lets see...i havent written in a couple weeks...after i last wrote was back to work...that tuesday the boys had a game...just worked, watched TV, the usual

friday night, i went shopping, and got some clothes for joe and i...watched TV and went to bed

saturday i walked to the store to get some things included tanning lotion at kmart, and there was a bomb threat and we had to evacuate...then i went to my pool for awhile...the life guard left for a second and people got in and he said *please dont get in the pool while im not here, i will get in trouble...america has stupid rules* haha

then i got ready and went home...my mom, donny and i picked up cristina and mark and we headed to revere beach...some lady stole our parking spot...we hung outside, cristina's (almost) step brother and his gf came..then we went to bill ashes for drinks...mine was like allll vodka so the bartender (a female) got me more ginger ale and said *sorry, i was trying to get you drunk* mark was appalled haha...then we went outside, max and krysta came and we saw that's that...it was sooo much fun...then we went to margaritas and joe met us there and we got dinner and drinks...i did not feel good at alll for some reason...i went in joes car and my brother joe drove my car back to the apt and he slept over

the next morning, we woke up early, we all get ready and went to new england dragway...they were testing the car...it was cool to hang out with my brother joe...he knew some people there...we sat in the stands talking and saw their two passes...he got to meet jay and everyone else...it was fun, but tiring...joe and i were gonna go out, but we didnt...we were gonna watch big brother instead, but he fell asleep and i watched it alone

monday was back to work...tuesday after work my mom and i went to see the time traveler's wife...it was soo good...ive been meaning to read the book for like a year, but havent yet...now i cant find it anywhere boo

wednesday night i went to kaajal and bobby's apartment...we had "game night" but we didnt play any games...it was fun anyway haha...that night i slept in revere, so i could leave my car there...joe picked me up at 530am, i took a quick nap, finished packing and went to work

joe picked me up from work at noon...he got a haircut, and we hit the road...it was a 7 hour ride to PA, but it really didnt seem that long...i just love being in the car with him...we went straight to the track...jay asked me to take pics and write a blog which i did...i met rich, the chef, who was going to be our roommate...i read a bit, slept in the car, we had dinner and left...went to the hotel, which was soooo nice and fell right asleep...well rich went to the bar, joe and i passed out

the next morning we went to the track and was ssoooo hot...then when they went to race, the temp dropped like 20 degrees and then it rained and was cold the rest of the day...they didnt get to run...we sat around, talking...that night, joe, rich and i all went to the bar...joe and i had sooo much fun just the 2 of us...we drank a lot, we even did jager bombs together, and we got wendys and went to bed...it was a wicked awesome night, esepcially the old lady learning the cupid shuffle haha

next morning, we didnt know if we were racing...we got brunch, spent like an hour in walmart, cause we didnt have the zip code for the company credit car...went the track, sat around all day (i dont mind that though, cause i get to hang out with joe, and i read a lot) they finally raced at 5...their first race since the car flipped over in jersey...and it didnt go so well...the qualified, but 16th, which put them up against manzo, the best guy...so they worked on the car, and rich, pam and i went to the liquor store and walmart

that night, pam and i were drinking wine, and we gave eddie a ride on the golf cart to his other team and mike came...and pam goes *is this drinking and driving?* and i said *yup, cheers* and mike was like *what is in those cups* haha awesome...we had to be at the track at 7 the next morning, so joe and i didnt go out but rich did haha...i fell asleep reading and got mad when joe tried to take my book away haha

the next morning, i sat in the stands and watch some races, then they (very narrowly) lost to manzo, so we packed everything up and left

joe and i drove like 5 hours to springfield, ma where we got a hotel room...we went to carabbas for dinner, sooo yummy...then watched TV and went to bed

next morning, we got ready and went to six flags...we had to wait forever for donny, cristina, max, mark, brittney and krysta...but it was sooo much fun....we waited in line FOREVER for bizarro...but it was sooo worth it...then we got johnny rockets, did some smaller rides...donny, joe, cristina and i went to the water park, but all the lines were too long...it was sooo hot though, it was good to get wet...we met up with everyone else and did scream and waited for the blizzard river, but there was a delay so joe, mark, brittney and i did the boston tea party...perhaps my favorite part, cause we had so much fun and some random person hit us with water and then it was max, but he didnt know it was us haha...then the 4 of us did the wooden roller coaster, so awesome...then joe had to go to work, and donny and cristina left...but me the other 4 did batman in the dark...i think thats my favorite roller coaster...then we left, stopped at mcdonalds and went home...i had to drive to billerica

on tuesday in work i was dead tired, and that night the boys had a game...they already clinched 3rd, but they were mad they lost...wednesday morning, joe and i dropped my car off.. $400 later, it looks better and has a sticker...i was happy they gave me a June sticker and not August cause our other car is June haha im lame...that night, i went to amandas for a girls night...im sooo bad at scene it haha

thursday i worked, and friday i worked...i left work early on friday and i met janelle, liz, kelley and john in boston...we went to ph changs...good food, good drinks, and it was awesome to catch up with them and learn what everyone is doing with their lives...then we headed home, i was gonna go out, but i was too tired, i went home, read a bit and passed out

saturday i got up and watched TV, eventually joe got up...it was pouring out, and we were lazy...we got KFC and watched i love you, man...so funny...then we napped...then joe went to work, and i went to firmanis...we played a game where you write a word and put it on the person next to you's forehead and they have to guess what it is...and we played pyramid of death...it was a fun night...i tried to wait up for joe, but i fell asleep

we got up kinda early on sun...i went grocery shopping and i made taco dip...like 10 guys came over and had a fantasy football draft...i hung out in the bedroom reading...then they left and joe went to a 2nd draft...janelle called me, and i met her and alex at the border near me...we had caitlin as our waitress and we sat outside, sipping our sangria...was nice until killer bees attacked and we decided to move inside haha...it was fun though...i came home and watched TV and waited for joe...we went to the liquor store and we drank and watched big brother

this is my first full week of work in a month...booo, but at least we have a 3 day weekend...we have been soooo busy at work...but i love it, like a million new orders...its awesome...im all caught up too, which is great...today i made joe and i dinner, went for a walk, watched some TV and now im going to bed...gonna do it all over again tomorrow...LOVE ALWAYS, meg