog run around...came home, joe took a nap and then we watched the sox beat the yanks

monday was a full work week...booo...after work, joe and i headed out...he dropped me off at alex's grandfather's wake and he did some errands...then he picked me up...we had to get dinner and we couldnt decide where to go...we also had a few hours until the game at hockeytown...so i suggested we go to bostonville to watch the bruins...so max, mark, krysta, firmani and arthur came down, we watched the game, had some beers and some things to eat

then we met up with a ton of people at hockeytown...we rooted for gordon college, but the spitfires won, so gordon college was out

tuesday i worked...i started doing research to find a house for us to rent in nh this summer for a weekend, then walked horn pond

wednesday in work, 3 places emailed me back and said yes about renting the house...i sent out facebook messages, and the 3rd place we decided was the best...it was an ongoing thing...that night was their game...if they won, they won the whole thing, if they lost, the had to play in a couple weeks...it was at 1040 in malden and everyone was there...they ended up losing in overtime booo!!! very sad...donny had a cooler full of beers in his trunk, so we stood around in the parking lot drinking those, joe and i had to say goodbye until tomorrow very, very sad :( booo

thursday i worked...i did more research on the house...at lunch, i sent out the deposit and i messaged everyone all the details...then bedrooms wars started, but i knew exactly who i wanted in each room haha...7 rooms, 7 couples, perfect...after work i went to the gym, got dinner, came home and watched tv

friday i worked...melodie brought vivian in and she is soo beautiful...she hung out there for a few hours...awesome...so then it was about 4pm and we were still talking about babies and katie and amy were harassing melissa about finally having a baby and she turned BRIGHT red and i said *omg melissa gave up smoking and drinking caffeine* ahah...so we all went into candys office who was yelling at her daughter on the phone and we told her...were are all sooooo excited haha!!! this is amazing...she is due on halloween, so candy asked me what im doing in october and i said *working a lot* and she said *i love this girl* haha i am soo excited

that night i got some sushi, watched tv, went to the store, watched tv, went to the gym and watched tv haha

yesterday i went grocery shopping, some cleaning, went to the gym...i made dinner and got ready

last night me, donny, cristina, max and krysta went to chrissys with sean...we sat around discussing the house and we worked out the rooms (it was exactly what i wanted) and it worked out PERFECTLY...we wanted mark to take the butterfly and we texted him and he said *i want a 3rd floor room, but not the peak* and that was the butterfly!! we were super excited...then we played couples darts on the wii, but me, chrissy and sean were team orphans 3 because im always the orphan, and they always adopt me, it was fun, but then i headed home and was crying to joe because i missed him sooo much, booo it sucked

this morning, i went to my moms...me, her and my 2 brothers went out for lunch in honor of my dads bday...we went to turners in melrose...it is seafood and it was good...my mom and i got bloody marys, we split lobster bisque and crab cakes, and we both got the same special haha...then her and i walked breakheart...i came home, and ive been watching tv and cleaning and doing laundry and stuff

im about to go to bed...i wanna go to the gym in the morning, then work and then joe will be home woohoo!!! LOVE ALWAYS, meg
Thanks...this looks really interesting. I am looking forward to having my says!