so i havent updated in like what? 2 months...thats mostly because i spend all day in work on the comp, the last thing i wanna do when i get home is go on the my days pretty much consist of working, making dinner and eating with joe and then watching my shows
work is good...melodie is leaving which is sad...i dont even know if i mentioned that she is pregnant, but i love talking about baby stuff with her...she needed name ideas if its a girl, so dom and i emailed her our fav names and dom came up with a list in order of importance of who picks the names
4)cash and sasha (her dogs)
5)kathy (her wife) haha...i am very sad that this will be ending

i moved cubicles at work the other day...lost my window seat, but i am closer to everyone else, so thats good

other than that, everything is good...

after i last updated, october started...on october 1st, i worked a half day, then joe and i got ready and went to the 99 before the bruins game...we were the first ones there, so we sat at the bar and got blockbusters...we reserved a table for 15 and the manager was alll into it, like he was wicked cool haha...joe and i just split apps ans got some drinks, and we took the bus over to the game
the game was fun, but they lost :( and we missed the bus back, so we hadda walk to the 99, that was interesting

friday was back to work, and then it was max's bday...joe had to work but i met max, krysta, mark, brittney, sean, chrissy, marianne and firmani at bugaboo creek for dinner and moose juice...good times and though they kept messing up the bday boy's order...then we went back to lynn and i watched firmani play sonic for like an hour haha..good times, then i headed home

sat was mom and i had free ticks to the redsox game, but i was doing errands and it was raining and we didnt wanna sit in the rain..instead joe and i met my mom, donny and cristina at fridays for dinner/ was good, but then we headed home and joe and i were watching the B's game and i was wicked tired and went to bed...sunday the pats game was at 1, dont remember if we did anything after that

worked that week, wednesday night joe and i went shopping and got our halloween costumes..we were jailbirds (i was a frisky felon), but joe never wore his :( ...thursday night, joe had a 1040 game, but it was the first night of the red sox playoffs, so i stayed home and watched, but they lost...that friday when i got home from work, joes brother and cousin were over...i got ready, joe and i bought his brother gas and then got kfc...he went to work, and i went to firmani' was fun...i had the new bud light wheat...we watched the sox, but they lost was an okay, night, but i missed joe

sat was tiff's party...joe and i went around 2, so it was a long was fun though, we played beruit in the basement and joe and brian were running the table...the B's game was on upstairs...krysta drank from the beruit cup and i called her homeless was a fun night, but then tiff kicked us out, so a bunch of us (including brian) went back to our apt and hung out..good times, then everyone left, and i was hungry and wanted a double cheeseburger or a ranch snack wrap and joe made a 10 minute video of me asking for this hahaha...wicked funny

the next day joe and i were gonna go to topsfield, but we ended up just being wicked lazy and watching the pats/sox...that tuesday we did carve a pumpkin...we just did a was cute, and we made pumpkin seeds...that thursday i went to amanda's house with was fun, we played scene it, im wicked bad haha...that night was the first snow

then friday, at lunch, i came out and a sleepys truck was blocking both my car and joes...i had to wait...i was annoyed... we just watched wolverine, then i watched madagascar 2 and then we both watched hamlet 2...joe went to work and i went to bed...when he got home, we went apple was a good day and lots of fun, we wanted granny smiths, and they were just getting ripe...then some kid on the hayride made fun of joe's accent, cause joe said we were going to the "fahm" and the kid said," no, farm" lol...and we got apple salsa and it was sooo hot and yummy

we both napped and got ready and then we went to bostonville grille for marianne's bday, we had a table and all sat around drinking...joe and i got buff chick nachos, yummy!! it was a good night, then we headed over to the arcades, joe and i played deal or no deal and won the largest prize- 400 tickets!! and he won me a frog, was a fun night with him

sun, we just hung around watching the pats...and they won 59-0...and it was snowing out hardcore haha

