life is good

i havent written in awhile...ive just been that busy...i have so much going on, but its is great and i love this new apartment...i just want to joe to work days lol

lets see...after i last wrote was thursday which was work as usual...then i went home to pack and make dips and watch TV, and i completely CLEANED the apt and we are all organized and it looks sooo good, finally

friday i worked and left at noon...went to the atm and home...donny, cristina, mark, brittney and krysta came and they were excited to see our apt and they loved it yay!! then we left for i had gotten the directions and next thing we're on this dirt road and it was literally was scary and mark was following i said *how do we know were going the right way?* and joe said *you got the directions* and i said *i just typed in pawtuckaway state park* and donny yelled *this WHOLE place is the state park* joe was gonna KILLL we pull over and we're dicussing what to do and then a car pulls up and its marianne, firmani and chrissy haha what are the odds??? joe wasnt mad anymore and after some lady followed us we found the way...but first there was a guy on a motorcycle and cristina said * that my dad?* haha

we check in, and go to the sites and 2 were next to each other and one was around the corner...the boys went to discuss, but britney and i came up with the best idea and the boys agreed so we high fived and mark said *never do that again* the boys set up all the tents, even for the people not girls set up the tarps....the $60 one was sooo easy, the $10 one, not so much haha...eventually everyone got there...sean gave joe and i this wicked industrial tarp haha

so we all went to the store which was pretty funny and got tons of food...max won $500 on a scratch ticket...went back, and sat around the camp fire...jose cooked, but the burgers were not cooked...i made dip...some random boy came onto our site and then looked around and announced *THIS IS NOT THE WRONG CAMPSITE* haha we got yelled at a bit...joe and sean had their old guys club and made fun of everyone...then britney and cristina were saying the rangers didnt need flashlights cause they know the paths and i said *yea but what if theres like a random tree banch in the road or something?* and cristina was like *yea thats like their blinker* huh??? and she said *you would trip over it and wake up the next morning and say *where am i?** haha too funny, chrissy and i were the 3 of us walked to the bathroom and chrissy said *omg did you see that squirrel that just drove by? he used his blinker* haha and later cristina said *im not dumb, im dumbo, im an elephant* haha it was an awesome night...that night it DOWNPOURED, but we didnt get wet at all

next morning, we stood around talking then to dunks and the store...but we didnt get any food, just beer, ice and firewood...hung around at the site, drinking and decided to go to the beach...we got changed and climbed in the back of donnys truck...we all went in the water and the boys took turns hitting the ball towards us...then the girls laid out and the boys went to play wiffleball...the non-foulds' (joe, sean and firmani) won the game...then we headed back...made some grilled cheeses...we just hung by the campfire...some fights broke out when joe wanted to discuss hockey was fun, we played some flip like 930 joe was wicked drunk and made me go to bed with him...i was kinda mad, but then we were both sick, and it was a wicked bad night, but it brought us closer

next morning, we cleaned up, got dunks and left...joe and i got home and some guy thought we were moving in...i said *no just back from camping* haha...we napped...that night we went to chilis and to the imax to see transformers...i was like falling asleep during it

then it was a work week...pretty normal...wednesday we had a salad party which was a ton of fun....and we all sang songs at work haha...good times...that thurs, brian was back on the five minute majors and the boys (and girls) won their game...we obvi went to the dockside to celebrate!! good times...that friday at work, we got an edible arrangements sent to us by a lady that i use a lot for surveys..yummy fruit and chocolate

after work on friday, joe and i hung out and we watched was good

saturday i did some errands, i went for a walk, i went to the pool for a bit...that night was alexs grad party!! joe and i went together, but he ended up leaving...we had some drinks and food, then some drinks in the it...everyone went for cake, and i went for dip lol...there was a slip and slide, lots of pics, some singing and dancing and shotgunning of beers...i have to say that it was a wicked fun night and then there were fireworks lol...janelle drove me to meet up with joe...we watched house bunny lol

