ok i LOVE march haha, even though im wicked depressed that joe was away this weekend, hes on a plane coming back now! yay!

when i last wrote, it was the olympics and i was seriously obsessed...thats like all i did for 2 weeks haha...i would come home from work and watch them all night

that thurs my uncle david was up visiting, so joe and i went to my grandparents...it was such an awesome night...me, joe, my mom, joe, david, grandma, grandpa, tricia, patrick, ree, terrance and jack went to antonias, obviously...we watched the olympics, got drinks, had dinner...it was so much fun...then i got a ride with david and my grandparents to the boys' hockey game so we could all watch...they tied, but that night was sooo much fun...that friday i had to catch up on my dvr of the olympics haha

saturday i ran errands and dyed my hair...joe and i went to sean and brian's dad's surprise party...the beers had a born on date of like a week before...they were soooo fresh and delicious haha...some awkward moments, but mostly just danced the WHOLE night! with everyone to like every song...krysta and i were voted best dancers of the night by the dj (because we asked him to haha) and we got MJ CDs!!! woohoo...and i wore the first flip flops of the year....afterwards we headed home...sunday i just watched the olympics...joe and i watched usa beat canada...monday was my day off, watched the olympics, went to the gym, had breakfast for breakfast, lunch and dinner haha...that wednesday it was pouring and i drove into pothole that was more like a hole and lost a hubcap and now my tire is like kinda flat

that friday was more olympics watching...saturday i ran errands and then joe and i were supposed to go to his work together, but he went alone and so i was watching the olympics and they did this hour long documentary on 911 and how all the planes had to land in canada...i was crying when joe got home haha...that night we went to chrissys...we played card games all night...i drank a TON of wine...it was a good time...i kept wanting to listen to bedrock haha...came home and joes dad came to sleep over (which apparently i thought meant i had to give up my bed haha) and the next morning him and i watched figure skating together and had an awesome time haha...then we got ready and sean, chrissy, max and mark came over and we watched the gold medal game which we lost :( i had to watch the closing ceremonies alone at first...but then joe and i made drinks and snacks and watched the end of it in bed...i was very sad it was over

monday was the start of march, which is half over, but AWESOME so far...after the usual errands, joe and i were gonna go to the movies, but instead we watched the box...i liked it...then he took a nap and i caught up on idol...my dvr is still not caught up from the olympics haha

that night his dad came over again and the three of us watched 24

tuesday was back to work, but that was a good day cause lost was on

wednesday i worked and made dinner and joe and i watched amazing race...that night katie and i went to mb's for some drinks...katies fiance nick came over and so did their friend tom and they were sooo funny...mb was the only one that was drunk, but it was fine haha...good times

thursday i worked, gym, dinner and then went to the majors game in stoneham...sat with chrissy and krysta..the boys won, it was good

friday night we went to fire and ice for firmanis bday...i dropped my car off at chrissys and we all met at firmanis house but joe and i left early cause we wanted to hold the table...i went to the bar and they were tapping a new noble pils keg so i got that...we had a ton of people and got a ton of bowls haha...joe had never been there before and he LOVED it haha...it was a ton of fun...then i went home with sean and chrissy and she thought she was riding a horse haha...then i drove home

the next day i ran errands and then we went to firmanis for his party round 2! joe and i played pool a bit, and he kept playing...i was just drinking wine all night haha...firmanis mom was chatting with me about the wedding and showed me all these pics and we started talking about when the boys were young haha...it was a fun night...came home, watched some tv and went to bed

sun joe and i had a movie marathon of districk 9 and 2012...we both liked 2012 more...i made enchilladas for dinner...then i got ready and went to mb's...her friend jess came over and we watched the oscars...had a couple drinks, had a ton of snacks haha, it was fun...then i came home and joe and i watched amazing race and then went to bed

monday we stopped at cvs to get snacks and i saw melissa and i told joe to beep and we was like tailgating her in the parking lot and she said *am i a part of road rage right now??** haha im so glad i saw her though, cause she gave me shutter island to read and as soon as i finish it, i wanna see the movie...we went to imax to see alice in wonderland...grr dont sit in the back row, the seats dont move haha...i really enjoyed the movie, i love that story...it was great, even though we both had headaches and didnt go to fuddruckers after...instead i went to the gym and had an awkward encounter outside my apartment when i had gym shorts on haha...gossip girl was back yay! and we watched 24 that night

tuesday was just work, gym, dinner and tv, including lost, love it, awesome episode

wednesday i worked and i got out at 430, so i went to get gas...so this pump kept stopping, so after putting in $7, i gave up and drove off...pulled into another one, too expensive, kept calling joe, he kept telling me to come home...i went to another one, opened my gas thing, saw that it was wicked expensive if you use your card, so i got back in and drove off without closing it, went to shell, it was cheap, so i put my card in and started pumping, and a guy came over to help cause its full serve...so i got in my car, but i couldnt put my windows down cause my car was off, so i had to open my door to talk to him ahahah...i should not be allowed to buy gas...that was my last night with joe, although he went to work early

thursday i drove him to the airport :( then i got breakfast and went to work...after work i went to tanning/gym, got dominos for dinner, took a shower, watched american idol, packed, watched project runway and went to bed

friday i was all ready to leave...went to work, on my lunch i ran some errands...i was freaking out cause they were coming in to my apt to check the fire alarms and i was afraid they were gonna leave the door unlocked or leave a light on, so amy let me leave at 445 so i could check...it was fine

i went to my moms...we went to bisutecki for sushi and had fun watching random ppl...and the waitress turned my menu over haha...then we came home, watched up the air, made drinks and had snacks...went to bed

sat we got up at 5 to get ready...we went to sunapee for skiing/snowboarding...the conditions were perfect, just a lil windy so they ended up closing the quad/top of mountain but we still had an awesome time and got a ton of runs in...i thought i broke my toe but i didnt...it was great...came home and got ready and donny and i went to cristinas and max, krysta and marianne came over...i was triple fisting, but they were the only drinks i had...we watched the bruins, went downstairs...dell and gina challenged donny and cristina to beruit and they almost won haha...i was miserable...sooo tired, knew i had to wake up early and felt soo sick, but i still had fun...i came home and was very upset we lost an hour of sleep

so yesterday i got up at 8, got ready, got janelle and we headed into boston in the pouring rain to go to laurens st pattys day party...it was sooo worth it...we had drinks all day, the parade goes by her house...we played tons of games...then some firefighters from cali were in the parade and they came in and hung out with us haha...it was sooo awesome

so janelle and i walked about a mile in the POURING rain. it SUCKED...we got on the train, waited forever for the blue line, there was almost a fight...we had to take a bus and wait in the rain...i got home and i was SOAKED...my mom and i had dinner together, then she said that the movie norhern lights based on the nora's roberts book was on last night, and i read that over the summer

i finally came home, watched some tv, watched that movie, read some shutter island and went to bed

even though today was mon i worked...so tom texted me and said dont go middlesex, go rte 3...so i have to be at work at 830, so i leave at 820...i left at 820 and got to work at 930!!! i was seriously SITTING in traffic...i was still one of the first ones there...a bunch of roads were closed and ALSO...the bog next to our work completely FLOODED and our parking lot was a lake and FILLED with water, it looked like an ocean...terrible...i ventured out on lunch to get food and it was flooded eveywhere...i was busy at work all day but they let us out at 415...i took rte 3 home, but there was no traffic yet

now im staying in and watching tv and not going to the majors game...however i have to get joe at midnight...awesome...although i cannot wait to see him haha...LOVE ALWAYS, meg