monday after work i went to my mom's...we ordered pizza...yummy, and then went to see couple's retreat, which was pretty funny, i enjoyed it...tuesday night joe had a game at 1040, and it was a SHUT OUT!!! i was soo proud of him

that weekend was our alumni weekend...after work on friday, i went home and got ready...i really, really wanted joe to come, but he didn't feel well..instead he drove me to lauren's and i hung out with the girls and drank...then we took a cab to marina was good to see some people, but eh, okay...i was more than ready to leave but joe was working OT...he FINALLY got me, and i worked with was fun, i enjoyed it...even though i was sleeping half the time haha...but we listened to comedians on the sirius radio and we got dunks...i thought it was fun haha, then we went home and crashed

sat joe had a meeting, and i ran errands and got the place looking nice for max, krysta, donny and cristina to come over to watch the bruin's game...we played some apples to apples...joe wasn't feeling well, so he went to lahey and he is bleeding again, but the doc sent him home...we slept...the pats game was at 1 (in london), so we watched that and then made our apple pie...then joe like almost passed out, so i took him back to lahey emergency...we were there for hours and they admitted him and i went home to bed

i got up and i worked half a day, then i went to see joe...i was sooo glad i did, cause after half an hour, they took him for an endoscopy, and i sat in the waiting room reading and talking to these 2 people...they figured out the problem, thank God, now we need to find out whats up...most likely surgery i hung out with him for a few more hours, then headed home

tuesday i didnt take a lunch, instead i worked til 4 and then went to see joe, they let him leave...i went to get his prescription that he may have to take forever and 1 month was $ we called his mom and danny came over and brought us a card with some money on it for pharacies, and danny and i went back, and they suggested the OTC one, which is only $41, we got that

wed when i got out of work, joe was feeling better, so we went to his mom's house...she was glad to see us, we looking at wedding pics...we were supposed to go to dinner with my fam, but donny was working too we went and saw them quickly and then joe and i went to unos and they didnt have my soup and i was mad was fine though...that friday, we had a work meeting

after work on friday, joe and i watched alpha dog, i love that movie...then i watched the women which was cute
the next day was halloween and it was sooo nice out...joe slept all day and i ran a million errands, mostly looking for candy corn...i dyed my hair brown and i made BBQ bacon meatballs and popcorn with reeses pieces and candy corn yummy...we got ready to go and joe wasnt feeling well :( so he didnt get dressed up...we went to chrissy's which was nice cause were pizza, had drinks...dont drink tequila and coke haha *someone poured it for me* haha and *i hate grass* ...joe left kinda early, but i stayed, but kinda wished i hadnt...i was tired and it started raining and i got bored...eventually i went back to my moms and went to bed
i woke up and hung out with my mom...joe came down, and me, joe, my mom, donny, cristina and joe FINALLY went to angela's to celebrate all our bdays...sooo yummy..good day

on monday, i was working and joe called and said his mom was taking him to his appt...danny came too...after work, i went home and they got back and the 4 of us ordered stephanies and watched the was mom called me and said that her house got broken into, which is horrible...they took this necklace that belonged to kate, and a locket of her, my moms wedding band and her laptop...wicked sad :(

on wednesday at work, we wanted to know how tall we are, so we drew lines on the wall to compare each other and measured it with a ruler haha...that thurs, joe had another appt...then he went to the Majors game, but he wasnt playing, so i didnt go...i just went to the christmas tree shoppe and bought random stuff haha

friday on my lunch, i went to burlington coat factory and saw this wicked cute sweater, but the line was too long, so i rushed back after work to get it and i got boots too..i picked up a pizza for joe and i
i went to my moms house and we drank pumpkin beer and got ready...i went to hurricane o'reilly's with janelle, alex and was fun, but a little bit too crowded, plus people were wicked annoying haha...they play WICKED good music there though....i got home and decided to just drive to billerica

