the past week was a lot of fun...monday i did the usually gym, tanning and laundry...then i sat around getting ready to go out...i met kaajal, julie, janelle, krista, alex and caitlin at the melting was a good time...we all had to agree on 2 cheeses and 2 chocolates and it was easy...and both times, the one i wanted ended up right in front of me was was a fun girls night and then my drive was like 5 mins, but it was WICKED foggy

tuesday was back to work, but i wasnt even was just a normal day, i came home, joe and i made omelettes for dinner...they didnt fold perfectly but it was fine...we watched house...then i went to the gym and then watched idol and teen mom

wednesday was actually a fun day at work...amy ordered MB a new beagle calender and melissa drew on it for january...good times...also im trying to set MB up with a boy was a good day...came home and made mexican mac n some stuff done, caught on some shows..

thursday work...that night was a majors, chrissy and krysta were grandpa and stevie came...jose came with his wife and daughter (she was cute, she was all confused about the score being 1-1 and jose was like *this isnt basketball* then she was getting all into the KEPT calling penalties on us...we deserved them however they were not calling penalties on the other team...not 1, so we were all yelling at the were winning 3-2 and theres 3 mins left in the game and this guy says *this rink is closed to spectators...everyone needs to leave* wtf? stevie was pretending he couldnt hear, krysta and my grandpa were walking wicked the other team theres 50 seconds left and max said *that shouldnt have been a goal, the guy was offsides* and the ref said *thats it, game over* and they didnt get to finish...everyone was sooo mad...donny was like *youre going to kick my 75 year old grandfather out of public skating rink* and joe like flipped out on the guy...turns out the ref told the mammoths before the game that he hates our team...uhm...arent refs supposed to be unbiased???

so were driving home and were on the ramp that goes over 93 and i hear something and i look over and a car that was on 93 is now level with us (so like 20 feet off the ground) and it was upside scary...joe and i pulled over but a ton of people were helping

friday i worked...that night joe and i had some of my moms soup and we watched funny was not funny...then i watched julie and julia which was cute...i was having some heinekens and mike said he was proud haha...then we had some frozen pizza and watched fringe and i went to bed

saturday i ran some errands (got joe a $40 bottle of jack) and went to the gym...then i cleaned the apartment...then i ran more errands, got a new shirt and a new welcome mat, got stuff to make taco dip and got joe and i pizza and cheesy ready for the night...donny, cristina, max, krysta, sean, chrissy, marianne, firmani, brian and tiffany came over to watch the bruins game...the boys sat in the living room...the girls sat in the dining room...we played loaded questions, which i won again...after getting everyone right on the 1st question...the girls had a ton of fun as usual

yesterday joe went ice fishing with max...i watched role models, cute...and then i went for an hour long walk in the freezing cold...then sat in the solarium reading the tenth circle...joe and his brother came back and joes mom gave us ribs to make for dinner...but i went out and did a full food shopping..i made dinner, but joe fell asleep...i watched the grammys, finished my book and eventually went to bed

this morning, joe went off to play hockey and im heading to the gym...LOVE ALWAYS, meg