the next morning i did some food shopping and went to the pool...then joe and i got ready and went to the toby keith concert!! we tailgated a bit, and then went in...with our tickets we each got a free hot dog and soda and joe got us free fries...then we went to sit on the lawn, and they said *you can sit anywhere in these seats* sweet free upgrade!! it was an awesome show, and i had a ton of fun!! then we sat in the parking lot, and some lady rearended joe, but it was fine...then some boy rearended joe and he flipped out and said *this is the second time i got rearended!!* and the kid said *by me?* haha, headed home

the next week was soooo busy at work cause melissa was out all week, so i was me and HER...CRAZY...i didnt take a lunch the first 3 days and i always had sooo much to do...monday joe just hung out with me watching TV...tuesday joe had a late game, so i hadda drive was at hockey town...the refs sucked...blah...the game would have been tied except in the first 2 mins they scored because there were 2 pucks on the ice...dumb...wednesday night we had a girls night at amandas...there was all my favorite snacks!! we chatted and played 1 vs 100...good times

friday was a CRAZY day at work, but cindy and i picked up fresh city...soo was DOWNPOURING like crazy that day...i got outta work and drove joe to town fair tire to get his car and i went shopping...went home, and eventually went to my moms...i hung out with her and got ready for the night...i was going out with the girls, she was going on a date...i was drinking a 40 me, janelle, alex and krista went to the greatest bar and it was sooo much fun...4th floor love! lol...we kept pretending we were on facebook and "liking" everything complete with the thumbs up haha...we met some boys and alex and i were bff with one of them was a fun night and it ended with grilled cheese

i slept at my moms and the next morning her and i drove to billerica...we went to bamboos for sushi and a wicked strong drink...yummy...then she saw my apt...i went to pay my rent and jessica remembered me and my name...and her kids were like *whose that?* haha...then my mom and i went to the gym

i came home, and started watching TV/movies, planning on doing nothing cause joe was gonna work some overtime...then donny said he was coming to get, donny, cristina, max, mark and krysta went to canobie lake!! mark was my date which was a lot of fun, we sat on all the rides we get there at 815, and its closing at 10, and we waited in line FOREVER on the first were on the ride, and cristina yells over *theyre staying open til 11* so when we got off, i asked her how she knew and she said *that little boy told me* so we asked someone who worked there and they said yes..woohoo!! so we got waters, saw fireworks while we waited in line for the corkscrew, then did that ride...then the frisbee ride made us all sick haha...when it ended a manager jumped on and she was like clapping and said *hey guys, howd you like that ride?* and mark said *did we win a prize?* haha, we didnt...donny and cristina went to smoke in this like covered place, and mark said it looked like they were on punishment haha...we did the mirror maze and everyone followed krysta, but not me, and i won!!! woohoo, then we did the yankee was a wicked fun night! i went home and went to bed, and joe eventually came home

sunday i made peanut butter squares, which i guess were a hit, but joe and i didnt get to enjoy them...we picked up max and went to the liquor store...max lost his ID at kid rock and didnt get a new one yet, so he handed me money and asked me to buy him some beers...then we look and a cop is parked watching us..i really thought i was gonna get arrested haha...went to cristinas for a Five Minute Majors BBQ...went in the pool a bit, had some beers...everything was going great, then joes mom called me and asked me to put joe on and she told him to call andrew...turns out joes dad had a heartattack, and they rushed him to the hospital...joe and i FLEW there (literally, joe put on his hazards and went through red lights) in our bathing was pretty bad, but hes out of the hospital now and is going to be was a rough night, we were there for a long time..then joe and i left there and we got into the biggest fight ever, we didnt sleep that night...the next day i felt so sick and tired and everything, and i didnt go to work...joe and i slept forever, watched big brother, then got ready...we brought our car to toyota cause the radio broke...they ordered us a new one for free, but we still dont have it...grrr, so annoying...then we went to fuddruckers, yummy and we saw harry potter in the imax...i liked it a lot...came home, joe watched TV with me, then he went to work, and i watched jon and kate plus 8 and cleaned the apt