i slept in pretty late and then got up and got some things done, and then joe made me nap with him...we were gonna go paintballing, but they wouldnt let us all use our passes on the weekend, so instead i made a platter of snacks and donny, cristina, max, krysta, firmani and marianne came over to watch the bruins game...the girls had fun playing apples to apples...*fresh water pearls* *thats what i doooo. sorrydo*...and everyone thought i was drunk just cause i put sweatpants on under my skirt, uhm they all left and i went to work with joe fun! and we got food and headed home

sun joe was impressed at how little i slept...friday i was up til 3 and saturday til 5 haha...and i only slept til 10 and then i went grocery shopping...joe and i watched the pats game at 1, although i honestly fell asleep a bit, then i took a nap...then we were gonna go to applebees and the movies cause we had free gift cards for both...however, we didnt plan the timing well enough and we couldnt go to applebees, so we went to chilis next door and i paid...then we went to the movies and our gift card didnt work (we checked it later, it does have money) and so we hadda pay...whatever...we saw law abiding citizen and it was sooo good, i highly recommend it

last week was a crazy/busy week in a good way...tuesday joe had a, cristina, marianne, krysta, chrissy, tiffany, brian corbett, my grandpa, jill, katie and jonathan watched the was soo much fun...they won the game too, which was awesome...but katie and jonathan are just tooo funny...i enjoyed it...that wednesday my mom, grandma and i were supposed to see amelia...i got to the movies and my mom called me and said that sue, jack, ree and tricia were at my grandmas, so we went there...jack is too funny, sue wants them to get gifts for kids who won't be getting any and jack slammed his head on the floor and said *i dont wanna get gifts for the kids*, then my grandma said *do you want a little milk?* and he said *no I was a big milk* haha...and we sat around singing songs...thursday morning, joe woke me up like an hour early cause he bought me pumpkin donuts and a pumpkin iced coffee...delish...our dvr hadnt recorded an episode of house due the world series, so we sat in the office and watched it on the lunch, i took joes car, and he took mine for an oil change woohoo...that night joe had a game in revere at 1040, which meant i had to drive myself boooo...they won the game 12-0, which was awesome!! we were having so much fun...unfortunately sean fractured his shoulder and mike and chris got thrown out for fighting...but it was really good...hung around cause we lost the locker key, and then we headed home

friday i worked, then joe and i watched valkyrie, although honestly, i was so tired, i was falling seemed good though...then i started my project of catching up on my dvr...joe wanted me to go to work with him, but i passed out...joe woke me up at like 745 cause he made yummy french toast and hash browns and we watched fringe, then i fell back asleep for up and ran errands...i got both joe and i tshirts for a total of $6...and then i made "everything but the kitchen sink cookies" i got the recipe on martha...they were we got ready and went to lynn for krysta's bday...this was a fun night
krysta and i kept winning at beruit...but she was getting drunker, and sean said my chances were going down lol...once we lost, cristina and i were doing pretty well was a fun night...we had a pinata filled with nips...we ordered pizza, but i was tired and was ready to go home

sunday, i slept in pretty late...watched some dvr...the pats game was at 820, so we went to chrissy's...the girls made tshirts...well the backs haha...and we watched the game...donny, cristina, max and krysta left at halftime, but joe and i stayed til the end...miserable...blah, headed home

in work on monday, melissa said she is starting to understand football so we discussed it and we couldnt remember if doug flutie was getting 1 or 3 points when he dropped kicked the field goal, so tom texted flutie to ask him was for 1 point

tuesday night joe had a game in stoneham which i liked..sean had to sit with us cause of his shoulder...they won!! another fun game!...the past 2 days ive been been working, watching tv, etc. tonight is my high school reunion, im not rather go to chrissys to watch the b's game...however, i am going to work with joe after, which im excited about...and sat we need to see new moom!! yay!!! and one week til thanksgiving!! im so excited haha...LOVE ALWAYS, meg