so again its been like 2 months...haha i am never on the comp ENGAGED!!! joe proposed to me on christmas yay!!

so lets get down to the details, last time i posted, i was heading off to my highschool reunion...joe and i went into boston and met up with janelle and alex and eventually julie...we only got 1 free drink before the open barw as over, o first we were like standing in the corner, but we started mingling and it was fun to see everyone, then we were dancing and stuff...eventually joe and i had to head to his work

so we got there a lil early and we went to wendys...joe said *can i have a sec?* and the girl said *we dont sell seconds here, only food* and another girl said *shes telling you to hurry up* then the first girl said something wicked rude and joe and i drove off and he called their number, but those girls answered and said they were the manager and joe said *whats your name* and she said *are you fucking stupid?* so we called the 800 number...i went to work with joe, slept a lot and then came home and slept.

i got up and went to the movies to get joe and i tickets to new moon...then i went to get some k-cups...went home, joe and i got ready and we went to the was awesome!!! donny and cristina were texting us about plans during it, so we didnt go to dinner...that night donny, cristina, max, krysta, mark, marianne and firmani came over...we ordered food...the girls played phase was fun...the next day joe and i were just lazy and watched football...he played donny in fantasy football and he won.

the next week was thanksgiving and i had this great idea to make these hazelnut cheese bites, so on monday i practiced roasting hazelnuts and i watched the last ever jon and kate plus 8...the next day i smashed them to little pieces and watched sytycd...the next day in work was melodies last day...very sad...her and dom call me cause i know random things...that night i tried to make the hazelnut bites and it was a fail...joe and i got ready and we tried to make plans to go out, but it resulted in us me, joe, donny cristina, max, mark, krysta, sean, chrissy, marianne and firmani going to lynn to drink and watch the bruins game...the girls hung out in the dining room and marianne made things out of playdough...we ordered food, it was fun...but then i hadda go home and make cookies before bed

joe got home from work and we left...we went to his moms house for breakfast and mimosas...we watched the parade and joe fell asleep...eventually i woke him up and we went to my grandpas for dinner...good times, all hanging out, everyone saw my youtube video...joe was tired and wanted to leave, i was mad, but we left, and we went to bed at 8 that night cause we were so tired

friday i worked...there was not a single manager there, and in client services it was just me, tom, amy, marybeth and comp wouldnt work, so i had to sit at melodies was a WICKED boring day, but we listened to christmas music, and read books, and hung around chatting...we made the best of it...after work joe and i decided to enjoy black friday and we went to best buy and got my mom a digital photo frame

that night the boys decided to play hockey, so we went to hockey was sooo cold...i hung out with krysta and chrissy and the boys actually got off the ice after an hour...i had my own car, so i went home

saturday was an AWESOME night!! joe and i picked up max and went to my moms house...donny got cristina and mark, and we ordered food and all hung out pregaming, my mom drank with us too...good times...then we went to trinity...they didnt have $2 drafts but we drank and watched the b's game...and we played darts, which was a ton of fun...the plan was to not spend a ton of money and not get drunk, but donny and cristina got drunk we walked over to ned devines and joe bachman put us on the guest list so we got in free!!! i net up with kaajal for her bday and also janelle, alex, caitlin and was fun...joe bachmans best show EVER!!! loved it!!! it was an awesome night

the next day joe and i were lazy but i also made a turkey dinner, complete with a 19 pound turkey...haha we ate that all came out awesome, i was pretty damn impressed with myself...that week the pats were on on monday, so we watched it that night...good times

tues i didnt work cause joe had an endoscopy...i dropped him off and i went to the mall to do some christmas shopping...i got text from melodie that she is having a girl!! i picked him up, and we went home, and he slept on the couch...i did some shopping online, went to the gym, went to the store to get stuff to make turkey soup, made turkey soup and watched gossip girl in the bedroom quietly

eventually i woke joe up cause we had to go to his game in stoneham to bring mark the goalie sticks...we stayed and watched...sean had to sit in the stands with us too...they lost :(

