the past 2 weeks have been sooo much fun...summer has come and gone, i will need to do a summer recap entry...but i am sooo excited for fall anyway!! just like last year except i have a job so i will have money haha

so 2 sundays again, joe did come home while i was still awake...i went to bed like right away, but at least i saw him..

monday i worked...then i came home, joe and i were watching the vmas and i made us dinner...then we went to lynn to watch the pats was a great game! good times...tuesday and wednesday just worked and watched TV at night

thursday was my birthday!! i worked, but im glad i did...for my 24th birthday, joe had 24 red roses sent to my work! aww!! i love them...and my coworkers had cake for me, which was awesome...that night joe and i went to my moms house for dinner and cake...sooo was a good bday

friday i worked...that night janelle, julie, julie and alex came over to celebrate my bday..we stayed and played apples to apples...and i got wicked drunk, it was a good time

the next day i slept all day, then got ready for joes moms was very casual on the golf course...i LOVED it!!! open bar for a bit, so we drank...we had like a kids table, and it was fun...joe has twin cousins, but they look like theyre about 2 years apart and the little one LOVES joe, so she hung out with him all night...we hung outside dancing on the balcony for was i loved this was PERFECT...then joe and i drove his 3 little cousins, so their grandparents and joe and i went home and passed out

sunday we watched the pats game...then joe went to work and i watched the emmys

this past week was great too!! on monday night joe and i watched the 2 hour season premiere of house!! tuesday after work, i met janelle in boston and we went to so you think you can dance!! we loved our seats this year and the show was awesome! such a good night, even though i was tired in work in was fine, that night i just watched TV...thurs i worked and then i met janelle and amanda at border for a fun dinner

friday i worked, and i did not feel well at all..i left work early and cancelled plans to go out...joe was on his way out the door to a meeting and it got cancelled, so he decided not to go into work early and instead we caught up on flash forward and fringe and then we watched americas funniest home videos for like 4 hours...we laughed so hard and we ordered food, it was a good night

yesterday i went shopping to get joes bday gift...i got him socks (haha) a pair of jeans, a car phone charger and a moss jersey...i wasnt feeling good, so i went home and tried to nap...eventually got up and got ready

joe and i went to my moms house and we hung out with my mom, donny and cristina, drinking and eating pizza...then my mom drove us to wellington station, and we met up with marianne, firmani, sean, max and mark...we went to boston and i wanted to go to trinity cause its cheap...turn out they had 16oz drafts for $2, yup awesome...eventually we went over to ned devines and met up with sooo many was an awesome night!! joe bachman played and they were great! we just all was by far one of the best nights in boston!! afterwards, we hung out in faniuel hall forever with joe bachman was a good night, and then we took a cab to revere and passed out

joe and i woke up kinda early and drove home and we both napped...then we ordered lunch and we watched the pats game! we're being lazy and thats fine...this week should be good too...thursday is the bruins home opener!! LOVE ALWAYS, meg