tuesday was back to work, and it was crazy trying to catch up from the crazy week before and then my day off...i was wicked busy, but i went home to see joe

after work, we had dinner, got ready, then brian and tiffany came over, saw our new place, and then we went to the hockey mom came too...they had a great game and that put them in 4th was a later game, so we all stood around talking, and then we headed up

wednesday was still pretty busy at work, but at least i caught up...that night amanda, janelle, alex, julie l and krista came over for a girls night...we watched so you think you can was such a fun night...i loved it...i wanna do that more often lol...we laughed sooo much...krista said i am happy, healthy and have everything going for me haha, watched real world, talked to joe on the phone forever and then went to bed

thursday was work...then brian came over and we went to the game in revere...jill came with the kids, and there were kids was against the mammoths and they won 10-3 (awesome game!!!) putting them in 3rd place woohoo!!!! we stood around in the parking lot talking FOREVER, before heading home

friday at work, we had pizza yummy!! melissa was convinced that this was because someone had to announce that they were pregnant haha!!...after work i didnt eat dinner til 9 lol...joe and i watched knowing...i liked it except for the thing that explained it all haha figures...tried to watch the sox game, but i fell asleep and joe went to work

saturday i worked and did some food shopping...joe and i made cheeseburgers and got ready...he went to work, and i went to my moms house...talked to her...then janelle picked me up and went to amandas for rickys bday!! played 1 vs 100 and we were in the mob...then we headed to the greatest bar...went to the 4th floor...amanda, julie g and i sat at the booth drinking and making 1 dollar bets haha...not that anyone went through with our bets, but it was still fun...eventually we were tired, ao at like 1230 andrew picked us up and we headed home...i sat around doing sudoku talking to my fam and then crawled into bed...joe picked me up at 4am...i was soooo tired

we got up yesterday and i made us pancakes yay!!! we went to hampton beach!!! we couldnt check in yet, but we got our car valet parked and we walked the beach, so i could get sunblock and sunglasses, then we sat on the beach...when it got a bit cloudy, we walked around...we got pizza and fresh squeezed lemonade...ate at the stage...then we went to all the was fun...then we checked into our hotel...wicked, wicked comfy bed and we checked out our blacony...then we napped for an hour...but then i made us get up...we went to the pool but didnt stay...instead we sat at the outdoor sandbar and got a drink...we both got mai tais called paradise found they were sooo got a little cold, so we back to the room and got into this show about border patrol was soo good and we got ready for dinner

eventually headed down to the lounge for dinner and drinks...i got lobster soo good...then we walked around a bit, lost at skee ball...we eventually went back to the bar at our hotel and sat there and got drinks...there was a girl at the bar and it was her 30th bday and she was WICKED DRUNK..and she said *youre beautiful, but i hate you because youre so young* and then she said she wanted to make out with was a fun night though...there was a DJ...the bartender took a pic of joe and i, and he made us like pose for it and stuff haha...tons of people were dancing the girl asked me to dance and i pointed to joe and said *yea, him i will eventually* we eventually did too, he was alll nervous, but it was fun haha...then we drank some more and saw the most awkward couple...she was a wicked thin, WICKED tall, young black girl...and he was a fat, really short, old white guy...and he was allll awkward and like shuffling his feet, but she was doing these like INTENSE dance move like flailing her arms around haha...there was a group of like older 20ish guys and they were DYING laughing...they were also hitting on some 18 year old girls and trying to get them drinks..the sox/yankees game on and 2/3 of them were yankees fans, which was obnoxious...joe and i went to our room and we were watching the game and i said *joe, why does the game look fake? like not real* and he said *cause youre used to HD* haha awesome...then we passed out

this morning we got breakfast buffet, and then we checked out and went to the was the hottest day of the summer so was almost too hot, i jumped in the water twice and we walked the shore a bit, sat around reading...then we pakced up the car and walked some waters and left...on the way home, we stopped and got wendys...came home and watched BB, then we took a nap...joes still sleeping, and im watching TV...4 day work week...LOVE ALWAYS, meg