at this point, i ended up having a headache for legit 2 weeks non was awful...melissa suggested i drink wine, but nothing helped...that sat joe and i went to cristinas, and gianna was there...we ordered food and we watched the bruins game...then the five of us played this game called loaded was sooo much fun and i won!!! then max and krysta came over after the bruins game, and they were both wicked drunk and it was a wicked bad storm, so we all went home

the next day was another lazy sunday with joe, watching the pats and being snowed in

that tuesday, i went to kmart to get some more lights and ornaments for the tree...that night we watched elf, had hot cocoa and decorated the tree...then we went to the majors game

the next morning, my 5 minute commute to work, took 30 mins due to the storm...blah...after work, the storm was over, so i was gonna go christmas shopping, but my car was making a really weird noise, joe fixed it, but i didnt go work for like 2 weeks, my computer wouldnt work, and i had to sit at melodies, and it was good thing about my position was that surveyors sent me tons of christmas cards and cookies and everything...good times friday nights sort of became reserved for stayng home with joe and watching a movie and eating frozen pizza or something haha

this sat was the 12th, and i met my mom at the northshore mall and we did some christmas shopping...she got a ton of clothes for me...then we went to the liberty tree mall too...very successful, we got sushi, went to the gym and headed home...that night we had no plans...joes grandma gave him an applebees gift card, and we had tried to use it sooo many times in the past 2 months and failed...we dont even like applebees, but it was free food haha...we had a few beverages too...then we went to the liquor store to get more...we drank and played guitar hero and watched youtube videos...sunday we watched the pats

monday straight from work, i went to my, her and joe got the christmas tree and chinese food...we ate and decorated the was fun...then i went to the majors game....the next day was my 1 year anniversary at clark and it...also that was the day my 2 week headache went away...awesome...the day after that, joe woke me up and he had made toast, eggs and bacon...soooo yummy...that night we decorated a ginger bread house...last years came out better, but it was still cute...then joe was on the comp, so i enjoyed my wine, cheese and season finale of sytycd and i was very happy that russell won!

the next day in work, melissa, marybeth and i realized that we all watched jersey we were talking about it...turns out tom watches it too, which is joe had a job interview and said he would be sleeping not to wake him i went to the gym and then spent HOURS doing christmas shopping...i got home, had dinner and watched jersey shore

friday night my goal was to get a ton of stuff i put on independence day...i made buffalo chicken dip for my fam party and cookies for my friends party and i wrapped all my gifts...i had EVERYTHING organized and ready to go...the next morning i ran some errands, officially got everything together, packed the car, went to the gym, then joe and i got ready...we went to tommy and donnas for the foulds family christmas was the same as usual, keg beer and was a lot of fun...then we went to lynn to play some darts, and i drank almost a whole bottle of nuvo...we went to kristas for the christmas party...but i was wicked drunk, and i dont remember haha

the next day we were snowed in, and i wanted delivery haha...we just hung out on the couch watching the pats...that night joe went out and cleaned my car...the next morning, he made me wake him up, and he shoveled it out and had it backed up and ready to go...amazing...that day was a stressful day in work...we learned that they were making us take christmas eve off, so we didnt earn the floater...i was gonna use that to go away with my aunt for the day, but they didnt happen anyway, so thats fine...they were making us take of new years eve, but i already was, so that was fine...but theyre making us take of 5 days a month for the first 3 months...first i was freaking out, but i managed to save a ton of money, so now im just enjoying having every monday off...joe doesnt work sunday nights, so we get to hang out

that tuesday i work, we had a party/yankee swap...we all had wicked yummy food...i got a difuser and candles yay!! it was a much needed good day at work...that night i went to the majors game, they won..wednesday was out year end meeting, i was sooo stressed at work that day, cause had 4 days in a row off, and melissa left early, so i hadda do hers...but we got out early, so it was good...i ran some errands and watched the bruins game with joe

