i had a fun past few weeks...after i last wrote, i hung around with joe that night watching tv...tuesday was back to work, but that night was the start of lost...awesome...wednesday was a normal day and then thursday joe picked me up from work and we went to his moms so she could do our taxes...and we met her new dog bailey and ordered pizza and watched the bruins...it was fun until we got home and the bruins lost...friday after work, joe and i were just hanging out watching TV...i went for a walk outside but it was kinda cold...eventually went to bed

that saturday i went to the gym and such...joe and i did some errands and that night we met donny, cristina, max and krysta at border...very yummy...it was a lot of fun...then went home and went to bed early

sunday morning joe dropped me off at my moms...we went for a walk and then dyed my hair darker, but it is semipermanent, so i needa do it again...then me and donny picked up cristina and mark and went to mikes for the superbowl!!! my mom came soon after...the tap wasnt working at first, and we were sad, but it got fixed...we hung out, drinking, eating, and playing pool...i was sooo happy when joe got there....we sat on the love seat and watched the saints win!! and katie was being a waitress for everyone, getting whatever they needed...donny gave cristina water, but she thought it was vodka haha...donny won on the squares twice blah...then we drove home and i had wicked allergies from the dog and wanted to die...i was glad to have monday off...we ran errands, i made chicken parm for dinner and then we headed to the majors game to see them beat gordon college

tuesday was back to work, but my car wouldnt start, so i took joes...after dinner, joe tried to fix it while i went to the gym, he got it working, so i thought it was fine, but wednesday it wouldnt start and when joe jumped it and took the key out of the ignition, it was still running...hmmm....so i decided to take friday off to get it fixed...the good news was that there was supposed to be a wicked storm, but there wasnt, but they let us out early anyway...thurs i worked and got everything done for the weekend...after dinner, i got ready and went to mb's...katie came over...we had drinks and snacks and talked...it was fun...and interesting...joe picked me up and i fell asleep after midnight, he woke me up to take my car to get fixed...i was totally still drunk haha...then we slept alll day....then we got my bonus check...i got ready and we went to get my car (it needed a new battery) and got snacks...that night julie, janelle and alex came over to watch the opening ceremonies...it was a lot of fun...alex had coca cola haha...alex and janelle left and julie stayed to see who lit the torch...janelle guessed wayne gretzky so we didnt want it to be him, and it was and we heckled him and had a wicked good time haha

saturday was mine and joes valentines celebration...we ran some errands (got our moms bday gifts and tried to get him a haircut but the wait was an hour and a half) we got lunch at fresh city and then we saw valentine's day....sooo cute...stopped at home to get changed and went to dinner at papa razzi...it was sooo nice and we had sooo much fun...shared a yummy dessert too...then we came home, he made himself a drink, he poured me a glass of wine, and we got in bed and watched the olympics together...saw usa get 4 medals...it was a lot of fun..

sunday me, joe, my mom, his mom and murph, donny, cristina, joe and mariah all went to angela's for my moms and joes moms bdays...it was fun to all get together, they got along...great food...i tried the new seasonal sam adams...good times...came home, and joe napped...i watched some olympics...casual night

yesterday i worked...i was kinda busy, but no one else was...came home, made dinner, went to the gym and watched the olympics

today im not working (although i should have cause they got out early) i went grocery shopping and to the gym, watched TV and now im watching the usa men's hockey game....go USA...LOVE ALWAYS, meg