christmas eve...i got things ready, went to the back and joes brothers were sitting in the hallway haha...i got ready and went to magnolia for sues christmas eve party...sue, jack, tricia, patrick and i went to the live nativity scene...tricia and i were hanging out with jack...then went home and everyone came over...we had mostly apps...soo good...this HUGE platter (almost didnt fit through the door) with EVERYTHING...soo yummy...exchanged gifts, it was a fun night...went home and joe and i exchanged gifts and he did awesome haha

the next morning, we were getting ready to go, and joe got down on one knee and proposed!!! yay!! im soo happy, the ring was too small (it had been my moms) so i couldnt wear it...we went to my moms and i told them...everyone came over and we had a big breakfast...i announced grandma said she already knew haha...jack wanted to only hang out with me in my room..aww soo cute...we headed home and watched a christmas story, but we fell asleep at 630...we got up at 930 and watched a movie and amanda and julie 3 way called me to discuss my engagement haha

the next morning, joe and i went to the mall to drop my ring off and exchnage some things, we got some food...he was not feeling well, so we went home...i made BBQ hot wings and got ready...we went to cristinas for her christmas party! i got wine in the secret santa yay! we played flip cup (i won) and beruit...joe was feeling worse so marianne and firmani took us to lahey...we were there all night in the er waiting, eventually the said they were going to admit him, and i went home and i felt like death...slept for like 3 up and i was watching the pats game, but i hated watching it alone, so i drove back to lahey and watched it with joe in his room...then we rooted for the jets over the colts...there was nothing seriously wrong with him...he just needed pain meds and it was fix itself, but since he has a million problems, they made him stay overnight, and he was i went home

the next day on my lunch break, i picked him up and took him home and made him food...that night joe didnt work, so we went to bed, and i woke up cause joe was moving around, and someones car horn was STUCK on...sooo annoying...that day after work, joe and i were gonna meet his brothers at best buy, but joe had a flat so we had to take my car...we got food and came home...joe had to take my car to the majors game/work, so i couldnt go...i stayed home and watched teen mom...the majors lost, i have yet to see joe lose this season, the only games they lost, i havent been there...joe thinks im his good luck i worked and i was WICKED stressed cause i had 5 days off and had to get everythig done...on lunch i just ran to dunks wicked quick...but melissa did buy me my first ever martha stewart weddings mag!!

that night i alternated between hanging out with joe, going to the gym, getting the apt spotless, making dinner and reading my mag...somehow i got this all done by 10, so i sat on the couch with a glass of wine and watched the season premiere of real world

thursday was new years eve!!! i went to the gym/tanning and then joe woke up and finished cleaning the apt...i packed everything for a sleepover into my car (joe still had a flat) we got ready and went to lynn...this night was amazing!!! rock band was played...joe is awesome at drums and i kept getting 100% on the singing...we played flip cup (i won) and beruit...we ordered party was just an amazing night...joe and i and donny and cristina set up air matrresses in the living...max, mark, krysta in brittany slept in the bedroom...good times...the next morning, the 8 of us came back to our apartment...we were gonna drink beers, the boys were gonna play nhl...NONE of this happened, we were dead...we just sat on the couches and watched the winter classic...we did order food...the game was awesome and it was a lot of fun to watch...then they left and once again joe and i fell asleep at 630 and woke up at 930 and watched a movie haha

the next day we ran some errands, joe got his tire fixed, i got some jodi picoult books and we got a new house phone...we had too many plans for that night, but it was awesome...we drove to boston, and i knew where to park for only $10...we met donny and cristina at the harp for some drinks...talked to joe bachman...the bouncer gave me a stamp and said i didnt have to wait in line when i got back...i walked to hurricane o'reillys for alexs bday!! i was the first one, so i got a beer and a table...the girls all came and we all sat around talking...then we danced for a bit...i walked back to the harp and the bouncer remembered me haha i was excited...we watched joe bachman, and they even made a video were was joe and i were driving home and the roads were wicked we went straight home and joe made us chicken nuggets and we put the heat on for the first time, but only for like 5 mins haha...the next day we were lazy and just hung out watching the pats game...joe won the superbowl in his fantasy football league!...that night at like midnight, we made tortelini haha

monday i went to the used book superstore and the gym...then joe and i got ready and went to the registry...i waited forever...then he had his appointment, and i love his doctor, so that was good

tuesday was back to work, but that was one of my fav vacas ever...that night the boys had a game

that saturday, my facebook status said GTL- gym, tanning, laundry haha...then joe and i did his new phone, i FINALLY got my engagement ring yay!! did some grocery shopping...that night we went to chrissys...we just hung out on the couches watching football and drinking...chrissy and i ate like a whole bag of doritoes, but i blame chantel cause she had like 3 haha...then sandra and tina came over and we all hung out until cristina threw up and we had to leave

sunday joe went to the pats game with donny and my phone was in his car...i just sat on the couch all day watching the pats lose :(, finishing a book and starting another and then watching a movie...i expected joe would get home sometime betwene 7 and 10...but he got home at 6, i was soo happy to see him...we had dinner and watched a movie

monday was the usual gym and stuff...then i went to, my mom and my brother joe went to the winthrop arms for was good...we got like a million courses, so i had leftovers was a fun time...the rest of the week was normal...joe and i watched idol on tuesday, on thursday the boys had a game, which they won...although krysta, chrissy, tiffany and i were too busy talking haha...turns out krysta and chrissy dated the same guy haha awesome

last weekend was pretty started off at chrissys to celebrate chantels bday...the girls played apples to apples, everyone played rockband...i like dancing to it haha...chrissys step dad owns kowloon, so we got TONS of free chinese food...everyone took leftovers too was a fun night...i went to work with joe, and i was sleeping in the car while he was in the pharm and he brought danny out to look at me haha i slept most of the night...

we slept the next day, then i went to the gym...joe went to work, and i got ready and met everyone at border for amandas bday...that was a lot of fun...then we got 40s and went back to amandas house and watched jersey shore spoof'd...good times

sunday i went to marybeths and amy drove us all to melodies baby shower and we met up with was cool to see them and melodie is soo cute and pregnant haha...there was like a million people there and we left after we ate...amy and i went to marybeths, but then i left and got alcohol for joe and i...i went grocery shopping

we got ready and went to brian and tiffanys...we ordered pizza, the girls drank wine and the boys drank beer....we played rockband and then watched 2 hours of 24...i was the only one that was drunk haha...i went home and started to watch the new bring it out, but i fell asleep on the couch, so joe had to put me to bed haha

the next morning we went to the gym at our apt together...then we ran some was a boring stay at home snow day but i loved it

wed was a crazy day at work...we got this random email that said *outlook error* then allll these people from all over the country were hitting reply all and saying things like *?* *what is this* and stuff like that...then ppl started getting mad and being like *stop hitting reply are sending this message to thousands of ppl* then ppl were really dumb like *hi bill, can you tell me what this is?* or *don't worry, i have the IT department working on it haha* melissa wanted to write *i love tacos* i wanted to write *we have a situation* haha awesome...but then our outlook wasnt working

i left work at 4 and went to my moms and we ordered pizza...we went to the movies and got lattes and discussed my wedding...we saw the lovely bones and it was really good

thursday night the boys had a game...they won, but i was just like sooo tired...friday after work, joe and i had pizza and watched the hurt locker...then i got ready and went to amandas...alex, janelle, krista and ricky came too and we played 1 vs 100...good night

saturday i got joe and i some new shirts, then went to the gym...came home and we got ready...we went to sandras to celebrate brians bday...i got a ton of compliments on my 98 cent shirt and my curly was fun, we danced and sang a lot...i liked it

yesterday i watched the pregnancy pact...then i made joe wake up...i didnt want to do anything all day...we watched the jets/colts, saints/vikings and the bruins, and i caught up on some dvr...i started reading a new book called *the diary of a mad bride* which is sooo perfect for right now already 200 pages in...then at midnight joe and i decided to bake brownies haha...i fell asleep right after that

joe is on his way home from hockey waiting for my lundry to finish, then im going to the gym...girls night out at the melting pot tonight!! LOVE ALWAYS, meg